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The World’s Top 20 Sensors (part 1)

A sensor is a detection device that can feel the information to be measured, and can transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to a certain rule, so as to satisfy the transmission, processing, storage, and display of information , Recording and control requirements. With regard to sensors, it is no exaggeration to say that, from the vast space to the vast ocean, and even various complex engineering systems, almost every modern project is inseparable from a variety of sensors. It can be seen that sensor technology plays a very important role in developing economy and promoting social progress. Countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of this field. There will be a leap in sensor technology in the future. The following respectively introduce the world’s top sensor brands (not as the only ranking criterion) as follows:

Interface sensor (United States)

Interface is a recognized sensor expert in the testing industry around the world, the inventor of the spoke sensor, and the largest manufacturer of spoke sensor in the world. The American INTERFACE sensor has been the world’s trusted force measurement leader for half a century. Interface is a well-known force measurement brand in the United States, especially famous for designing and producing high-quality products. Its products include high-precision torque sensors, machine calibration systems, digital indicators, software and force measurement systems. It is worth mentioning that the American INTERFACE sensor is a supplier of famous companies such as Boeing, Airbus, NASA, Ford, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, NIST and many measurement laboratories.

Outstanding features: With 50 years of experience in the production of force sensors, each sensor has been rigorously calibrated in a laboratory in Phoenix, USA. The patented strain gauge material enables each sensor to have a high-precision output.

Honeywell Honeywell Sensor (United States)

Honeywell is a famous global brand in the United States with a history of more than 100 years. American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin landed on the moon, using Honeywell International products. As a result of the acquisition of Sperry Aerospace, Honeywell International’s position in the aerospace industry has been significantly improved, quickly becoming the world’s most influential integrated manufacturer of avionics. Whether in economically developed regions or in emerging markets, the Honeywell brand is a symbol of reliability and leadership. Especially in India, Honeywell is listed as a “super commercial brand.”

Honeywell International (Honeywell International) is a diversified high-tech and manufacturing company with a turnover of more than 30 billion U.S. dollars. Its global business involves: aerospace products and services, building, home and industrial control technology, automotive products, turbines Supercharger and special materials. Honeywell is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, USA.

Outstanding features: Honeywell was named one of the 20 most admired high-tech companies by the US “Fortune” magazine in 1996. Multinational companies (ranked 280 in the Fortune 500) that once occupied the world’s leading position in diversified technology and manufacturing. In 1999, Honeywell (Honeywell) and AlliedSignal (AlliedSignal) merged. After the merger, the entire company is still named as Honeywell. The new Honeywell company still maintains the characteristics of a leading global high-tech company in many fields, especially in automatic control. The field and aerospace technology have attracted the attention of the world. In every Boeing aircraft, 30% of the products come from Honeywell.

ABB sensor (Switzerland)

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technology. It is worth mentioning that ABB invented and manufactured many important products and technologies, including the world’s first three-phase power transmission system, the world’s first self-cooling transformer, high voltage direct current transmission technology and the first electric industrial robot. And take the lead in putting them into commercial applications.

ABB Group is a Fortune 500 company with its headquarter located in Zurich, Switzerland. It was formed in 1988 by the merger of two international companies with a history of more than 100 years: ASEA (ASEA) of Sweden and BBC Brown Boveri of Switzerland (BBC Brown Boveri). This company has a wide range of product lines, including a full range of power transformers and distribution transformers, high, medium and low voltage switchgear products, AC and DC transmission and distribution systems, power automation systems, various measuring equipment and sensors, real-time control and optimization systems , Robot hardware and software and simulation system.

Outstanding features: We carefully manufactured ABB sensors with high-tech materials. Which has a stronger structure, and higher tolerance and adaptability to harsh external conditions. The whole series of products are in compliance with environmental protection standards, safety standards and strict. ABB current sensor has unparalleled ability to resist magnetic field interference. Its outstanding features are high accuracy, fast response time, low power consumption and high reliability. It is suitable for harsh environment applications. The most important thing is that customers can customize them on demand.

Pepperl-fuchs sensor (Germany)

It is the inventor of induction technology, a leader in internal safety and explosion-proof technology in the world, and a well-known professional sensor company in the global automation industry. Which headquarters in Mannheim, Germany, with branch offices on six continents. Pepperl-fuchs (P+F) is a prestigious professional sensor company in the global automation industry. Pepperl+Fuchs, as the global leader in the production of electronic sensors and components in the field of automation, has guaranteed its brilliant achievements for more than 60 years by virtue of quality assurance.

Outstanding features: Pepperl+Fuchs has about 60 years of experience in sensor production and research and development. Its outstanding features: fast response speed, micro structure, multiple installation methods, good stability, high accuracy, strong interference, large detection range, etc.

Di-soric sensor (Germany)

di-soric has a 25-year history of application support, product development and production of standard and special sensors in the field of industrial automation. di-soric has many years of experience in sensor technology. Due to its high-quality expert team and excellent modern production equipment, it can develop, produce and sell standard and special sensor products.

Outstanding features: customers all over the world use Desenker’s di-soric products, it has unique selling point, especially the slot-type photoelectric switch. The founder invented it 20 years ago. The establishment of a product customization system is a major advantage of Desenk’s di-soric production department.  Di-soric’s products have successfully obtained world and EU quality standards certification. The trademark has also been registered, and the quality management system ensures a complete set of high-quality products.

