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The Complete Guide to jaipuri kurti manufacturer and Wholesale


So you want to get into the Jaipuri kurti business, huh? Smart move. The demand for traditional Indian wear is huge both domestically and internationally. Jaipuri kurtis, in particular, are hugely popular and fashionable. The colorful prints, embroidery, and mirror work make them irresistible. As a manufacturer or wholesaler, if you can create high-quality, fashionable kurtis at the right price point, you’ll have a successful business on your hands in no time.

But where do you start? How do you find the right fabrics and artisans?  And keep up with the latest trends? And How do you build a profitable business model? Don’t worry, we’ve got you cover. This complete guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start your own Jaipuri kurti manufacturer or wholesale business. From sourcing high-quality raw materials to training skilled artisans to tapping into the global export market, we’ve left no stone unturned. Ready to turn your passion for fashion into a thriving business? Let’s get start!

How Jaipuri Kurtis Are Made

To understand how Jaipuri kurtis are made, you first need to know about the fabrics and embroidery used. Cotton, silk, and rayon are popular, breathable choices for the hot Rajasthan climate. Once the fabric is selected, artisans hand block print colorful patterns or hand paint delicate details onto the cloth.

  • Block printing involves carving wooden blocks, dipping them in dye, and stamping them onto the fabric. This creates an intricate, layered look.
  • Hand painting uses special dyes and brushes to freehand draw leaves, flowers, animals or geometric shapes onto the fabric. This results in a unique, one-of-a-kind garment.

After the fabric decoration is complete, the real work begins. Kurtis typically have panels, borders, necklines and sleeves that are individually cut and sewn together. Mirrors, beads, shells and embroidery are then add as embellishments, either by hand or machine.

  • Mirrors are stitched onto the fabric, then surrounds by embroidery to hold them in place. They reflect light and add shine.
  • Beads, shells and embroidery are sewn onto the fabric to create dense patterns, borders and accents. The variety of colors, stitches and materials used results in a vibrant, textured look.

With all the handcrafted details, a single Jaipuri kurti can take days to complete. But the end result is a wearable work of art, steeped in the rich textile traditions of Rajasthan, India. The next time you buy a Jaipuri kurti, appreciate the immense skill, creativity and patience that went into making it!

Types of Printing Methods Used

When it comes to printing those gorgeous Jaipuri kurti manufacturer have several methods to choose from. The most common types are:

Block printing – This traditional method uses hand-carved wooden blocks to print intricate patterns on fabric. Skilled artisans dip the blocks in dye and press them onto the cloth. Block printing results in vibrant colors and a rustic look. Many buyers love its authentic, handcrafted feel.

Screen printing – A popular modern technique where designers create stencils that are placed on screens. Dye is pushed through the stencils onto the fabric below. This allows for more intricate prints and higher volume production. Screen printing is a cost-effective way to print colorful, custom prints.

Digital printing – The latest technology uses digital files to print directly onto fabric. This computerized method offers speed, flexibility, and precision. Digital printing can achieve photorealistic prints with lots of colors and fine details. It’s ideal for complex prints and small production runs.

Whether you prefer the artisanal quality of block prints, the vibrant pop of screen prints or the high-definition look of digital prints, Jaipuri kurti manufacturer have an option to suit your needs. When sourcing wholesale kurtis, consider your target customers and production requirements to choose a printing technique that will bring your creative visions to life.

Types of Fabrics and Embellishments for Jaipuri Kurtis

When it comes to Jaipuri kurtis, the fabrics and embellishments used can make all the difference. The materials and decorations you choose will determine how luxurious, lightweight, or ornate your kurti will be.


Cotton is a popular choice for Jaipuri kurtis because it’s breathable and ideal for hot weather. Varieties like muslin, voile, and cambric cotton are lightweight and airy. Cotton kurtis can be decorates with block printing, embroidery, mirror work or sequins.


Georgette is a lightweight, sheer fabric perfect for flowy kurtis. It’s often decorates with embroidery, beadwork or thread embroidery like gota patti. Georgette kurtis are dressy but still breathable, making them great for special occasions in warm weather.


