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Which one should I prefer, Wix or WordPress?

wix vs wordpress

Is WordPress is a good platform for building websites? You will find so many reasons that why WordPress is truly a good platform for creating your business or a personal website. The very first scene that says that WordPress is more powerful is because as of 2021, WordPress powered almost …

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What you must keep in mind to develop in WordPress

According to Forbes Magazine, the WordPress website production tool is the internet’s leading platform for blogging. Its popularity is largely due to the simplicity of its installation and the flexibility to implement very diverse applications from the variety of visual (themes) and functional components (plugins) available. Figures from the official WordPress …

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Top 9 Hidden WordPress Features to Discover

WordPress hidden

There are many more or less hidden features of WordPress: in this new article I found 9 that, in my opinion, can be very useful in everyday use . Operations to be automate, more or less hidden settings and little “tricks” to make your blog work better: let’s go and see what …

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WordPress 10 Plugins to Improve Your SEO


Search engine optimization such as Google is surely one of the issues that most concerns everyone who ventures into creating a website to start their own internet business. If you have also created your website with WordPress , an additional concern will be to find good SEO plugins that help you optimize your pages …

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