SICK Smart Sensor (Germany)

SICK-Sensor Intelligence, Germany, focuses on providing increasingly intelligent global leading sensor components and overall solutions for logistics automation, factory automation and process automation. The founder founded Sick in 1946 and has since developed into a world-leading group company. SICK’s continuous innovation, leading technology and strict cost control ensure SICK’s leading position in the application market in many fields around the world.

Outstanding features: SICK sensor is a sensor with photoelectric device as the conversion element. We can use it to detect non-electric quantities that directly cause changes in light quantity. Such as light intensity, illuminance, gas composition analysis, etc. We can also use it to detect other non-electric quantities. Such as part diameter, surface roughness, strain. In particular, its photoelectric sensor has the characteristics of non-contact, fast response, reliable performance, etc., so we widely used it in industrial automation devices and robots. SICK’s new optoelectronic devices continue to emerge, especially the birth of CCD image sensors, which has created a new world for the further application of SICK sensor sensors.

WIKA sensor (Germany)

Wika Wika is the largest professional manufacturer of mechanical and electronic pressure and temperature testing instruments and equipment in Germany and the world. The company’s headquarter is in Frankfurt Klingenburg, Germany. It is a large-scale production enterprise with more than 6,000 employees. WIKA is a manufacturer specializing in the production of mechanical, electronic pressure and temperature testing instruments and equipment, with a market share of more than 90% in Germany and more than 50% in Europe.

Outstanding features: the German Bureau of Standards (DKD) authorize WIKA sensor to have a pressure and temperature laboratory. WECC approved the WIKA standard meter verification certificate. and 14 European countries recognized WIKA.WIKA has a series of products, such as ordinary pressure gauges, all stainless steel pressure gauges, diaphragm pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, oil-filled pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, gas expansion thermometers, temperature transmitters, etc. We can use it in all walks of life and in various environments.

Baumer sensor (Germany)

German Baumer is a world-famous manufacturer of industrial automation sensor products with a history of 50 years. The German Baumer Group is in a world leading position in the research and development and production of sensors, encoders, process instruments and vision technology. As we mentioned BAUMER, many people should know that BAUMER is one of the manufacturers specializing in sensors and encoders.

The Baumer Group has approximately 2,300 employees in 38 branches in 19 countries around the world. Since 1934, BAUMER of Germany has been manufacturing high-precision, high-stability, multi-functional encoders and tachometer motors for steel, mining, ports, papermaking and other industries since 1934. We use them in steel, mining, ports, papermaking and other industries. Such as using HOG22+HTA11 +ES100 for hot rolling lines, HOG100 for cold-rolled steel plates, OG6 for cold forging machines.

Outstanding features: Whether we used it for object recognition or position measurement, it is a miniaturized or extremely rugged design. And it is suitable for various applications. Encapsulating different sensor functions in a standard housing not only facilitates user assembly, but also minimizes the setup time. Baumer can provide a wide range of products from inductive sensors to vision sensors, and provide comprehensive recommendations.

BALLUFF sensor (Germany)

The founder founded German BALLUFF in 1921 and has a history of nearly a hundred years.It is a world-leading sensor manufacturer. And it provides innovative and practical detection solutions for a wide range of applications. Such as in the automotive industry, metallurgical industry, and wind power industry. Balluff is headquartered in Neuenhausen, Stuttgart, Germany. It enjoys one of the highest growth rates in the country, especially in the automation industry and energy industry.

It has production bases in Germany, the United States, Sweden, Brazil, Hungary, China and Japan. The market spreads all over the world, and it pays great attention to the common development of localization and globalization. Possess world-renowned sensor technology. Balluff is the first and only sensor manufacturer in Brazil to engage in independent production. Now Balluff is no longer located in Neuhausen, but in Europe, Asia, North America, and all other important markets. It provides customers with high-quality sensors, identification and network solutions in all areas of automation.

Outstanding features: For German sensor products, we use photoelectric sensors to make Sick sensors. Therefore, its performance is quite good in the industry, but the price is not low. In addition, there are scanners, safety light curtains, laser ranging and water level switches. Balluff’s inductive proximity switch is very good, even slightly better than Sick. While the photoelectric switch is relatively ordinary, the so-called technical industry has specialties. Therefore, it is said that optoelectronics buys SICK, and proximity switches buys Balluff. If you consider the price and don’t have much requirements for performance, the two German brands are good.

TURCK sensor (Germany)

Germany Turck is a world-renowned automation brand. It has a history of more than 40 years as a leader in industrial automation. Headquartered in Germany, it provides high-efficiency and systematic all-round solutions for factory automation and process automation. Turck is one of the first companies in the world to fully realize the possibility of applying electronic components to the control of automated production lines, especially in the field of international industrial automation control technology, especially in sensor manufacturing, has won a high reputation and leadership . It is worth noting that Turck in Germany has world-class services. TURCK includes nearly 15,000 diverse sensor products. It provides a high-efficiency and systematic all-around for factory automation.

Outstanding features: TURCK sensors are WeChat, digital, intelligent, multifunctional, systematic, and networked. Especially it has high precision and good stability.

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