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Sydney Car Wreckers

The Pros and Cons of Buying from Car Wreckers in Sydney

If you’re wondering what an auto wrecker is, you might like to have a fast read of this article selling your car to wreckers before you continue. If you don’t want car wreckers, Sydney is where vehicles no longer suitable for the public road will get a second life.

In my second life, they get entirely dismantled, and any salvageable part is removed and sold individually as a used part. So, what are the pros and cons of purchasing a part from a car wrecker Sydney as a car owner?



Parts sourced from wreckers are usually the most reasonable you can access. If you’ve got an older, out-of-warranty car with a broken part, you might be able to find a replacement in an auto wrecking yard for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Rare Parts

The benefit of car wreckers is that they generally source cars from everywhere, and this means that they could have, or help find, a hard-to-find part for your car. These parts may be hard to find because your car is ancient or was made very few.

Both of these reasons would mean that finding new extra parts can be particularly difficult, so that the wreckers would be your best gamble.

Doing your Bit

What do I mean by this? Parts found in wreckers have already been fabricated, and car wreckers are recycling manufacturers, but for vehicles.

So when you buy a part from a wrecker, you’re purchasing apart. That has already cost the environment its use of resources when manufactured, reducing the need for new parts.

I know, it’s small, that’s why it’s called a ‘piece,’ but it all counts!

Quick Fixes

Wreckers are great for sourcing cost-effective, quality elements that can obtain you out of trouble for the short term. If you’re far from residence and your regular mechanic, and something goes mistaken with your car, a wrecker might have the parts that can have your car safely back on the highway until you’re able to get it to a technician.


Unknown History

Buying parts from an auto wrecker comes with dangers, and not knowing the history of the piece you’re buying is a big one. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the wrecker will have recorded how many kilometres the car had driven when taken part off. It doesn’t matter at all for some parts, but it would be nice to know for others, such as mechanical parts. You’ll require to be happy to take this hazard.


The previous point leads us to warranties. Some wrecking will offer a guarantee, but some won’t. Don’t expect anything too long though, those that offer a warranty strength suggest it for a few months.


There are few of these around, but some wreckers are of the self-service variety. This means you sway up to the yard with a tool kit in hand, possibly pay a fee to join, and then it’s up to you to do everything. And I mean everything.

Basically, in these yards, the cars in their totality sit there & aren’t dismantled wreckers. The customers are responsible for finding the vehicle they need, checking if it still has the part they need, and then removing the part themselves. Once you’ve removed it, you take it to the checkout, and they’ll tell you how much it is.

While not all self-service wreckers operate the same way, that’s the general gist of it.

Not the Easiest Way to Buy Auto Parts

Many wreckers don’t have an online inventory available to customers to see prices and availability. If you need to know if a has a specific part, you must call up and often wait for them. Find the part in their system if they have one or manually discover it in their yard. This all leans on the fact that there was no contact mixup between yourself and the team member.

Your Mechanic may Not Fit your Secondhand Parts

Due to disadvantages, warranty, and insurance situations, mechanics may not fit the used parts you have provided. Why? Because this causes a grey province in terms of who’s reliable if something goes wrong.

If that used part was to fail and cause you to crack your car? Are you providing the secondhand part, the mechanic for fitting the secondhand part, or the wrecker for selling the part? We’ll let you know now; that’s a conversation most mechanics are unwilling to. So they’ll avoid it altogether by selecting, entirely in their right, not to fit customer-supplied used parts.

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Many technicians will not fit any customer-supplied parts, whether they’re brand new or used.

If secondhand is the only choice, mechanics will often have their own secondhand parts contacts who they know source reliable and quality parts, which often come with a guarantee. Therefore, it’s best to quit the sourcing up to them in this regard.

It’s worth remarking that most of these cons aren’t just unusual to wreckers. You’ll experience these disadvantages in any used parts demand, no matter what industry!

All in all, wreckers are a great way to access good parts. Just try to find out as much as feasible about the part you’re buying, and if you’re getting a mechanic to install it, check with them; happy to do it. 

You Can Save Money When Buying Second Hand Parts

If you have a vehicle that has to be repaired, options require replacing, and this can price a lot of cash if you opt to go down the path of purchasing the part in question brand new. So, it is good that auto wrecking and dismantling companies are out here selling the parts that came from the vehicle they dismantle. A suitable auto-breaking business will buy a wide range of cars, getting many parts to sell that are cheap and high quality.

The majority of the Australian vehicle dismantlers sell extra parts with a limited guarantee time which is good enough to test the reliability of any spare part. Overall, it’s worth taking a risk compared to paying three times more for the brand-new part, which is not required. Also, when dismantling a car yourself is not your thing.

Sell your Scrap Car for Quick Cash

Without a thriving car removal industry in New South Wales, people with broken-down cars would have difficulty merely giving away their permanently broken-down rust buckets. The streets would be lined with old cars that were no longer drivable. Only so many people like to buy damaged cars and part them out to sell the components on different websites, so selling your junk car will take a long time if you choose to sell privately.

So, it is great to have actual companies who buy cars that no longer run. They perform in a way that means that they are always prepared to buy another one at a moment’s notice. Not only will you get paid in full on the spot, but you also reap the benefits of services like free vehicle pickup service.

Auto Recycling Helps the Environment

Each scrap car that your local auto wrecker buys will have plenty of resources on it that would go to waste if they aren’t recycled. Why is this so good for the environment? Mining creates so much pollution and releases so many greenhouse gasses. If those things are reduced, the earth will thank us if it can. But it isn’t a conscious being, so it can’t.

Pick up of Vehicles Process is Free, Running or not

This is very helpful when you don’t have time to visit auto-wrecking yards. Someone can come to your location and pick up the vehicle for free, and you will get nothing but cash in Sydney.
You need to contact a car wrecker nearby your area. They recycle cars, trucks, vans, Utes, 4wd & commercial vehicles that are permanently damaged down, but first, they need to buy those cars from their owners.

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