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Things to know about living in Eastside Seattle

Not a lot of people who don’t live in Seattle know what it’s like living there. And although there are many articles about this already, I believe that this one is going to be much different from the rest of them because I haven’t had plenty of bad experiences in Seattle so far. But Seattle isn’t the only city in this area that I lived in. I lived in a couple of different cities in Eastside Seattle. And living in Eastside Seattle has been better than living anywhere else so far.

The Eastside includes these cities: Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Issaquah, Newcastle, and Mercer Island. All of them are located near Seattle. This means that living in these suburban cities and traveling to work in Seattle is a possibility. And this is exactly how I ended up living here. And I am going to tell you all the things you need to know before moving to one of these cities around Seattle. Living in Eastside Seattle might just be the right thing for you.


Bellevue is a very fast-growing city. It has its own downtown where you can shop in certain high-end stores and dine in amazing restaurants. This is nothing new. Bellevue has always had a lot of potential and it just keeps on getting better over the years. And that is why over the years a lot of people have moved to Bellevue. From both Seattle and other parts of the state and even country. And now plenty of people live here. More than 150,000 people live in Bellevue. 

A plane flying above Bellevue.
Bellevue is expanding surprisingly fast.

Bellevue has been voted several times as one of the best places to live in the United States. And I completely agree. This used to be a small suburban town but now it has grown into a beautiful part of the Seattle metropolitan area. Bellevue also has a very mild climate which is why a lot of elderly people move to Bellevue from Seattle. It isn’t as cold during the winter as Seattle but it is as hot during the winter.


Kirkland is the second city I want to tell you more about. It is located a bit north of Bellevue. Kirkland is a city that is on the pricier side. Average housing prices are much higher than the national average. But this shouldn’t make you abandon the idea of moving to Kirkland with Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage. Kirkland has plenty of other things that make it more amazing than other cities.

For example, finding a job in Kirkland is very easy. And not only that but the income is good as well with the median household income being just over $90,000 annually. Kirkland is also a very safe city, which is perfect for families with children. But the schools make living with children here even better. Your child will be able to both enjoy the place it lives in and get an amazing education. What more could you ask for?


The third on the list of cities in Eastside is Redmond. Redmond is a great small town. It was rated as the 5th Best Small Town in America in 2012. This isn’t an easy thing to do considering how many small towns are there in America. Thousands of them in each state. And Redmond managed to be the fifth one. What a success!

A lake.
Redmond is a great town to live in.

This means that living here is amazing. And I would agree. This is surely the safest city I have lived in. This could be because most of the people who live here are either elderly people or young people with children. Though there are more young than elderly people. This is only because the cost of living in Redmond is very high. If you want to live in a safe city but a more affordable one, there are plenty of great and safe cities in Texas where you could raise your children. 


An even smaller town in the Eastside Seattle area is Newcastle. This is a very small town. It has just somewhere around 15,000 residents. It is very small but it does have everything you need. The reason why not a lot of people live here could be the fact that so far this is the most expensive city in this area. Living in Eastside Seattle comes with a high price. But for a reason.

The median home price in Newcastle is around $600,000. This isn’t a small amount of money at all. But bear in mind that most of the houses that are sold here come with big backyards and the houses themselves aren’t small at all. And this makes a perfect place for families. A small, quiet, peaceful town where you have plenty of places for taking walks and enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Here is also where you will find some amazing public and private schools for your children such as Newport Senior High School and Newcastle Elementary School. 

Birdview of the suburbs.
Newcastle is a real suburb.

I decided a few years ago to move on short notice to Newcastle because I fell in love with the town while visiting a friend who has moved there. And you might just do so too.

Mercer Island

Last but certainly not least is Mercer Island. Mercer Island has great schools as well which means that moving here with children is a great idea. Plenty of moving companies have recently been moving people to Mercer Island because this town started gaining the recognition it deserves. Even a lot of people from the cities I mentioned already have been moving here. All you need to do is hire someone who will assist with the transfer of your items to Mercer Island. And that is exactly what they did.

Mercer Island is a bit bigger than Newcastle. It started gaining popularity since Money Magazine proclaimed it as one of the top places to live in the country. And it is exactly why I moved here. Because here is where you truly do have everything you need. Besides, living on an island surely is one of the best things.


If what living in Eastside Seattle is like interest you because you are thinking about moving here, I suggest you do so. These cities are amazing although they are expensive when it comes to housing. And besides, investing in a house here is not a bad idea at all. These are places that are only going to keep on growing and evolving. I suggest now you move on to reading about how to make your move in Seattle less stressful. This is surely something you will need.

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