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Things to know before moving to Virginia

Waterfalls in Virginia that you can enjoy often once you move to VA.
Moving to Virginia will give you a chance to explore and enjoy some of the most beautiful sights of nature in the US.

There are many attractive states within the US that are appealing to new residents. Virginia has certainly jumped on top of the list of states to move to in the past few years. So, if you are looking to relocate you might be contemplating moving to Virginia. It just might be the perfect choice for you and your family. Before you make any definite decisions about moving to the Mother State, here are a few important things that you should know.

Moving to Virginia – is it the correct choice for you?

It is hard to say which state is the right choice to move to. Every individual and every family have their own needs and priorities. So, telling you is moving to Virginia the correct choice for you might not be the best idea. However, before you go ahead and hire Excalibur Moving and Storage for your move, be certain that you are making the right decision.

North and South have different vibes

One of the essential things when moving is to know what to expect out of your new surroundings. Virginia as a state is very diverse in more ways than one. Looking at it geographically and culturally there is a big gap between the north and the south. Northern Virginia is oriented towards D.C. and has a certain city vibe to it. Many people commute from Virginia to D.C. from work. Therefore, if you are looking forward to city living this is region might a good choice for you.

birds-eye view of the White House in Washington
The proximity of D.C. has a large influence over the culture in Northern Virginia.

On the other hand, if you are looking to escape big city living, there are more rural places in the south where small-town living is more represented. In this area, life is more peaceful and people have a different style of living. The good news is that there is something for everybody.

Moving to Virginia will give you many job opportunities

Virginia’s economy is on the rise. Consequently, there are many job opportunities to look forward to. Looking for a job after a move is a big cause of stress. Thus, it is great to know that the State of Virginia will not leave you empty-handed when it comes to employment. You will be able to seek employment in many different spheres. There are mobile app companies in VA and other IT institutions if you are looking to work in the IT sector. Yet, the options go on and on. You can be a part of the tobacco industry, agriculture, military employment, etc. When it comes to employment the sky is the limit.

Diversity is rapidly growing

Virginia used to be a very conservative state. However, the ties have been turning in the past couple of years. Asians and Hispanics are moving to Virginia in larger numbers, which is giving the entire state a different feel to it culturally and politically. So, if you would prefer to live in a more diverse surrounding these are good news for you. Also, this may be one of the reasons why Virginia has been a swing state in many past elections.

Get ready to get your wine on

The wine business might not be as popular as in California. Yet, it is rapidly growing, and folks are loving it. There are many vineyards producing their own wine and offering wine tastings. Do you know what that means? You will have plenty of options during the weekend to distress from kinds of stressful situations during your workweek.

red wine being poured into a wine glass
The wine business has been more and more popular in VA. This is great news for those that like to enjoy wine as well as for those that would like to invest in the grape business.

Virginia has a few stunning beaches

Don’t expect sand and waters like in the Caribbean but expect to relax and enjoy the light breeze of the ocean. Don’t get us wrong, beaches in Virginia are gorgeous. We just want to set clear expectations. Besides all the clear benefits of living near a beach, there are great restaurant places that you can enjoy. This will be a treat for all seafood lovers. Get ready to enjoy some of the best oysters that you have ever tasted.

Education institutions are top-notch

This one is important for all parents. We all know how crucial education is in your kids’ upbringing. Thus, moving to Virginia would be a great investment in your kid’s future. There are many public as well as private high schools that you can children can attend. For older kids, there are plenty of universities to choose from. For starters, there is the famous University of Virginia. Right behind it is Virginia Tech.

When moving to Virginia you will see a strong military presence

In the Mother of States, there are 27 military bases. Which means that Virginia is home to many military personnel and their families. Therefore, you will be somewhat exposed to the military culture. At least more than you probably were at your old home.

a soldier in uniform holding his kids in his arms and kissing them.
The military is a big deal in VA. There are many bases in the state and many military families consider Virginia their home

Hire professionals for your relocation

So, far you have learned a lot about life in Virginia. There are many upsides to it, thus you might be already planning your move. While going through your moving prep period, the best thing that you can do for yourself and your family is to hire a moving company to help you relocate. Professional movers and packers will be your best bet if you are looking forward to a smooth and hiccup-free relocation.

So, is Virginia the right place for your next home?

It is hard to say is Virginia the perfect place for you to settle in. Nevertheless, there are some major benefits when moving to Virginia. Truly, we couldn’t cover them all. But, to be on the safe side do extensive research before you make your final decision. One thing is for sure, Virginia should certainly be in the mix of states that you are contemplating on moving to.

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