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The Best Medical Billing Software in 2021 You Have To Try

What Is A Medical Billing Software

A medical billing program is a software platform that automates the billing process for healthcare. Medical practices and billing firms may use this program to increase their refund rates significantly, maximize sales, and preserve their businesses’ financial health, development , growth and all of these through proper client management within a medical billing software.

Billing software provides functionality for handling any medical billing workflow aspect, from arranging appointments to processing payments. For example:

When scheduling an appointment, the front-office staff will verify the patient’s eligibility for benefits and then set up automatic patient alerts to minimize no-shows.

When the doctor meets the patient, the meeting’s details will be automatically transmitted from the EHR to the billing program to improve contact between the front office and the clinical staff.

How It Works

Billers will then increase their acceptance rate of claims by scrubbing claims on the billing platform.

  • When payments from insurance providers and patients are processed and received, billers may produce reports that provide insight into their revenue cycles.


  • When scheduling an appointment, the front-office staff will verify the patient’s eligibility for benefits and then set up automatic patient alerts to minimize no-shows.

Billing software significantly streamlines functional processes in a variety of ways. For instance:

  • Billing systems that are entirely integrated with EHRs result in less rework and fewer errors generated by copy-and-paste between systems and provide a single view of the patient with minimal clicks.


  • Claim scrubbing functionality significantly increases the first-pass acceptance rate by reviewing edit claims before sending to payers; automatically created claims worklists help billers remain focused on the work that matters most.


The specific needs of your facility indicate the type of medical billing service you can effectively use. When medical billing is done correctly, it won’t be a head-ache source for you and your patients in the future. However, it can become a massive waste of resources and time for every individual involved when carried out questionably.

Quality Patient Support

Providing patients with quality health care services is on the topmost agenda of every medical practice. However, other vital elements need to be sorted as well. The opposite of making profits would mean zero growth for the hospitals and, consequently, the absence of medical services. By keeping track of your daily medical billing process, you will monitor growth and profit levels and keep the office expanding.

Numerous practices are currently taking in-house billing very seriously. An even better option would be adopting an outsourcing agreement with any one of the top medical billing providers or Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. Medical billing is more about issuing claims to health insurance companies than the details of the medical care provider you have provided for your patients. Nowadays, modern healthcare’s’ primary source of income is from insurance payments. This is sufficient to operate medical practices economically.

Here are some of the most recognized and widely used medical billing services in 2021


If you are a medical practitioner and need to use a medical billing service that can guarantee a 95% success rate from the beginning, you should consider using AdvacedMD. This service promises to deliver the highest success rate on claims submission in the sector. Creators are confident enough to acknowledge that it can surpass the 95% mark in the real-world environment.


With AdvancedMD, your billing and invoicing process are made simpler and smoother. This is because of its straightforward interface that provides facilities with everything necessary. AdvancedMD also features a usable EMR system, which improves the accuracy of the billing process. The service, however, will not initially code the claims. This part will have to be handled in-house by you or your employees.


  • The first-pass success rate is very high.
  • Will analyze your claims for coding errors.
  • Will integrate well with practices of all types and sizes.
  • It also evaluates denied claims for you.


You will need the initial coding, which may require you to assign to an in-house certified coder.

It comes with extra additional costs.


If you are a consumer of the Kareo EMR and medical billing software, you probably know the exceptional price the Kareo medical billing application has. Kareo honors you with an intuitive and cloud-based platform that enables billing companies to control enterprises and practices that they work with effectively. With its advanced insights, data recording, and reporting, Kareo analytics will guide you to realize the bigger picture – then work down on all the finite details that concern your practice.

Other excellent features of Kareo include;

  • Detailed patient and document management for both biller and practice
  • Spot-on charge capture and management – to reduced rejections
  • More creative insurance billing and patient collections
  • When installed in Kareo, a safe messaging system allows you to communicate with the practice confidently.
  • You can improve your business with co-branding.


Like any other service, there might be some weak spots in different areas, but that would be a rare case with Kareo.

Human Medical

After a particular and customized software from medical billers, you are welcome to select Human Medical. It’s relatively a medium-sized company. However, it offers excellent customer service. Human medical is always looking forward to work step by step with its customers to develop a better working solution.

Human Medical does not feature other related types of software. This makes it a preferable choice for medical practitioners who have an EMR and practice management software already in place and not willing to change vendors. The needed flexibility offered by Human Medical comes with a price. However, the charges are a bit higher than average. This means that you have to invest a little more cash.


  • Exceptionally flexible service
  • It covers every area of the claims generation process and coding as well.
  • Works better with smaller practices
  • Amicable customer care service


It does not include EMR or practice management software.

Higher percentage fees compared to others.

Identifying a medical billing service that will meet your specific needs requires you to conduct intense homework on your part. You should consider the RCM services that you mostly need for your practice. You should also not forget the areas that are in desperate need of help and identify the software with the capability to solve those specific challenges.

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