The Importance of Your Kundli Chart in Astrology

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Hindi kundli online represents the position of the planets at the exact time of a certain event such as a birth, wedding or celebration. Kundli online is most often call a horoscope in English. It helps a person to find the influence of the planets, Sun and Moon on his life. Kundli charts are use to determine the best time for anything from a festival to celebrating an auspicious incident and also help predict (simply put) luck and bad luck in a person’s life. This is the recording of sensitive angles and positions of celestial bodies at a given time.

Several newspapers and now online articles feature weekly or daily horoscopes which are interpretations of the Sun, stars and planetary positions during a given day or week and how that would affect a particular person’s life depending on their zodiac sign. In Hindu religion, Kundli charts are mainly base on the movement of stars and moon and any ritual or event is always perform keeping in mind whether the stars are in the right place or not. The kundli chart also has a great influence on Hindu marriages where the bride and groom compare their kundli to determine whether they are compatible or not, and if not, in some cases they are not allow to marry.

According to Hindu astrology, Janma Kundli, i.e. kundali birth chart, is consider the most important of all. Kundli birth chart determines a person’s entire life and influences every event in his life. If you need kundali chart by date of birth contact our expert astrologer.

Let us discuss some reasons why the Kundli chart is important in a person’s life.

Online Janam kundli hindi 

Online Kundli available on Astroeshop has been create after consulting many professional astrologers on staff. This Kundli is 100% original and accessible. This tool gives you effective astrological predictions and is essential in making horoscopes. It is create to help you get predictions about many aspects of your life including your business, marriage, love life, work and many more. Online Kundli create by Astroeshop Kundli is equal to any traditional Hindu Astrology Kundli. And can be use for various things including matchmaking, marriage compatibility or making predictions. Such as Hindu or Vedic astrology predictions and kundli online predictions.

Lagna Charts and Predictions?

According to the Lagna calculator, one can determine the basic behavior of a person such as education, relationships, income and financial strength. Meanwhile, the Moon Chart deals with employment, job changes and everything else that happens in a person’s daily life.

There are a number of different factors to consider when trying to make horoscope predictions. Astrologers generally agree that Lagna has a significant influence on a horoscope. As for the twelve houses, they are own by all the seven planets (except Ketu and Rahu), including the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Saturn.

In case of placement of one of the above mentioned planets in Lagan Kundali, all these planets will have a huge impact on the individual’s personality. They say you have a helpful personality with the Moon and you should be energetic with Mars. Saturn gives you a sense of honesty and isolation. Jupiter gives you a lot of knowledge, while Venus and Mercury give you sophistication and intelligence.

Does the Kundali birth chart match?

Marriages are consider the most auspicious events in Indian culture and Indians. Who are skeptical of almost everything, do not want to take any chances. So janam kundali or kundali milan chart comparison plays an important role in finding the ideal life partner for most of the population in India. You cannot underestimate the power of kundli matchmaker.

After all, it was consider one of the foundations of a strong and happy marriage in earlier generations. Even in the 21st century, kundalis pairing is the first step in marriage talks to ensure a harmonious union between the couple.

When the Kundali matches between two people, their compatibility, progress in life, happiness, family, health issues and their mindset for a healthy life is revealed. If any obstacles arise in the future, rituals and remedies could be perform to remove them.

When the solutions are simple, people tend to ignore them. They think it’s boring and lame. Because they’ve been infected with the mentality. That real solutions come with struggle. This way of thinking tends to demonize the healing of the situation that Kundali match provides.

Steps to Read Kundali Chart?

Not all of us can become a certified astrologer overnight, but a basic understanding can help us read our own Janam Kundali analysis chart, right?

  1. The first step to Janam Kundali reading is to identify the ascendant sign of yourself. The number that is given in the first house represents the rising or ascendant sign of the individual. The planets in the kundali are indicate by numbers, i.e. 1 to 12, and the houses by Roman numerals, i.e. I to XII.
  2. The next step is to understand the houses and their meaning. Aspects of a person’s life can be indicated in his/her Janam Kundali by looking at the 12 houses. This includes personality traits, interests, physical characteristics and traits. Therefore, each planet or sign located in a particular house influences its factors and gives results accordingly.
  3. At the time of your birth, Janam Kundali is a photograph that captures the position of planets and constellations and displays it in the form of a map. So when learning to read a Kundali chart, you need to understand the abbreviated form of the planets. And their meaning in the chart.
  4. Finally, you need to find out which planet is in development or enthusiasm. In astrology, exaltation is a state when the influence of the predicted planet in a certain sign is signifying. That is, the natural harmony corresponds and the result tends to be consider in your favor.

A Kundli chart is nothing but a karmic map of your past and present events. Today we would discuss more about how to read Kundli in detail. In the Vedic science of astrology, a lot of calculations are usually required to fully understand and explore the information stored in a chart.

In short, your birth chart is nothing more than a fingerprint of your soul’s cycle on Earth. Your Kundli chart can help you understand the state of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. He can always tell you very well about the process of healing and transformation.