Silk kurtis are luxurious and lustrous. Varieties like chiffon silk, crepe silk and raw silk are popular for Jaipuri kurtis. Silk kurtis are usually decorates ornately with zari embroidery, mirror work, sequins or stone embellishments. Silk kurtis can be expensive, but are ideal for weddings or other lavish events.

With so many options to choose from, you can find a Jaipuri kurti in a fabric and style suited to any occasion. Mixing and matching different embellishments allows you to create a kurti that is uniquely you. Whether you want an ornate silk kurti for a wedding or a casual cotton kurti for everyday wear, the possibilities are endless.

How to Find the Best Jaipuri Kurti Manufacturers

Finding a reputable Jaipuri kurti manufacturer and wholesaler is key to running a successful ethnic fashion business. Here are some tips to help you source the best suppliers:

Check Online Directories

Search industry directories like IndiaMart, TradeIndia or Alibaba for “Jaipuri kurti manufacturers” and “Jaipuri kurti wholesalers”. Browse the listings of exporters, suppliers and wholesalers. Check if they specialize in Jaipuri kurtis and see details of their product range, production capacity, location, and years of experience. Shortlist a few highly-rated companies to contact.

Visit Their Website and Social Media

Visit the websites and social media profiles of your shortlisted manufacturers and wholesalers. See pictures of their factory, latest kurti collections and client testimonials. Check if they frequently update their website and social media, as this indicates an active and reputable company. See if their product styles and quality match your requirements.

Ask for References and Samples

Don’t hesitate to ask your shortlisted suppliers for references from their existing clients. Contact the references to get genuine feedback about the supplier’s quality, service and reliability. Also, ask for free samples of their latest kurti designs so you can check the quality firsthand. Reputable suppliers will be willing to share references and samples with prospective clients.

Negotiate the Best Deal

Once you’ve found suppliers that meet your needs, negotiate with them to get the best possible deal on price, minimum order quantity, customization options, payment terms, and shipping. A good manufacturer or wholesaler will be open to negotiating terms that work for both parties.

Make a Trial Order

Place a small trial order with your chosen supplier to test their service. See if the delivered product matches the quality and specifications promised. Check how promptly they handle the order and resolve any issues. If satisfied, you can place larger, regular orders with the confidence that you’ll receive high-quality Jaipuri kurtis on time.

Following these steps will help you find reliable Jaipuri kurti manufacturer and wholesalers so you can grow your ethnic fashion business with the perfect suppliers by your side. Focus on companies that are reputable, willing to share references and samples, open to negotiation, and able to handle trial and bulk orders efficiently.

Selling Jaipuri Kurti Wholesale: What You Need to Know

Selling Jaipuri kurtis wholesale requires some work upfront to find the right suppliers and customers. But with the popularity of Indian fashion, the effort can pay off. Here are some tips to get start:

Find Reliable Suppliers

The key to any wholesale business is finding suppliers who produce high-quality goods at low prices. Look for manufacturers and exporters in Jaipur that specialize in traditional kurti styles. Ask for samples to check the quality, fit and embroidery before placing a large order. Build a relationship with a few trusted suppliers who can provide the latest styles at good rates.

Set Competitive Prices

Check what other retailers are charging for similar Jaipuri kurtis to determine a competitive price range. You’ll want to price low enough to attract customers but still high enough to make a profit after paying your suppliers. Offering seasonal sales and discounts can also help move inventory.

Market to the Right Customers

Promote your kurtis on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that many fashionistas frequent. Run ads targeting women interested in Indian clothing and culture. Offer promotions and coupons to email subscribers and loyal customers. Sell at local Indian cultural events and festivals to reach new customers.

Provide Great Customer Service

Word-of-mouth marketing and repeat customers are key to success in wholesale fashion. Offer friendly customer service, quick shipping, easy returns and exchanges. Build your reputation for quality, affordable Jaipuri kurtis and great service. Happy customers will come back again and again and tell their friends.

Selling Jaipuri kurtis wholesale does require an investment of time and money. But for fashion lovers, the opportunity to share these beautiful garments with customers around the world can be very rewarding. With the right suppliers, competitive pricing, strategic marketing and dedication to customer service, you’ll be on your way to success in the Jaipuri kurti wholesale business.

