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The best internet service provider for Fort Myers, Florida

best internet service provider

The best internet service provider for Fort Myers, Florida

If you reside in Fort Myers, Florida, you’re spoilt for choice regarding the best Internet service provider. Fort Myers is home to an enormous population and a variety of Internet service companies. We’ll go over CenturyLink, Comlink, Xfinity, and HughesNet to assist you in making the right choice. When you’ve made your choice, you will be able to begin enjoying the benefits of having the fastest internet speed.


It is worth noting that the Fort Myers area has numerous choices of internet services. It is a sprawling section of the Florida coast with numerous choices. CenturyLink Prism offers internet service in several neighborhoods but doesn’t offer fiber services for those in the Eagle Pointe and Gateway neighborhoods. CenturyLink has a larger coverage area and faster average speeds. If you’re looking for an internet service provider that considers your requirements, CenturyLink has the best alternatives for you.

The company offers internet access in 86 percent of Fort Myers. CenturyLink does not provide TV services alone; however, it has partnered with satellite and cable companies to offer these services. Internet users are advised to look into the Simply Unlimited Internet plan, which does not need an annual contract or other bundle services. Furthermore, there are no overage charges for data, and there are no bundle restrictions. Compared with the other Fort Myers internet service providers, CenturyLink is the best option if you’re looking for speed over cost.

CenturyLink offers coverage throughout the nation. The company has plans to start with $49.50/month to download 100 Mbps. You can include cloud and TV applications in your plans at a small extra cost. There is no requirement for a commitment to use CenturyLink Internet service. It’s also available in 86 percent of Fort Myers. Although the speed of CenturyLink is slower than similar Fort Myers providers, you don’t have to worry about contracts.

Possible Options in Fort Myers

Xfinity, Century Link, Comlink, and Orlando Telephone Company offer high-speed internet services in Fort Myers, Florida. The broadband coverage in Fort Myers is similar to the other parts of Florida in the U.S.; however, the availability of fiber-optic internet is less extensive, and only 12 percent of residents are connected to access it. Despite the existence of broadband internet services in Fort Myers, the area provides a broad range of choices.

Comlink Internet

Comlink offers wireless internet that is unlimitable and free of contract. Additionally, you can reduce the cost of installation by buying a high-quality router that is compatible with the service. There’s also no commitment. While Comlink is a reliable and low-cost provider, it’s always available in all regions. If you reside within rural regions, search for a different broadband Internet service that provides unlimited data. They will offer inexpensive and reliable services for people living in rural regions. If you’re in a metropolitan area, the best choice is Comlink. Be sure to look at all options and choose based on your preferences.


Xfinity is among the most reputable high-speed internet service providers in Fort Myers, Florida. With this provider, you’ll be able to select the amount of data you’d like to use, and the cost you pay is one-time charges and not tied to a contract. Comlink is also among the top Internet service providers located in rural areas of the United States.

Xfinity provides high-speed broadband all over the city and their Internet service, which is accessible to all areas. Within Fort Myers, Xfinity is available in the University, Fort Myers Shores, and San Carlos Park neighborhood, but several areas do not have the service, such as Owen Avenue, Gateway, and Ortiz Avenue. Another option in Fort Myers is Frontier which offers wireless internet.

Although CenturyLink offers the greatest service area within Fort Myers, the average speed is slower than the other providers. Xfinity has higher average speeds and offers a full range of services. It’s important to note that the Comlink Prism isn’t accessible across the city. In addition, you won’t be able to find CenturyLink Prism in Eagle Pointe, and you’ll have to pick a different service.

Fort Myers

For Fort Myers, you can pick among Xfinity as well as CenturyLink. CenturyLink offers the most extensive service area within the region and provides the fastest speeds overall due to its combination of DSL and fiber lines that match the speed of other cities in the country. Xfinity is the contrary, has higher speeds and a more extensive range of services. However, if you’re looking for an affordable, stable service, Comlink can be the best choice.

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If you’re searching for high-speed internet services within Fort Myers, you’ve come to the right spot. The coverage of broadband available in Fort Myers is 97%, comparable to other parts of Florida and the U.S. However, a tiny percentage of Fort Myers’ residents do not have access to fiber-optic internet. Luckily, many Internet providers within Fort Myers offer a wide range of plans.

HughesNet is an Internet service provider which serves 1.5 million customers across North America. It offers satellite internet to remote areas where other internet providers offer only limited or no service. Customers have the option of smart choices like video data savers that permit users to stream more films without consuming a lot of data. They can also track their usage and establish the Bonus Zone, which provides extra monthly data for an hour. The Bonus Zone is a perfect moment to download large data files, view films, or install system updates.


The greatest benefit of having internet access in Fort Myers from a satellite service provider is that it is usually quick and reliable. In contrast to most cable providers, HughesNet has high upload and download speeds and does not require installation. There’s only one catch: it’s only available in Fort Myers but not throughout the county. Additionally, it comes with high latency, so you may want to look for other service providers in Fort Myers.

With around 25 Mbps, HughesNet offers high-speed Internet service in Fort Myers. Customers can pick plans that offer 15GB up or 100GB of data every month. When selecting a plan, consider your habits of use into consideration. If you are using the internet to stream videos and downloading, the plan with 15GB is the most suitable option. HughesNet’s only disadvantage is that it doesn’t provide unlimited data.


Although ViaSat has a higher price than some other Internet provider within Fort Myers, this satellite internet connection has proven reliable. Furthermore, ViaSat prioritizes your data and does not charge you for data tokens that are not used up. It is also possible to bundle the service with other home-based services, for instance, DIRECTV. It also offers an unlimited data plan. These plans are perfect for homes that utilize high-speed internet for several purposes, including streaming television and gaming.

Internet speed is becoming more affordable because of the accessibility of satellite internet. Viasat is a satellite service once reserved for urban areas that provides Internet speeds of 12mbps up to 100mbps for businesses and homes. In addition to plans from ViaSat that offer high-speed Internet, they also include bundles of services such as Wi-Fi for employees and smartphones. This allows companies to remain active and productive, even in remote areas.

Though some customers may have complained about ViaSat’s slow internet, There are numerous other causes for the slow speed. Some experience technical issues or problems with the internet signal or even over-use their monthly data allowance. If your internet isn’t fast enough, you might consider upgrading to an unlimited plan. Viasat internet service is also available via dish satellite television, phone services, and additional customer support.

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