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The beauty of Dot Half Helmets

Dot helmets are helmets which have attained the safety requirements approved by the Department of Transport (DOT) standards for motorcycle helmets. These stipulations insist that motorcycle helmets MUST provide substantial protection from serious injuries. They go further to state that the helmets should ensure the rider has a comfortable ride through lessening wind noise and protecting the rider from stone particles, insects etc. to ensure that the rider has proper focus while riding.


With these considerations, Dot helmets should have an internal froth which is used to pad the head. This foam inside Dot helmets assists in absorbing and spreading the shock incurred from hitting the ground. The thicker the pad is the safer the helmet is. Dot helmets MUST also sport a chin strap. This is used to keep the helmet firmly on.


Dot half helmets are particularly good for short around the town rides as they are lighter and non- constraining. For hot days, Dot half helmets are the best option since they provide nice air flow. In matters of style, custom, low-rider chopper motorcycles dictate that one uses Dot half helmets. When it comes to safety however, Dot half helmets are unadvised since the face and the chin areas are not adequately covered in spite of having a visor.


Dot scooter helmets are available in different designs. The Shorty scooter helmets offer protection to the top and side regions of the head above the ears. They provide good airflow thus preventing fatigue during hot days. Some Shorty scooter helmets have face shields to protect the rider from insects and rock debris while riding. ¾ scooter helmets cover the top, sides and the back of the head including the ears. These scooter helmets have built-in face shields. They are medium weighted and have good air flow. Full face scooter helmets are not as common as the other two types since they are quite enclosing and heavy.


Dot carbon fibre helmets are the latest types of motorcycle helmets. Carbon fibre is 5 times stronger than steel but 1/3 times lighter. It also has good tensile strength meaning that carbon fibre can stretch to accommodate forces exerted on it. These qualities make carbon fibre helmets more absorbent to shock than other helmet types. It is also unlikely that a sharp object can penetrate carbon fibre helmets. Carbon fibre helmets are also quite light compared to the conventional helmets in the market.

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