The Best Free Online Games to Play with Friends in Quarantine

The Best Free Online Games to Play with Friends in Quarantine

Right now, we are in the middle of pandemic Corona or COVID-19 and facing the home quarantine situation where we are looking for ways to manage our free time at home. During this, free workout sessions and online streaming get hugs boost. Hence, the internet world is the only way to spend this quarantine time. Well, there is a Zoom application that is very popular among the corporate sectors for online meetings. However, to spend time with friends while maintaining social distancing, online games are the best solution. Here in this post, we will explore the free online games to play with friends. Have a look at them.


If you are one of them who hasn’t paly the Fortnite, now is the time. You don’t need to worry about gaming console as you can download it in your device whether its Mac or Android. In Fortnite, 100 players are located on an island to stand last. During this players can collect various types of weapons and materials to equip. Moreover, you can create substructure to protect yourself from other contenders. This game gives the option of playing along and also with friends. You will get the only one life to survive, hence overall a complete adventure game that keeps you engage all day. It is also considered the most addicting game on the internet. 

Evil Apples

If you love the card games, the Evil apples would be the best option available for you on the internet during the quarantine time. In this, each player gets the seven virtual cars and an evert round is noticed by the new judge. The judge will give you a fill-in-the-blank card, that you have filled with the best of your seven cards. The one who wins the round becomes the judge. These simple and plain games can be played with a friend online and easily available on the App Store and Google play store. 

Jack box Games

Jack box games are players on a global level during the coronavirus lockdown. As this game reports the huge boom in new accounts during this period and the trivia game “You don’t know Jack” become popular among gamers. This game is quite engaging and keeps everyone busy as trivia questions will pop up as soon as you answer it. 

Mario Kart Tour

Grab Mario and start the journey of saving your princess from the evil. This game is probably the best memory of 90’s kids but it’s quiet in trend due to lockdown. Once it was only available on Nintendo devices, now you can play it on your Android or Mac as the mobile version of this game is easily available. This game will keep you fresh and exciting all day. 

Houseparty Games

Houseparty is an application that is quite similar to the video chatting app, but in this, you can play games during the video call. This is an engaging game where you don’t need to have two separate devices to play games and video chat.

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