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The Growing Impact Of Women’s Streetwear Clothing Online

One of the fastest-growing fashion styles is none other than ‘streetwear’ mostly worn by the youth and young adults. Clothing is one aspect in which every person has his/her likes and dislikes. You may like to wear a full sleeve sweatshirt, while another may love to wear a t-shirt more.

What is Streetwear Style?

Streetwear has its roots in the skateboarding culture of California in the 1980s. It is said to be one of the fairly new entrants in the fashion industry. In broader terms, streetwear consists of casual clothing that most people under 30 years of age like to wear. This type of fashion style has urban roots and is influenced by skateboarding, surf culture: hip hop music, and sports.

The customer base of streetwear style is quite diverse due to the wide array of options that the youth get. A typical streetwear ensemble consists of a graphic t-shirt, denim jeans, white sneakers, a cap, and some jewelry chains around the neck.

In the fashion industry, numerous trends and styles come and go. However, due to wide acceptance since its inception, one can easily say that streetwear fashion is here to stay. Today, even luxury clothing brands that only catered to a niche category wish to introduce streetwear apparel for both men and women.

How Streetwear Got Attention in Mainstream Fashion

Laguna Beach, California, is the first place where in the 1980s, a man named Shawn Stussy introduced streetwear fashion. There was a clear influence of skateboarding and surf culture on the design of the clothes. Gradually, there was wide appreciation and acceptance from the youth who already tried to exude a fashion statement of their own.

Seeing the massive popularity, many of the famous clothing brands made plans to include streetwear in their lineup. The decision to include streetwear was inevitable because youth constitute a large part of the population. Nowadays, you can see youth are quite vocal about their thoughts and opinions. Using social media and wearing graphic t-shirts are some of the best ways for youth to voice their opinions.

Today, we can see celebrities, sports personalities, and social media influencers joining the bandwagon of streetwear fashion. Many high-end and luxury clothing brands are asking their designers to integrate elements of streetwear in the new designs of t-shirts and hoodies.

The Growing Trend of Women’s Streetwear Clothing Online

If you ask anyone about ‘streetwear,’ then they will say it is quite self-explanatory. But on the contrary, it is quite hard to define ‘urban streetwear’ as it consists of many design elements. The consensus is a fashion trend that focuses on comfortable and casual clothing. There is the major influence of hip hop music, sports, and entertainment on streetwear,

Urban streetwear was predominantly male-centric, but since the last few years, women are actively participating in designing and wearing extravagant streetwear apparel. There are quite a few online clothing stores selling streetwear t-shirts and hoodies that both men and women can wear.

The easy access to technology such as creative software has also given many women designers the opportunity to experiment with unique designs. The widespread use of the internet has also provided a stream of information, particularly when studying local and international cultures and traditions.

Women’s streetwear clothing online helps women select and order the apparel to suit them the best. Women studying or working can easily log on to the internet and browse through numerous streetwear options within seconds. You do not have to physically go to stores and spend hours to find the clothes according to your taste.

How to Order Streetwear Online

Online clothing brands have a user-friendly website where it is easy to add clothes to your shopping cart. You can make a keyword search or navigate easily among the categories. The streetwear option is clearly defined and includes sub-categories such as t-shirts, hoodies, pants, and sneakers.

Some of the clothing brands have a smartphone application that you can download. Having an intelligent app helps you to order clothes just by using your mobile phone. You can even access the website using your phone. The next step is to make an online account that makes it easy to enter personal and shipping details. Making your profile is very necessary if you want to buy from a particular online clothing store regularly.

You can fill in the personal and details within five minutes and start browsing and shopping online. For example, you can click on a t-shirt and select the size and color that you want. You can magnify the image of the t-shirt to get a better view of the product. You can add the t-shirt to the cart menu. T

Similarly, you can browse other streetwear categories such as jeans, hoodies, and sneakers and add those you want to buy. You can even go on to the ‘Sale’ section and get exclusive deals and discounts.

Women can select the clothes depending on their personal choice and lifestyle. Streetwear apparel can be worn if going for casual lunch with friends or walking on the beach with family at night. The type of trendy clothes that women can find in streetwear style include

  • Graphic t-shirts
  • Mini skirts
  • Sportswear
  • A-line dresses

The Key Elements of Women Streetwear

There is a certain shift in women’s urban streetwear from classic designs to modern contemporary styles. The shift in trends is due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and changing global political situation.

The changing views of masculinity and social norms call for more eco-conscious streetwear fashion styles. The essential elements of streetwear that most women must consider when shopping for new clothes are

  • Oversized and baggy apparel

One of the common features of streetwear is the baggy size of t-shirts and hoodies rather than fit style. Previously, we got to see skinny and fitness-ready styles, but there is a fast shift towards loose and oversized clothing. The two key factors that make streetwear such a success are ‘comfort’ and ‘functionality,’ and youth look for these factors.

  • Mixing classic and casual styles

The original streetwear that became such a sensation was due to its ability to merge classic and modern trends. The skateboarding and surf culture still follows a similar style which is evident with graphic t-shirts, baggy jeans, and sneakers.

  • Introducing techwear

The infusion of innovative technology to enhance the functionality of clothes is called ‘techwear’ and becoming quite popular. The beachwear features commonly in urban clothing as it is modular, trendy, and offers extra storage. Techwear also symbolizes cyberpunk culture and modern aesthetics.

  • Including a variety of sneakers

One of the fundamental elements without which streetwear will be incomplete is ‘sneaker,’ which is probably a favorite of youth. Sneakers are colorful, feature unique artwork, comfortable, and easy to wear. The best thing about sneakers is that it comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors.


Streetwear is all about following the current trends of fashion and emphasizing mixing and matching various styles. The online clothing stores provide a wide array of women’s streetwear apparel that you can order just by sitting in your home. The best thing is going through various online stores in a few minutes, which is impossible if you physically go to the retail stores.

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