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How to Upsell Spa and Salon Services


It might be difficult for salon or day spa proprietors to increase profitability without attracting new consumers. Upselling is a simple method that could be beneficial. Upselling is simple to do and can produce revenue without the need for costly marketing strategies. The secret to successful upselling is to pay …

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Which one should I prefer, Wix or WordPress?

wix vs wordpress

Is WordPress is a good platform for building websites? You will find so many reasons that why WordPress is truly a good platform for creating your business or a personal website. The very first scene that says that WordPress is more powerful is because as of 2021, WordPress powered almost …

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WordPress 10 Plugins to Improve Your SEO


Search engine optimization such as Google is surely one of the issues that most concerns everyone who ventures into creating a website to start their own internet business. If you have also created your website with WordPress , an additional concern will be to find good SEO plugins that help you optimize your pages …

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Speed up your website in 2021

Introduction If you think that the speed of a website doesn’t affect your website then you’re wrong. The website speed has a huge impact on UX, UI, SEO, and conversion rates as well. Website performance is directly related to website speed. It affects website traffic as well as website engagement. …

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Best Website to Play Taiwan Movies Online

If you are planning to watch movies online, the best website to watch Thai movies online is of course the Thai New Year New Year’s Extravaganza. This is a website where they allow visitors from across Thailand to register and become members. Once, a member you can search for movies …

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