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The Painful Side of Being a New Homeowner

The biggest financial choice that many people make is purchasing a home. As with any important choice, the why is a crucial issue to address before moving on. Your motivation may be to have a yard, a better school district, raise children, or, in the era of COVID-19, establish a home office. There is just the best response that fits each specific situation; there is no right or wrong response. Continue reading to learn some of the difficult aspects of being a new homeowner.

Maintenance Costs

For those who attempt it for the first time, bending over to fit beneath the kitchen sink to fix a leak is a joy (not). But if you own a property, you are in charge of doing repairs, especially if you wish to do it yourself like Bob Vila to save money. Certain things do require professional help. If the air conditioner breaks down, you’ll have to pay to get the cool air flowing once more in addition to sweating till it’s fixed. Some people like to mow the lawn, while others don’t. 

Slow Equity

Early on in a mortgage, the majority of the payments go toward interest, so you don’t build equity quickly unless local property prices soar, which they have in many locations in the post-pandemic market. If it fits in the budget, borrowers who wish to create equity more quickly should add a tiny amount extra to their principle each month. Even $20 to $50 extra per month devoted exclusively to the loan principal can make a difference.

High Costs

One of your home’s most crucial and protective components is the roof. Even though the cost will greatly depend on your location, the type of your roof, and its size, it is crucial to handle any necessary repairs as soon as possible. Although replacing your home’s siding can be a significant effort, it is crucial for the protection, insulation, and cosmetic appeal of your home. Even though one of the most affordable siding options is vinyl, it is still rather typical for consumers to require loans or other forms of siding financing to meet the project’s costs.

Property Taxes & Other Fees

You can anticipate paying a number of fees as a homeowner. To relieve you of the hassle of making one large payment at once, your lender may charge part of these fees regularly and deposit them into an escrow account. These regular costs could comprise, but not be limited to:

  • Homeowners association (HOA) dues: If you’ve bought a condo or townhouse that is subject to a HOA, you should be prepared to pay HOA dues that go toward maintaining community facilities like a gym, pool, or security system.
  • Water and trash removal are two utilities that some landlords may pay for. In addition to having to pay for these expenses personally as a homeowner, a larger home’s utility expenditures will probably be higher than those of an apartment.
  • Homeowners insurance: To ensure that your home asset will be protected, lenders frequently demand proof of homeowners insurance. This will probably be added to your monthly payment by your lender to go toward your escrow account.

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