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This Magical Disney Fairytale Comes To Life With The New Magic Mixie

Magic Mixie

Create your Disney-inspired world with the Magic Mixie! This toy features a colorful handle and a magical mixie that lets kids mix ingredients, create a unique flavor, and magically hear what their potion is saying. With easy-to-follow instructions, this toy is perfect for kids ages four to eight and anyone looking for creativity and imagination.

What is the Magic Mixie?

It is a new toy from Disney that allows children to create their own stories with animation. It comes with stickers and a story book where the child can record their voice and music. The toy also comes with an app that helps to animate the story.
The Magic Mixie was released in October 2018 and is available at Disney stores and online.

How to Use the Magic Mixie

You can create your own Disney fairy tale with the new Magic Mixie! It is a revolutionary new toy that lets you mix different colors to create any color you want. You can use it to create all sorts of fun designs or just for some creative fun. It’s also great for mixing up paints and other art supplies. With the Magic Mixie, there are no limits to what you can create!
To use it, first, ensure you have all the supplies you’ll need. You’ll need a mixing bowl, paint, and Magic Mixie.

To mix the colors with the Magic Mixie:
Fill up your mixing bowl with the desired color.
Use it to mix the color until you reach the desired shade.
Be careful not to overmix the colors, or you’ll end up with a mess!

Once you’ve mixed the colors, you can start creating your own Disney fairy tale designs! Use it to mix different colors until you get a design you love. You can even use it to create patterns and designs. The possibilities are endless with the Magic Mixie!

Who will Love the Magic Mixie?

Disney fans of all ages will love the Magic Mixie! This magical Disney fairytale comes to life with the new Magic Mixie. It is a toy that mixes different colors and patterns to create interesting designs. Kids can use it to make colorful creations or simply play with the fun designs others have created.

It is perfect for creative kids who want to mix things up a bit and create something new. It’s also great for kids who are visual learners, as they can explore different combinations and see the results in real-time. Plus, there’s no need for scissors or other tools, so it’s a great travel toy too! offers a wide variety of designs for it, so there’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone. If you’re looking for an imaginative way to spend your free time, give the Magic Mixie a try!

Safety Instructions

If you’re looking for a way to unleash your inner Disney princess, the new Magic Mixie is the perfect tool! This magical fairytale comes to life with the help of this easy-to-use toy, which lets kids create their own stories and animations.

Simply mix colorful powder and water to create your desired colors and effects to get started. You can also add glitter or other elements for added fun. Then use the included storybook pages to record your creations or share them online with friends.

It is perfect for beginners and experts alike, and it’s sure to bring hours of fun and creativity into your home. So don’t wait any longer – grab a it today!
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Things to Consider When Using the Magic Mixie

It is a must-have when mixing up your Disney Fairytale-themed party! This clever tool allows you to create delicious drinks in seconds and is easy to use – even for little ones. Here are some things to keep in mind when using it.

1. Make sure your drink ingredients are chilled beforehand. The colder they are, the faster it will mix them!

2. Use caution when using hot liquids with the it. It can easily overheat and potentially cause injury.

3. If you’re having trouble getting all your drink ingredients mixed, try using a drinking straw to help push them around – this will also help prevent spills.

4. Once you’ve mixed your drink ingredients, pour them into souvenir cups or mugs for your guests to enjoy!


If you’re a fan of Disney fairy tales, then you’ll love this new Magic Mixie. This toy allows kids to create their storybook characters by combining different parts from the toy. With so many possibilities for making unique characters, it’s sure to be a hit with both boys and girls. If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spend time with your children, I highly recommend checking out the Magic Mixie!


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