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The Gospel Is of Jesus Christ Only for Christians

The Gospel Is of Jesus Christ Only for Christians.
The Gospel Is of Jesus Christ Only for Christians.

The Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ is the truly good news of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. In this letter, we will focus on his death. 1) Death of Jesus Christ Why did Jesus die? The extent of God’s love for mankind is unimaginable. He begot one Son and then sent this only Son to die for all the nations of the world. What love! Regardless of your religion, beliefs, race, gender, and country, Jesus died for you. It is fixed. Jesus died for everyone in the world. 

Those who believe in him and those who don’t, Jews and non-Jews. To take advantage of Jesus’ death, you must believe that God sent him to die for the world and that he is the Son of God. It’s so simple. Jesus Christ is sinless Jesus died because He is the only sinless human being that has ever lived on earth. Apart from Jesus, all have sinned and lack God’s justice. Due to the fact that Jesus’ father did not come from the earth, sin was never passed on to Jesus by his parents.

Half of Jesus’ deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) was earthly and a half was Heave

His father’s DNA is Heavenly, but his mother’s DNA was earthly. For this reason, Jesus was the only earthly parent who was a virgin. No man has sinned in her through his DNA. Jesus was never the seed of any man but was the seed of a woman. Usually, seeds from both parents are needed to form a baby. The Holy Spirit is the sinless father of Jesus.

Jesus was sinless, so his blood could redeem man from sin. It is therefore the ransom for mankind’s sin. He paid the ransom by dying for us, and with his sinless blood removed our sin. Other Reasons for Jesus’ Death What would your attitude be if you were in God’s place? You send your only Son to die for all, and many refuse to believe your Son’s Word. Those who believe in Jesus have eternal life, but those who do not believe damn. They damne no matter who they are. They are damned because they did not believe in the Word of the Son of God.

For the wicked

To reconcile humanity with God

To justify man before God

To destroy the devil

To free prisoners from Hell

To give birth to hope through the resurrection

What is the good news about the death of Jesus Christ?

We all condemn to death for our sins. But Jesus Christ died for us, and through his death we have life. That’s not all, through His death, we introduce into a relationship with His Father, the Holy Spirit. Jesus was made a little lower than the angels in heaven for the purpose of death. It is related to its physical and human characteristics. The angels in heaven are spirits. Jesus was a man of flesh, bone, and blood. It is this ability to bleed and die that really sets Jesus Christ apart from the angels in heaven. Why is the death of Jesus Christ good news?

By his death, he satisfied God’s law of sin for all.

Through his death, all nations are freed from sin.

Jesus Chris died but is no longer dead, he lives forever.

As the Son of God, death had no power over him.

Because Jesus Christ died for the world, we hope because He is alive and has not remained dead

Since Jesus died for all, we do not have to die, because He redeemed us from death with His precious blood. Now, to live and have eternal life, all you need to do is obey His Word and believe in Him.

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Revelation 14 Bible Study – Preach the Gospel worldwide

In light of the global apostasy that will reign under the new religious order, God will not sit quietly in heaven and allow this worldwide fallout of Christianity to continue without control. The new religious order foretold by the apostle Paul when he says that Christ will not come until “the man of sin” reveal to exalt above God.

Preaching the gospel in the light of anti-Christian revolt

The revelation of the “man of sin” will mark the rapid descent of the Christian world into the greatest apostasy the world will ever witness. It is against this anti-Christian revolt that the eternal message of Revelation 14 warns, presenting dire consequences for those involved.

In every generation, the Lord never applied punishment without warning. Whenever rebellion against God’s commandments spreads, the Lord will issue warnings designed to call sinners to repentance. And that’s what you call preaching the gospel.  Through The Everlasting Gospel, the Lord intends to free sinners from their quagmire and make them recognize God as the only source of blessing and mercy. This is what the threefold message of Revelation 14

The proclamation of the three angels personifies the missionary activity of the last-day Saints

In his Bible study on Revelation 14, starting with the sixth verse, you will see where John saw three angels flying in the center of heaven, each with a message to convey to the inhabitants of the earth. The work of these angels represents the work of God’s people. It is the saints who will persecute for “the testimony of Jesus and the word of God” in the last days. And it is students of all ages that command to preach the gospel to every creature with the promise that Christ will be with them until the end of the world

Here is a brief outline of the three messages to announce by the three angels:

  1. First Angel’s Message: The first of the three angels is said to be the one entrusted with preaching what the prophet John describes as the everlasting gospel. Due to its eternal importance, this message differs from the other two. He calls people back to true worship and acknowledgment of Jehovah as the Creator of the heavens and the earth.
This everlasting gospel will resound throughout the earth against the backdrop of the new religious law in which all the inhabitants of the earth will pay homage to the beast

This call to glorify God as Creator of heaven and earth seems to include the restoration of Sabbath observance as it is God’s appointed way of celebrating His creation


  1. Second Angel’s Message: This message is a warning against accepting the falsehood of Babylon, which will be responsible for the spiritual intoxication of the world. The establishment of a new religious order will come about because the world has swallowed the guilt of Babylonian heresy. This message intends to inform the world of the impending destruction (fall) of Babylon and its religious empire, and that anyone who supports it in apostasy will not escape severe punishment.


  1. The Third Angel’s Message: Here it is directly chastened. The third message is one that will have to preach by God’s people in forbidden circumstances; they will have to fearlessly deliver this most emphatic message at the risk of their lives because they are actually hitting the very heart of the religious establishment! A simple Bible study of Revelation 20 will reveal that some saints will behead for the testimony of Jesus and the word of God, and for refusing to accept the mark of the beast and worship its image.

Preaching the gospel will be more difficult in the end times

In your Bible study of Revelation 14, you will see that God intends to accomplish the same goal of repenting sinners, as we see in the four gospels and in the book of Acts. In recent days, during the crisis of the beast’s marks, it will be much harder to tell someone about Christ than it is. Imagine living in a society where the vast majority are false worshipers for a relative handful of true Christians! It will surely be a task that requires faith that many of us do not yet have.

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