5 Tricks for Getting Jaipuri Kurti Wholesale at Low Prices

Jaipuri Kurtis are known for their exquisite designs, vibrant colors, and intricate craftsmanship. If you’re looking to buy these beautiful ethnic garments at wholesale prices, it’s essential to employ some clever strategies. In this article, we’ll share five effective tricks to help you secure Jaipuri Kurtis at affordable rates, allowing you to enhance your collection while staying within your budget.

  • Research and Connect with Local Suppliers:

One of the most effective ways to acquire Jaipuri Kurtis at wholesale prices is by conducting thorough research and connecting with local suppliers in Jaipur, the hub of this traditional craft. Start by exploring the various markets, including Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, and Tripolia Bazaar, where you can find numerous wholesalers and manufacturers. Establishing direct contact with these suppliers will allow you to negotiate better deals and bypass intermediaries.

While researching, make use of online platforms and directories that provide information about wholesale suppliers in Jaipur. These platforms often offer contact details, product catalogs, and reviews, enabling you to make informed decisions and find suppliers that align with your requirements.

  • Attend Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

Trade shows and exhibitions are excellent platforms for networking and establishing connections with wholesalers and manufacturers. Look out for textile trade shows and fashion exhibitions in Jaipur or nearby cities where Jaipuri Kurti suppliers participate. These events provide an opportunity to interact directly with suppliers, explore a wide range of designs, and negotiate bulk purchase deals. Additionally, you can witness the latest trends, understand market dynamics, and gain insights into the pricing structure of Jaipuri Kurtis.

  • Collaborate with Local Retailers:

Forming strategic partnerships with local retailers can be mutually beneficial. Many retailers procure Jaipuri Kurtis in bulk from wholesalers and offer them to customers at retail prices. By collaborating with these retailers, you can leverage their existing relationships with suppliers and secure Jaipuri Kurtis at discounted rates. In return, the retailer benefits from increased sales volume.

Approach local retailers who share a similar target audience or operate in a complementary market. Discuss the potential partnership, emphasizing the value you can bring by offering high-quality Jaipuri Kurtis at competitive prices. Such collaborations can help you access wholesale prices while minimizing the risk and costs associated with establishing your own distribution channels.

  • Leverage Online Marketplaces and B2B Platforms:

In the digital age, online marketplaces and business-to-business (B2B) platforms have revolutionized the wholesale industry. Platforms like Alibaba, IndiaMART, Aarav Fabricator, Blockart and TradeIndia offer a vast database of verified suppliers, including those specializing in Jaipuri Kurtis. These platforms provide product catalogs, price comparisons, and customer reviews, simplifying the process of finding reliable wholesalers.

Utilize the advanced search filters to narrow down your options based on location, price range, and product specifications. Take advantage of bulk order discounts, negotiated pricing, and exclusive deals offered by suppliers on these platforms. However, exercise caution when finalizing deals and thoroughly vet suppliers to ensure their credibility and product quality.

  • Build Long-Term Relationships:

Building long-term relationships with Jaipuri Kurti wholesalers is a key strategy for securing low prices. Once you identify reliable suppliers, aim to establish trust and loyalty by consistently placing orders and maintaining prompt payments. This rapport can result in preferential treatment, customized offers, and access to exclusive designs or limited editions.

Communicate regularly with your suppliers to stay updated on new arrivals, promotional offers, or seasonal discounts. By demonstrating your commitment to a long-term partnership, you increase your chances of receiving competitive prices and priority service. Additionally


So there you have it, everything you need to know about Jaipuri kurti manufacturing and wholesale. Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to start your own business, find a reliable supplier, or simply understand how these colorful garments end up in your closet. The intricate handiwork and cultural heritage behind each kurti is truly inspiring. Next time you slip one on, take a moment to appreciate all the craftsmanship and tradition woven into its threads. And of course, don’t forget to share your newfound expertise with friends and family – you never know who might be interested in embarking on their own Jaipuri kurti adventure!

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