However, you can use the five basic steps below to learn how to read your Kundli.

Various factors can affect your understanding of a Vedic Kundli chart

Below mentioned factors in your birth chart can help you in a condescending understanding of a few important factors in your birth chart.

  • What are the houses and their meaning?
  • Identify the rising sign or ascendant.
  • What are your sun and moon sign?
  • Identify the nine planets in your birth chart.
  • Identify your planetary signs.

These steps above are not enough to give you a complete understanding of your birth and your purpose on earth. But it can give you information about your well-being and your inclinations, your development and your growth in this life.

How to read your Vedic Kundli Chart?

If you want to know how to read your Vedic Kundli, it would be important for you to know that there are three signs that are extremely important in your life – your Sun Sign, your Moon Sign, and your Ascendant/Rising Sign.

1) Tips to Identify Your Rising or Ascendant Sign

In your birth chart, your first house represents the rising or ascendant sign.

Each planet is labeled from 1 to 12 and each house would be labeled with Roman numerals 1 to XII.

  • Aries becomes #1
  • Taurus would be #2
  • Gemini is number 3
  • Cancer is number 4
  • Leo is number 5
  • Virgo is number 6
  • Libra would be number 7
  • Scorpio will be number 8
  • Sagittarius is number 9
  • Capricorn stands at number 10
  • Aquarius is number 11
  • Pisces is #12

Understand the several houses and their significance

The birth chart has 12 houses which represent 12 different aspects of human life and if you understand their positions you will know how to read your Kundli.

This would include your physical characteristics, interests, traits, health, wealth and much more.

  • Your 1st house in your Janam Kundli represents your physical features, your characteristics and personality.
  • 2nd house would represent the amount of wealth you would earn, finances and your family.
  • Your 3rd house can speak more about your hobbies, skills, your siblings, your efforts and your communication.
  • Your 4th house in your Janam Kundli is all about your mother, your luck, skills, land you can get from your ancestors and also speaks a lot about your ancestors.
  • 5th house says a lot about your higher education, your love relationships, past life experiences, your intelligence, and your intellectual interests.
  • Your 6th house is about the professions you would choose in your life, the diseases that would befall you and your enemies.
  • 7th house in your Janam Kundli is more about your marriage, your spouse, long term partners and relationships in our life.
  • Your 8th house speaks of longevity, accidents, unnatural events in your life.
  • Your 9th house is more about your faith, higher education, your father, your religion, your long distance travels and yet your happiness.
  • 10th house is more about your career, your work, your professional expeditions and your karma, more specifically your actions.
  • Your 11th house comes with your ambitions, income, your older siblings and your profits.
  • Your 12th house in your Janam Kundli is all about your spending.

Next, identify each of the planets in your houses and find out which planet resides in which house. This will help you understand what lies ahead for you and your life, and will indicate a lot about what your birth chart has to tell you. Each house corresponds to a particular planetary Lord. So placing them in each of the houses would bring different results to different individuals.

Before we know what our birth chart has to say, let us find out what each planet has in store for you.

  • The Sun is the symbol of male energy in the solar system and is the king of all planets.
  • The Moon represents your mind, your inner self, and is the feminine energy of the solar system.
  • Mercury is your intellect, your calculated thinking, your speech and your communication. Communication is the key to all social relationships.
  • Mars represents your physical and physical strength. It also represents your argumentative skills, your anger and also indicates your younger siblings.
  • Venus gives you materialistic gains and is also responsible for your beauty and overall personality. It represents friendship, your musical and artistic talent, your love affair and marriage opportunities.
  • Jupiter represents your spirituality, wisdom, your intellectual abilities and also represents your higher education.
  • Saturn Rewards for your hard work, name rings and fame prestige and sorrow, misfortune and higher abilities.
  • Rahu/Uranus is responsible for excessive ambitions and untruths. is responsible for loss of reputation, financial losses, undiagnosed health problems and also represents your grandparents.
  • Neptune is how you present your grandparents and is responsible for spiritual inclinations, occult knowledge, positions and electronics in your life.


So now you know what each house and what each planet means. However, different planetary placements in different houses can produce different results. Therefore, it would be very important for you to know which planet resides in which house in your bird chart.

To understand which planet resides in which house, you need to go through the chart. Identify the 1st house in your birth chart and locate the planet that resides in it. Try to identify the zodiac sign present in the 1st house. This is your ascendant or rising sign.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

How can I know my Kundli?

This completely depends on the exact date, time and place of birth. Depending on the position of all the planets at the time of birth, an astrologer can easily prepare your Kundli chart.

Can Kundli predict the future?

Well, of course, if we talk about predictions that completely depend on your Janma kundli. Even if they are 100% accurate, it can be said that up to 60-70% of predictions are correct. There are many famous astrologers who predicted a pandemic hundreds of years before the event turned out to be real.

Is Kundli important for marriage?

It is advisable to check kundli before marriage. This will surely help you understand the person better and also whether they can make a compatible couple in the future or not. After all, we are looking for reliable and trustworthy partners everywhere; this might also help you be prepared.

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