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When you think about golf shafts or clubs, there’s a good chance that only a few of the larger names in the industry come to the forefront of your mind. Companies like TaylorMade, Mitsubishi, Project X, and a few others dominate the industry. However, some smaller manufacturers make very reliable, very reputable, high-quality golf shafts that you can trust to bring you high performance and innovative features season after season. One of these is Ping, and if you’re looking for an introduction to the quality you can find in Ping golf shafts, you can find it right here.

There are two things that make Ping shafts different from the competition, and broadly, these are quality control and innovative features. On the note of quality control and testing, the controls and oversight that Ping affords to its production facility stand alone from the rest. If there’s a manufacturer that says it cares about quality and consistency and means it, it’s Ping.

At multiple points during the production of Ping shaft and clubs, they are checked and rechecked by employees at their facility in order to ensure the proper length, weight, balance, stiffness, torque, and more. Though their processes are highly controlled, these checks are performed by real people – real people with years of experience in producing and quality-assurance testing golf clubs behind the scenes. In fact, not only are Ping shafts checked and rechecked at multiple points during the manufacturing process; if at any point one of them fails any check, it will not progress forward until the issue has been rectified.

It’s rare for a modern manufacturing company to allow employees to check and test quality individually, by hand, but that’s still the way things are done behind the scenes at Ping. In addition to their firm commitment to producing some of the highest quality golf shafts in the game, they are also committed to innovating. They produce something new and exciting nearly every year.

This applies not only to their shafts but also to their clubs as well. For example, Ping uses movable-weight technology in the heads of some of its drivers so that players can exercise precise controls over the way the club head impacts the ball and interacts with it. Some of their clubs and shafts also come with multiple position sleeves that can be adjusted and tuned to your preferences so you can get the perfect loft and performance through your swing. Ping has even been responsible for the production of some highly innovative crossover clubs that merge the performance of an iron with a hybrid.

Quality control and innovation define Ping golf shafts without a doubt, but if you’re already sold on their value and simply want to find a place where you can get some of them for yourself, look no further than Dallas Golf Company.

While you can easily visit their actual storefront in Dallas, Texas if you are in the area, those who aren’t can easily and conveniently shop their online store at There you will have access to a great collection of clubs, shafts, and other golf equipment, at great prices – and you will also have access to great service.

This is great if you are still shopping around for information on Ping shafts – or other shafts – before you make a decision. Even if you can only shop them online, their customer service team is never more than a phone call away. Get in touch with them at 800-955-9550 today if you want to learn more about what quality and processes define Ping. Their team has years of experience in putting their customers in touch with equipment and accessories that suit their needs and they can do the same for you.

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