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Visa Subclass 500

Things to Be Avoided While Applying For Student Visa Subclass 500

Once you decide on the Australian city you will want to live in, the institute you will enrol in, and make all the necessary arrangements, it is time to think about the visa application procedure. The Visa Subclass 500 is the most common student visa necessary to obtain to fulfil your dreams of studying at an Australian institute. You have to satisfy several requirements, and the application procedure is pretty complicated.

So, as an applicant, you have to be highly careful about arranging all the documents and completing all the steps. Each year, many applications are rejected by the Department of Home Affairs just because of several common mistakes discussed in this post. Read all of them to avoid them while making your application.

Failing to Meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement

First of all, you must prove to the Department of Home Affairs that you are a genuine entrant to Australia. To meet the GTE (genuine temporary entrant) requirement in Australia, you have to tell the Department that you are visiting this country to study and stay for a temporary period and have no plans to settle down here with your student visa.

The authority uses the GTE test to eliminate applicants who have an intention to use the student visa for any purpose other than study. For satisfying the requirement, you have to provide a personal written statement in English. In that written document, you have to include the following information.

  • First, you have to talk about the situations in your country of residence or home country. Here, you will need to mention reasons you have not chosen to enrol in a similar program available there. These reasons may include political and economic situations in your country.
  • Next, you will need to tell about what you know about the course you are enrolling in and the institute, planned accommodation arrangements, previous academic records, and your financial capacity.
  • You must clarify how the proposed course will help you in your future. Write about the expected salary level you can receive while working as an employee in your home country.
  • Lastly, you must include your immigration history.

Failing to Meet Academic Requirements

Because you are applying for a student visa, it is highly expected that you must qualify as a student. It simply means you must be able to meet the necessary academic requirements.

Keep in mind that these entry requirements will differ according to the level of education, the course you are enrolling in, and the institute you are applying to. Acceptance by the institute is one of the key eligibility requirements for the Australian Student Visa Subclass 500. So, it is important to check the university website just to see whether you qualify.

For different study levels of your study, the entry requirements will be as follows:

  • Obtaining the required English language test score
  • Having a high school qualification equivalent to an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education to enrol in an undergraduate course
  • Having an undergraduate degree to enrol in a postgraduate course

Note that sometimes research ability and work experience are also considered for several Master’s courses.

If you fail to meet the minimum academic requirements, you may consider doing a foundation or bridging course.

Failing to Satisfy English Requirements

You know that Australia is an English-speaking country, where every official work is done in English. Therefore, to stay and study here, you must satisfy the necessary English language requirements.

If you are from a non-native English speaking country, you will need to provide the results of an internationally recognized English language test. However, you will be exempt from this condition if you are from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, or New Zealand.

Remember that this requirement will differ from one university to another. Not only that, but it can also vary according to the course level you are enrolling in. So, make sure you check the English requirements for both the university and the Department of Home Affairs.

Most applicants appear for the IELTS test. However, you can also take any equivalent test and submit the scores.

Having Inadequate Funds

Not having adequate funds is one of the key reasons the Australian Department of Home Affairs rejects student visa applications. As an international student, you will need to show that you have enough money to cover all the likely costs when you reside in Australia. While applying, you will need to provide documents like bank account statements and proof of any other financial assistance.

Currently, you must have about AUD20000 to cover your annual expenses. However, these costs are always subject to changes, so you must not forget to check them on the relevant websites.

Not meeting health requirements

While applying, the Department of Home Affairs may ask you to go through relevant health examinations to make sure you have no health condition that requires constant support from the government or the community. Having any serious disease like tuberculosis will make you ineligible for the visa.

Making an incomplete application

Failing to submit all the necessary documents will reject your visa application. For a smooth procedure, you can take help from the best migration agent in Adelaide. While applying online, make sure you upload scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Bio-data pages of your passport
  • National id card
  • A certified resume along with a cover letter
  • All pages of the Household Registration Book
  • A valid Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) certificate
  • A valid GTE statement
  • All academic transcripts
  • Evidence of any scholarship awarded
  • Information about Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Parental consent letters if you are under 18
  • CAAW (Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements) form, attached to the CoE, if you are a student of the Defence or Foreign Affairs sector.
  • A filled out AASES form if you are an exchange student
  • English language test certificate

Final words

Student visa subclass 500 is a visa type that allows individuals to come to Australia for education purposes. Visa subclass 500 allows students to stay in Australia for up to 5 years. It also permits them to bring along one family member.

If you wish to study in Australia, obtaining a visa subclass 500 is essential. Applying for a visa can be a tedious process if you are unaware of the requisites.

Once rejected, your application will not be accepted in future as well. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a migration agent to avoid any such situation.

Migration Agent Adelaide is a team of professional visa consultants who furnish detailed information about the procedure and requirements. Our expert Migration Agents Adelaide help you get your student visa flawlessly.

Hiring a visa agent in Adelaide will ensure you receive solid guidance on the application procedure. However, you must do relevant background research before hiring.

When it is about hiring a migration professional, hiring a registered migration agent in Adelaide is always recommended. The reason is that registered agents have years of experience in the field and thus can help you make a successful application.

Australia is a top global study destination, and obtaining a Visa 500 will help you fulfil your dreams. So, hire an experienced professional to ensure a complete application.

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