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Things to Note While Choosing Your Dream Home Location

Building a home is not just like a thing. It’s a dream and hard work of one’s desire that has been with him/her for years. From the scratch, to plan, prepare, execute and finally to lay his head in his/her room you will go through infinite memorable moments. You need to be highly attentive to every detail to bring it to the final stage. Out of it, the most question is, where to build your home? Is your home location easily accessible to anywhere, anytime? People imagine building their dream home in a specific place or find a particular eye-catching location where they plan to build. Taking into consideration the neighborhood and locality, proximity to facilities and an overall quality of the plot is important while building your home. Selecting the right location is as important as the house itself as where you live affects aspects of your daily life.

home location

So, let’s analyze some points that would help you to choose the location appropriately.

Consider the following major factors while choosing the location;


Even if you find your dream home, never sacrifice on the spot. The location of your home determines many things: quality of life, school choices, commute time, and social interaction. Location is something you have to choose carefully no matter what lifestyle you follow, and ensure that you will love in the long term. The safety factor plays an important role in choosing the location for your home.  In fact, if you intend to buy gated villas or apartments instead it would be an added advantage for safety. If you cannot find the right home in the right location, then you may need to adjust your price range or wish list as a compromise to stay in your neighborhood.


Travelling to work for long hours is one of the most frustrating things you can be forced to endure. If your home is located too far from your place of work, travelling to work for long hours is one of the most frustrating things you can be forced to endure. It is important to avoid difficulties since you are looking at settling down at this possible plot for your home, in the future. Choose your neighborhood wisely so that you do not spend more time in traffic than actually enjoying your new home. 

Important Proximities

It is wise to pick a residential area which is easily accessible and connected well to schools nearby. Choose an area which is easily accessible is a wise choice for you & for your children. Make sure about the proximity will not make the children go tired off.  You may end up spending thousands to send your kids to school, if you end up buying a home in an unfavorable location. So it’s important to think about the area to choose for your children’s benefit. 

Means of transportation

It’s a need to enquire about if metro train services, private car and bus services, auto-rickshaw service, etc. are available in a locality. Not every family would afford their own vehicles. The roads connecting to the society and the in-roads within the society should be well-built and well maintained for having good transportation. It’s easy to have a good road and have possible highway connectivity. 

The property value

The property value is something you’re going to want to keep in mind. When you once think of buying a house, it seems strange to think of selling off the street, but the property value seems important factor for buyers who probably want to move again in 5 or 10 years. Finding the right property if you decide to sell in the future to be sure for a better resale value. Plans for schools, hospitals, public transport, and other public infrastructure can dramatically improve property values ​​in the area. Commercial development can also improve property values. Help ensure your investment appreciates in value over time.

The lot size

The size of the lot is important while selecting your location. Because it gives the existing structure and it also provides a little more privacy. You must consider the future because the vast majority of buyers will highly value having more exterior space rather than the house. Adding-on a room ,won’t benefit because it will be a real challenge to sell without taking a loss.

Land price

Price point is often the primary determining factor for homebuyers. The rising real estate prices mean that cost and affordability rank as one of the biggest factors. The essential part in choosing a location for building a home is about the cost of the land property.  After all, building a house is not to be all and end all of everything. The less expensive house location should win the comparison battle as there is a negligible difference in the price points. A house with a wonderful view or near a body of water is likely to be more valuable, both now and when it comes time to sell it.

Other factors in addition to look after

You should have plenty of access to resources such as water and power. It is essential that adequate water supply and negligible power cuts are factors of concern while choosing the location. In case if a connection is not available or strongly reliable, make sure that the water table level is high enough to draw water feasibly and sustainably. It would be an added advantage to ensure the location is rich in terms of facilities. You’re more likely to be happier in your new home if you have convenient amenities nearby.

Recreation spots
Live near amenities such as restaurants, shopping, and family attractions. The importance of having amenities near their home. If you have recreational hobbies, favorite stores, or want to live somewhere that has cultural services, these are things you should consider. Ensure to have various other options for entertainment to spend quality time outside of work with your loved ones. Choosing a location where you find development is definite to happen, will end up giving you the same comforts as the former option. It will improve property values in future. Keep these things in mind as you are engaged in your home search. Choosing a location where there are chances for such developmental projects increases your property value by a lot. 

The desired quality of life depends on your lifestyle needs. Live in a place that will keep you and your family happy. You got to get a better understanding of the people living in those places. Drive through the places you are interested in, walk around, and visit small businesses to get a better understanding of the people living in those places. When shopping for a new home, find one that puts you close to the necessities and services.

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