The most charming coastal cities in New Hampshire

A house and a barn in one of the most charming cities in New Hampshire.

There is something very beautiful about coastal cities. The surroundings where you have access to a body of water makes the city a little more special. Especially true during the warm months of the year. Located in the northeastern part of the United States, New Hampshire has a few charming coastal cities one could relocate to. With low crime rates, a good public school system, and plenty of outdoors to enjoy, the state has a lot to offer to its residents. If you are looking to relocate to one of the coastal cities, keep on reading as we take an in-depth look into the most charming coastal cities in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire

Being a state in the northeastern part of the country, the Atlantic Ocean is just east to it. An interesting fact about New Hampshire is that it was one of the first places to declare its independence, and this occurred months before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This was back in 1775, so the state has much history as well.

With so much history and culture, New Hampshire also has some of the most charming and beautiful coastal cities as well. The few that top the list on any day include New Castle, Greenland, Rye, and Stratham. Let’s evaluate what makes these coastal towns so special.

New Castle – The number one among the most charming cities in New Hampshire

We mentioned some history above, but New Castle has a lot of historic charm dating all the way back to the 1600s. The community of this town has a lot of charming island vibes overall. In addition, they have also preserved many houses and other architectural builds that are hundreds of years old. This adds to the charm of this coastal city. While living in modern times, we get to experience and see something that was there 400 years ago and still stands to this day. Did we also mention the breathtaking waterfront views? Overall, New Castle is a must-see place.


A fun fact about Greenland is that it used to be called Strawberry Banke back in the 1600s. Another very historic and charming coastal town in New Hampshire, Greenland is known for its astonishing outdoors. With the White Mountains on one side and plenty of forests and water views, it would be very hard to leave this place once you visit. Overall, a vibrant and scenic town, it manages to maintain the small-town feel with lots of growing agricultural areas as well. Definitely one of the more peaceful places to be in while enjoying the scenery.

Mountains in Greenland, one of the most charming cities in New Hampshire.
Being surrounded by mountains adds charm to this coastal city.


Located on the Atlantic coastline, Rye is one of the smaller charming towns with a population of just over 5000 residents. Although it might have the smallest coastline overall, Rye is still very charming and beautiful. Another beneficial element is that it is only an hour’s drive away from Boston! Whether you are a foodie or prefer outdoor activities, there are many experiences to take part in while in Rye. Explore the cute and delicious restaurants, and then hit the beaches for amazing views.


Just a bit bigger than Rye, Stratham is another charming community in New Hampshire. This coastal town has a bit of a country vibe and lots of rural working farms. While the green and beautiful scenery takes over, Stratham also has many modern developments throughout. Moreover, a perfect combination of new developments while preserving the historic elements of it. With so many new condominium developments, it is definitely worthwhile to make this place one of your moving options.

Coastal Cities

There is something very calming about living in a coastal city. Being surrounded by lots of nature and amazing views gives you the time to focus on yourself and enjoy your life in peace. Most of the coastal cities in New Hampshire certainly have a very charming vibe to them, making them appealing to newcomers. We recommend doing a little road-trip through the state so that you can truly see and get to know each of these communities.

New Hampshire landscape.
The coastal cities are charming as they are the perfect mix of history, today, and amazing outdoors.

In addition, checking out a potential home in person will make it easier to make final decisions. Taking it all in will help you visualize your move and help you create your overall relocation plan. Overall, a well-structured moving plan will help moving into your new coastal home process much faster.


Once you do your research on the precise location of your New Hampshire move, it’s time to start planning. A good moving plan will help you maintain organization throughout this process. It is practically your guide towards a successful relocation. We suggest starting months ahead so that you give yourself enough time to plan everything out and execute the plan efficiently.

A person sitting at a desk and using a laptop.
Make sure to create a moving plan for your relocation to make the process simpler.

In addition, things such as booking a book with a moving company is something that is also done well prior to the moving day. Get in touch with Preferred Movers early on so that you can secure a date for moving that will work for both yourself and the team of professionals. Doing most of these tasks early on will make this move much more hassle and stress-free.

Going Northeast

New Hampshire is a coastal state and home to numerous charming coastal cities. As we evaluated above, each and every one of the smaller towns has plenty to offer. Most of the time, words cannot even describe the actual beauty present in each. What also makes them unique is the fact that although the towns are keeping up with the modern times, there is a lot of preserved rich history as well. In fact, that’s what makes them stand out as well.

Overall, relocation is only as successful as your planning and organization. Therefore, now that you know more about the most charming coastal cities in New Hampshire, it’s time to plan your move!

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