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Water and Diabetes: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Water and Diabetes: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Diabetes – Being hydrated is essential for everyone, especially considering that water accounts for more than half the human body. “60 percent of our body is composed of water, seventy-five percent in our strengths, an eighty-five portion of our brains, which is like oils to machines,” explained Dr. Roberta Lee …

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What Items Should Be In A Bug Out Bag?

If you are one of the people who is prepare for the worst case scenario, then you must know that there are some basic items that you should carry along with you. These are the items that you need to pack in your bug out bag if you are preparing …

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What treatments for wastewater?

wastewater treatment

What to do with our water once it is use? This is what you will know here Water is use daily for both domestic and industrial purposes. What then becomes of this so-call “waste” water? How are they collect? What paths do they take to get to the pollution control …

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Why Kangen Alkaline Water Is The Need Of The Hour?

kangen alkaline water importance

Scientists and medical experts worldwide are recommending alkaline water to their patients for their proper health and efficient body functioning. The technology started in Japan, called Kangen, which means returning to the source or the origin. This Kangen alkaline water brings back the body to its original basic state which …

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