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The period leading up to your vehicle’s regular MOT test inspection might be a stressful one. You leave it off at the workshop not sure if it will meet those standards or if you will be punished with a hefty fine. So, what exactly is an MOT Stockport inspection, and why may your vehicle flunk it?

Let’s have the fundamentals out of the way first. What exactly does the abbreviation ‘MOT’ refer to? It was from the Ministry of Road transport, which has since been replaced by the Department of Transportation, which is the present counterpart.

What Exactly Is An Mot?

An MOT inspection is a yearly checkup that your automobile must undergo when it is moreover 3 years old and has not been modified. It guarantees that your vehicle is drivable by inspecting components including the braking, chassis, tires, and fuel pump.

The cost of an MOT test is limited to a certain amount determined by the size of your car, and you can sign – up for MOT notification to ensure that you wouldn’t fail to have it done.

Every issue reviewed in an MOT inspection has 5 possible results: passing, warning, slight fault, severe malfunction, and hazardous malfunction. Pass is the perfect result. The MOT record of the used automobile can be checked to ensure that it has a registration certificate, that it does not have any warnings that may need maintenance in the later, and to ensure that the mileage is correct.

MOT date

Most of us who own an automobile beyond a certain period are well aware that there is a particular period of the year when we might begin to feel slightly concerned about the condition of our vehicle — MOT date!

There are approximately 650 alternative ways in which your car might fail its yearly MOT examination. And nearly half of all automobiles examined end up failing. Approximately 30 percent of the total problems are connected to illumination in some form, 10 percent of fails are owing to tire-related difficulties, 9.6% of fails are related to brake-related problems. And 6.6 percent of vehicles flunk their MOT test owing to concerns about the driver’s perspective of the roadway.

If your automobile fails its MOT, you will be unable to use it for your normal daily activities. As a result, being without a vehicle for the next few days might be a massive hassle. It would be wise to attempt to resolve any issues before your MOT date.


You will need someone else to step from around the vehicle with you to make sure all of the light sources are functioning. As all of these are controlled from the driving seat. These inspections also include markers, headlamps, automatic headlights, and braking systems. So you’ll need a third person to make sure all of the light sources are continuing to work. If you discover that a bulb has to be replaced and are not sure of your ability to do. So, you may visit your local garage where you can purchase the lightbulb and have it installed for you.

Number plate

The text on your licence plates ought to be clear to understand. You should clean your automobile before taking it in for an MOT if necessary since any debris that obscures a word or digit is enough to cause your vehicle to fail the test. It is also necessary that the lighting above the registration number is operational for your vehicle to be spotted in dark.


However, it is typically suggested that tyres be replaced after the tread depth has reached 3 millimetres (1.6 millimetres in the United States). Trying to make sure your tyres are authorised before taking your car in for an MOT provides you extra opportunity to explore the most suitable tyres for your automobile at the highest available price. If you are unclear about how to evaluate your tyre wear. You may purchase a metre for just a few dollars or use the 20p tire check as a basic guide for determining the tread depth.

Seats and Seatbelts

The driver’s seat should be capable of rotating forward as well as backward for the operator to be able to obtain the proper driving posture in which all of the controls are easily accessible. There should be no broken or malfunctioning harnesses inside the car. To inspect this, make sure you completely stretch the seatbelts and inspect them for damages. You should also give every belt a firm pull to ensure that it will latch in the case of a collision.


Destruction to the windshield that is more than 40mm in depth will lead to a failed MOT. An impairment to the motorist’s line of vision that is more than 10mm in depth will lead to a failed MOT. Before actually taking your car in for an MOT test, look for chipping or defects in the windshield and get them fixed. Any items in the motorist’s sightline that obstruct the sight out of the windshield might also result in an MOT failure. Therefore it is a great decision to remove any decorations or toys that are dangling from the rear mirror.

Wiper Blades For The Windshield

Windshield wipers that are in proper working order are essential in the damp United Kingdom. If you aren’t cleaning your windshield correctly, you might flunk your MOT inspection. Inspect to see that the blades aren’t broken in any manner, and repair them if they are if necessary. If you don’t have enough screenwash, your washers will have little chance of cleaning the screens, so make sure you fill it up before your MOT. Because screenwash is readily available at most gas stations and even the store, you must never be without it.


It is very unusual for a motorist to be required to use the horn while driving. However, it is only designed for use in extreme circumstances, and it must be in fully operational condition for your vehicle to clear the MOT.

Fuel And Engine Oil Levels Should Be Checked.

Check to ensure that both your fuel and gasoline are fully charged. For your vehicle to satisfy an MOT test, it should be driven for a duration of time for its exhaust to be measured. If you arrive for your MOT with an unfilled gasoline tank, you might well be asked to leave the premises.

Warning Lights

Since March 2013, MOT examinations have also included a visual inspection of the panel hazard lights. You may examine to see whether all of yours are operational by searching for those that are not lighted when the motor is initially started.

Particle Filtering For Diesel Engines

As of May 2018, more rigorous inspections of diesel engines would be performed to verify that the filter cartridge is functioning. And it has not been interfered with. The removal of filtration has been practised in the past by certain shops to save automobile customers. The expense of getting them washed or repaired. However, these cars could still clear their MOT since the thorough check performed before during the MOT just peered at the casing. And did not examine whether or not the filtration was intact within. Automobiles that have had their filters taken would no longer pass their MOT. So make sure yours is in place and working properly before you take your car in for its inspection.

By scheduling your MOT testing and maintenance at the same time, you might just save both money and effort. We provide simultaneous MOT tests and maintenance, as well as a variety of Packages to meet the specific requirements of each driver. Rather than waiting until your car’s yearly MOT is forthcoming and your maintenance plan shows that your car’s maintenance period has been exceeded and that it requires repair, why not merge the two tasks?

Mot test and Repair

Save time and money by not having to take your car to both an MOT test and a repair shop to get this necessary maintenance conducted.

Spend less time in the shop if your MOT and servicing are scheduled at the very same time. We can do both tasks in a single visit. Schedule your MOT and specific service and choose a day that works best for your hectic schedule.

End up saving cash by arranging your MOT and maintenance at the same time online and receiving savings on your online reservations price. Although they may seem to be the same, an MOT and maintenance are extremely distinct in that they address a very wide variety of inspections and are necessary for very separate purposes. It’s crucial to understand the distinction between an MOT and a car service to comprehend why you would want them.

As a result, we at Car Service Stockport hire fully qualified service experts as well as certified MOT examiners who are prepared to perform both MOTs and maintenance underneath one roof, allowing you to have all of your important auto repairs done in one convenient location.

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