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The Pros and Cons of Marketplaces as Selling Platforms

It may be beneficial for both new businesses and online shops to sell products on marketplaces. You may immediately access a big number of potential customers by creating an account, which is easy to do. These markets have a solid reputation among the clientele, not just among the customers. The selling trends in today’s marketplace are changing to giant marketplaces for the same reason.

The following are some major benefits of selling on Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces:

The popularity of the markets: The projections predict that by 2021, Amazon alone will control 50% of the American market. There is a good possibility that when people shop online, they will go to a marketplace like eBay or Amazon. These markets’ extensive selection of goods is the cause of this way of thinking. Additionally, the market has its wings extended out over the entire world.

Having access to a huge customer: As was already mentioned, you will have immediate access to every customer of a marketplace once you start selling your goods there. Many of the shoppers on marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping are active. Online retailers may undoubtedly reach a big customer base without having to spend any money on advertising.

There is no need for a brand name: In a marketplace setting, you just need to be concerned about internal rankings because no one knows your brand or your items. In other words, shoppers in marketplaces favor items over brands. Therefore, marketplaces are ideal for new brands searching for a free promotional platform to promote their products online.

Platforms that are prepared to go global: Another benefit of selling online stores like eBay and Etsy is that they enable e-commerce entrepreneurs to sell their goods internationally. These marketplaces will help you if you intend to sell your goods in several different nations. Marketplaces guarantee every aspect of a product, from product listing to product distribution, down to the last minute.

Simple to Use Platforms: It is really simple to start selling online on the marketplaces. To sell on the big marketplaces, merchants don’t need any kind of coding or technical expertise. Additionally, dedicated teams at eBay, Etsy, and Amazon help online entrepreneurs with their sales.

Peace of Mind Against Marketing Costs: Multi-Vendor Marketplaces have their own channels for marketing. Additionally, the markets invest millions of dollars in advertising and marketing campaigns. The marketplaces have resources of their own to increase customer traffic. If you’re willing to start on Google Shopping, Etsy, or eBay, make sure to factor in the price of marketing and promotion. These multi-vendor marketplaces are the best options for selling for the following reasons. In addition, there are a huge number of e-commerce merchants who have successful stores and are making a profit. The same is true when it comes to the proverbial “hidden con” in every pro. It is not that simple to sell on the markets. Every day, thousands of retailers advertise their online stores on these marketplaces, yet they still do not receive the desired results.

Online marketplaces are a challenging environment for selling for a number of well-known reasons.

Let’s investigate.

Excessive Commission Fees:

The marketplaces’ high commission fees are the first factor that causes sellers to have second thoughts. Etsy and eBay, for instance, have a reputation for charging sellers a fine amount.

Furthermore, by utilizing the pricing management option provided by Knowband Marketplace Integrators, online retailers can avoid paying marketplace commission fees. The module enables retailers to advertise products from their websites on marketplaces at a premium price.

A huge number of merchants:

The marketplaces offer a sizable number of online vendors. The rationale is that one of the finest ways to sell online is through marketplaces.

Because of this, marketplace rivalry is always getting more intense due to the number of providers. There could be several hundred additional vendors on eBay or Etsy that are selling the same things as you, even if you think you are a unique seller.

A Difficult Platform to Develop Brand Names:

Every marketplace, including eBay, Etsy, and Amazon, has a distinctive brand. As a result, standing out from the brand name shadows requires a lot.

For instance, if someone inquires about a thing you purchased from eBay and asks, “Where did you acquire that?” Your first statement will be that I purchased it on eBay. Somewhere in the middle, the brand name is forgotten.

Payment Delays:

This may sound strange, but sometimes marketplaces put off paying suppliers. That sounds plausible at the same time. Due to a large number of sellers on these marketplaces, the payment procedure might occasionally be delayed, which causes the merchants to feel unfairly treated.

Shop Authority:

The most annoying drawback of selling on marketplaces is shop authority. Although these marketplaces give sellers a dashboard to manage their shops, the platform will ultimately have the final say. Furthermore, strict action against sellers has only sometimes been taken by reputable markets like eBay, Etsy, or Google Shopping. However, things also continue to be the same.

Similar to selling on marketplaces, selling through a brand website is another way to sell things online. Today, a variety of e-commerce systems are accessible, enabling retailers to create their own eCommerce websites. The best examples include PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento 2, and WooCommerce.

Do you know that PrestaShop eCommerce website owners who sell goods online can now offer their goods on marketplaces as well?

Knowing how to construct eCommerce software, Knowband created a cutting-edge API-based Marketplace Connector. Online merchants can list their products on eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping with PrestaShop Marketplace Connector extensions. Let’s look more closely at the Knowband PrestaShop Marketplace Connectors.

PrestaShop Marketplace Connector Modules:

PrestaShop’s eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin:

The PrestaShop eBay Marketplace Connector Addon was the first connector that Knowband released. Additionally, online merchants can use the Knowband PrestaShop eBay Connector‘s full range of functionalities to sell the same PrestaShop goods on the eBay Marketplace.


To spare the vendors from monthly subscription fees, the Knowband PrestaShop eBay Marketplace Extension also includes a one-time purchase and a lifetime usability module.

PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon:

Similar to that, PrestaShop’s Etsy Marketplace Connector Extension is designed specifically to allow PrestaShop vendors to list products there. With a number of sellers making millions of dollars, Etsy is unquestionably one of the eCommerce marketplaces with the quickest growth.


The contemporary, code-free method for listing things on the Etsy Marketplace is the PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon.

PrestaShop Google Shopping Addon:


You can submit the products from your store to Google Shopping with the Google Shopping Integration extension. Adding product advertisements to search results is another way to draw large numbers of visitors to your website. Additionally, listing products on Google Merchant Center is cost-free in accordance with Google’s most recent seller policy.

In the end,

Building a brand in the competitive eCommerce market requires an increasing amount of work. Additionally, retailers are promoting the same utilizing a variety of selling strategies. One of the best-selling strategies is multi-channel marketing.

Online retailers who engage in multi-channel selling do so by offering their store’s merchandise on multiple channels. Additionally, Knowband’s PrestaShop Marketplace Connectors make it possible for online merchants to sell on Google Shopping, eBay, and Etsy without the need for technical skills.

Furthermore, feel free to email us at support@knowband.com if you have any issues about selling on marketplaces.

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