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The facts about Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser may shock you!

autowatch ghost immobiliser
autowatch ghost immobiliser

Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser as evident from its name is an engine immobiliser. It is mostly used to make the cars secure from theft or miss-use. And the words auto-watch and ghost imply for the secrecy of this immobiliser. You may have these immobilisers in your vehicle that is unknown to many except you. And its working makes it be claimed as a deed of ghost. Today people seem to be very keen on having this amazing as well as innovative invention. To facilitate them several companies have a legitimate cause to provide people with vehicle securing instruments.

You might get excited after knowing the type of innovation it is. But you may become surprised after knowing the working and utilization domains of this auto-watch ghost immobiliser. To know about some salient features of this ghost immobiliser read this article thoroughly. In this article, you will come to know about the way to use it and how it works for us. You will also know some other knowledge about this all-new exciting stuff that you may place anywhere in your vehicle to make it secure from any sorry event like theft.

Features of Ghost Immobiliser:

The word ghost implies for the innovative secret and silent working of this Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser that we can use for our vehicle’s safety. It is very useful in protecting you from key cloning, hacking and even from key theft. In addition to it, this ghost doesn’t have any light indication such as LED blink and it even doesn’t have fobs on key. The Ghost works with the help of buttons in your vehicle such as those on dash-board, centre-console or door panels, steering wheel etc.

From these buttons, you will then arrange a disarm sequence. You can have unique, changeable as well as solid disarm sequence to let this ghost work. Such as, before igniting the car you set a sequence as 2 deep presses of the dashboard buttons for 10 seconds each and after this 5 short push to a button on the steering wheel. If you do not do this will not get your car as a start? To start your car you must first put this code then apply a key to ignite the car. To mock someone you give your cars key to them, and then ask them to start your car. When they become unable to start showing them the magic you have in your car is an event that you may love to have.

The principle of the sequence is as similar as for ATM. In the ATM you will get money only after entering the PIN code in it. Same is the case here with this ghost immobiliser. But in this ghost, you may have a disarm sequence for 20 press long to make you sequence more secure. There are two other ways to immobilise your car. You must read these two as well.

Immobilisation through Central Lock Key:

This is one of the unique and famous ways of activating your vehicle’s auto-watch ghost immobiliser. In this, you will utilise the remote of your vehicle’s auto-lock key. You will arrange a sequence with the help of the buttons on the remote. Usually, there are four buttons on the lock remote. One is for unlocking and second, is to lock and the rest are generally for alerting and box opening purposes. You can make a sequence from these buttons to immobilise your ghost.

For example, you may select a disarm sequence as 3 instant push to lock button then a deep push to ignition button for 5 seconds.  After this then again instant 2 pushes to lock button and then 5 seconds deep push to ignition. Through this, you can immobilise the ghost in your car that watches automatically.

Immobilisation through Bluetooth:

Another way to keep the ghost active is through the Bluetooth connectivity. You can use the Bluetooth on your phone as well as in your car and connect these two. On your phone, you can select a disarm PIN with the help of any auto-watch mobile applications. You may have these applications from those who provide the ghost as their products. This phenomenon is good but it can only immobilise from some specific distance less than the remote.

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