Amanda Aldridge: The English Belted Beauty

Amanda Aldridge

Amanda-Ira Aldridge was a talented “British Operatic singer” and teacher dubbed the “English Belted Beauty.”

Amanda Aldridge and her family

She was born in London in March 10, 1866 to African and West Indian parents. Her father, Ira Frederick Aldridge, was a Shakespeare Actor , while her mother, Swede Amanda, was a renowned singer. Amanda and her siblings were raised in a privileged household and received a classical education.

As a young woman, Amanda followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a professional singer. She made her debut at eighteen at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Amanda quickly became famous for her beautiful voice and stage presence. In 1892, she married George Moore, an Irishman who worked as an engineer on the London Underground. The couple had three children together.

Despite being married and having children, Amanda continued to pursue her singing career. She toured throughout Europe and America, performing to sold-out crowds everywhere she went. In 1879, she returned to London to make her final appearance at the Royal Opera House. Afterward, she retired from singing and devoted herself to raising her family.

Amanda Aldridge was a trailblazing performer who defied expectations both onstage and off. She was a talented musician who carved out her unique place in history.


Early Life of Amanda Aldridge

Amanda Aldridge was born in London on March 10, 1866. Her father, Ira Frederick Aldridge, was a Shakespeare Actor and her mother, Swede Amanda, was a well-knownsinger. Amanda had older sisters Rachael and Luranah Aldridge. She was educated at home by a governess and tutors.

At the age of sixteen, Amanda made her stage debut playing the role of Portia in The Merchant of Venice at the Lyceum Theatre in London. She performed in several other Shakespearean plays over the next few years. In 1892, she marriedGeorge Moore, and they had two daughters, Doris and Gladys.

During her husband’s illness and subsequent death in 1913, Amanda stopped performing and devoted herself to raising her daughters. In 1921, she returned to the stage in the play The Second Mrs. Tanqueray by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero. Following this success, she toured America with the play for two years.

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Route to becoming an Opera Star Player

Opera is a profession that has been around for centuries. Many think of it as an art form for the wealthy and elite. However, anyone can become an opera singer with talent and dedication. One can take many different routes to becoming an opera star player.

The first step is to find a good voice teacher. A reputable voice teacher can help you develop your vocal technique and style. They will also be able to give you feedback on your progress and help you prepare for auditions.

Once you find a good voice teacher, the next step is to audition for roles. Opera companies or music festivals typically hold auditions. During these auditions, you will be ask to sing one or two pieces from an opera or musical theater piece. The judges will then decide if you are suited for the role you auditioned for.

If you successfully land a role, the next step is to begin rehearsals. This process can last from several weeks to several months, depending on the production. Rehearsals involve learning your lines, singing with other cast members, and practicing stage movement.

Once rehearsals are complete, it’s time for opening night! This is when your hard work finally pays off, and you get to perform in front of an audience.


Recordings of Amanda Aldridge Songs

If you love English-belted beauties and sing, then you’ll want to check out the recordings of Amanda Aldridge singing some of her favorite songs. Amanda’s beautiful voice is perfect for singing ballads and love songs. She also has a great sense of humor, which comes through in her song choices.

You can find recordings of Amanda Aldridge singing on her website and on YouTube. Her website also has a complete list of her song choices, so you can find the perfect one for your mood.

Whether you’re in the mood for a slow ballad or an up-tempo love song, you’re sure to find a recording of Amanda Aldridge that you’ll enjoy.


Her Death

In 1956, after a long and painful illness, Amanda Aldridge died at the age of 52. Her death was a great shock to her husband, who was himself only in his early 50s, and to her many friends and admirers. She was bury in St Paul’s Churchyard in London.

Aldridge’s death was widely mourned. She was remembered as a witty and charming woman and a talented actress and singer. The Times described her as “one of the most original and delightful actresses that ever appeared on the stage.”

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