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The challenges of establishing fault in car accidents in Nevada

The people involved in a motor accident in Nevada often hear the term ‘fault’ while dealing with the legal and insurance claims in it. Many are not adequately aware of the repercussions of determining fault in an accident.

However, a common question that surfaces is ‘3 car accident who is at fault?’ The answer to this question determines who gets the compensation and how much.

This article takes you through the issues around the fault law of Nevada and why it is important to fight your case.

Let us begin!

The fault law of Nevada

By determining fault in an accident, the law answers who is responsible for the accident. It is the responsible party that is liable to pay compensation to all the victims.

Under the comparative law of Nevada, the compensation to be paid by a negligent driver is directly proportional to the quantum of his/her fault in the crash. For example, a driver who bears 70% of the fault in the crash pays 70% of the compensation.

Further, the insurance claims can not be raised by a driver who is at fault. This makes the burden of fault too expensive to handle.

This is the main reason why many drivers do not readily admit to fault in an accident. Lawsuits are commonly filed to claim compensation by the parties involved.

How is compensation calculated?

Compensation includes the following 

  • Medical expenses: cover the hospitalization and treatment charges
  • Property: Damage to the vehicle in case of uninsured vehicles
  • Financial losses: wage losses and other expenses incurred.
  • Compensating pain and emotional stress

If the victim fails to establish the fault of the negligent party, he/she has to bear all the above expenses by themselves.

How is fault established?

  1. Accident scene reconstruction to determine the cause of the accident accurately.
  2. Gathering valid pieces of evidence like call records, witness testimonies, physical damage on cars, video footage if available, etc.
  3. Arguing the case based on evidence to prove the fault of the offending driver.

Can professional legal aid help you?

A Nevada-based accident law firm can help the victim establish fault by

  • Hiring professional reconstructionists to reconstruct the crash
  • Seasoned attorneys to argue in courts
  • A nuanced understanding of Nevada state law, corporate law, and insurance company negotiations.
  • Rich experience in ensuring a fair compensation

Concluding thoughts

Establishing fault in accident cases in Nevada is crucial to getting fair compensation to the affected parties. Having an experienced professional accident attorney by your side ensures the speedy recovery of the victim.

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