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The Owners in Atlanta Are Responsible for The Accidents Caused from Their Cars 

Every car crash involving the driver that was responsible for the accident will be charged with the necessary protocols and are made to pay the losses that are incurred on the victim of the car crash because of them. However, when it is the case of someone else driving the car and having caused an accident, the laws might change according to the charges. 

When you are facing an accidental claim where your car is involved and not you, then you need to understand certain factors pertaining to the case. You can do so with the help of the best accidents attorneys working for the MG Law auto crash law firm atlanta. The expert lawyers here can be your guide in handling such cases. You can visit their webpage to know more. 

Accident involving someone else’s car 

Here are some of the instances where the driver involved in the accident was driving someone else’s car. 

  • When an employee was driving their employer’s car 

The accidents that are caused by your employee while driving your car during the working hours will make you responsible for the car crash. Your company will be directly responsible for all the damages that are caused by your employee in such cases. However, this is not the case when the employer is not aware of the employee driving their car during the non-official hours. 

  • When an unfit or incompetent driver drives your car 

An unfit or incompetent driver driving your car will make you responsible for the accident that is caused by them, especially when they take your car with your permission. The person deemed unfit or incompetent is the one who  

  1. Was drunk while driving 
  2. Was sleeping behind the wheels 
  3. Was a minor 
  4. Is with an advanced age 
  5. Was arrested before because of reckless driving 
  • When someone else drives your car 

You will be held responsible for the accident that is caused by your car when you allow someone else to drive your car. Your car insurance company will be liable to pay the claims that are filed against you by the victim of the accident. 

  • When a minor drive a car 

Parents are responsible for the accidents that are caused when a minor son/daughter drives their car with or without their knowledge. This is a negligent entrustment case and the owner will be responsible for all the damages that are done on the other party. 

The owners will be responsible for the possible crashes or accidents that are caused either by them or by someone else that was driving the car during the accident. The best way to avoid such unnecessary charges is by not letting anyone else drive your car during an emergency. 

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