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The Impact of AI over the Remote Working Business Industry

Since many countries have issued orders to stay at home, businesses have switched to work from home status. Now, when the situation is somewhat under control and life is slowing going back to normal, remote working still seems like an appropriate option that can continue for a long time.

Having said that, there are some challenges that business process outsourcing companies have to face for a permanent remote working environment. Allowing employees to work from home requires them to be autonomous of their tasks. The transition is not simple, and creating an ad-hoc online gig working economy is complex unless provided with an efficient monitoring system.

So, what’s the solution?


Researchers say that training artificial intelligence and making a system of clean data transmission from one end to another is the solution. The economy is changed during the COVID-19, and to make workforce efficient, AI – artificial intelligence can give a breakthrough.

How does Artificial Intelligence help?


With online working, employees have come across much software as artificial intelligence continues to develop. Even there is software in the market, which assists in assigning tasks to employees, helps to recruit, and schedule interviews.

Big companies such as Uber and Amazon already use such software for supervisory activities over a large task force.

Another theory that has been coining around is crowd working or crowd outsourcing that refers to the brainstorming of a crowd to accomplish a task. The result is, of course, a refined one as the brain of a crowd is better than one.

In all of these tasks, transferring autonomy to workers by BPO service providers is important to consider.  However, if the worker has a passion for his work, giving freedom to work as required by them is not a problem, other than for operations that require secrecy.

How Should Companies Behave?


We suggest business process outsourcing companies should design a system that not only manages algorithms but also support public health maintenance, productivity, all in one.

Researchers have studied such systems, and they have examined data on how workers react to such systems, how they perform, and how they keep themselves motivated. The data analysis showed the most important factor is the meaning of the work. If the work is meaningful, the autonomous working environment gives better results.

When people knew that they are working for a greater good, they reported more to the companies. Meaning the satisfaction of the completion of work kept them motivated.  Says the director for virtual human research at ICT and a professor of computer science at USC Viterbi.

Hence, we can implicit that when work given by BPO services to employees has no definition, they require a boss either as a human resource or as an algorithm that keeps them reminded of the unfinished task.

It can be a challenge for business companies to promote a work environment in all conditions and maintain efficiency. These findings put light on many aspects where companies have to invest and develop a concrete system. Until then, maintaining a tight manual monitoring system would be tough.



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