Thoughts On Some Of The Changes & Gold In Diablo 4 Server Slam – Final Preview


Today I want to talk about Diablo 4 and my impressions from last weekend’s Diablo 4 Server Slam. Based on everything I’ve seen about Diablo 4 two weeks before launch, I’m not sure it’s ready yet.

Diablo 4 Server Slam Performance

The first thing I want to talk about is one of my fundamental problem in the first beta, the unstable performance. But this problem is much better in this Server Slam. Not only are there far fewer connection issues, but there’s also a lot less lag.

I don’t know if it’s because there are fewer people playing Server Slam with Diablo 4 Gold, and there are a lot fewer lags. As a result, the game works better for me. That’s a good sign. It’s a bad sign if these issues are still there and there are only fewer and fewer players.

And now that those issues are gone, it makes me kind of hope that Diablo 4 will at least be in better shape. Perhaps even better than many of PC games I’ve played lately at launch.

Apparently there were also some Nerfs on Diablo 4 Server Slam. Especially Necromancer class and Sorceress Class. Suffice it to say, like Necromancer class and Sorceress Class, there will definitely be some changes after Nerfs. But I don’t think there is much difference between Druid and Barbarian. Because these classes are missing class components that are not in this beta.

But other than you know the obvious Nerfs, the classes didn’t make a difference to me. We’ll just have to see how it plays out in the history of Diablo games. I look forward to the balance of this game. But I think Diablo 4 will continue to be tweaked long after release.

Changes To The Legendary Drop Rate

Now to talk about Legendary drop rate changes. It would have made little difference to me if it wasn’t for an announcement of exactly what the drop rate for Legendary items was at launch.

I’ve heard from other players that they get a lot of Legendary items. And by the time I spent about four hours getting my character to level 20, I also got a Legendary item. It’s a good Legendary item, so I don’t think it’s a terrible ratio.

But I am worried that this might mean that you’re actually going to be reliant on the loot you get to make your character feel more powerful. That is, if you level up five levels, but during those five levels, your character doesn’t improve at all, you will actually be weaker than you were five levels ago.

So you’re very dependent on the loot you get. Maybe cheap Diablo 4 Gold for sale that you get on a pickup isn’t what you need, maybe you want super damage or critical damage or critical chance. But over time, you get similar damage.

So from what I’ve seen so far, Diablo 4 feels like it’s going to be very gear and loot dependent. I don’t know how this will hold up at the end of the game, and it could be disastrous. The truth is, you don’t feel like all your hard work has paid off.

I will say that getting through these levels in these dungeons feels like a struggle, and that may be partly just because I’ve done it so many times now. I guess that’s a factor that might contribute to fatigue. So it might not be as bad as I thought.

But players will have some difficulty fighting these enemies, they just keep upgrading in size. And when you’re not getting gear that makes your character stronger or clearing any faster, you’re struggling more and more, and you’re not really getting any rewards that benefit you. But it’s okay if the results are good.

Loot Dependency Worries

While I don’t want to see Diablo 4 have Fountains of Legendary Loot, I worry if you rarely get them. Because this Diablo 4 build is very loot dependent, and those Diablo 4 Items you get won’t benefit your building, anyway.

You end up feeling frustrated and frustrated by doing this content. Because you don’t get that powerful feeling out of Diablo 4. We’ll have to see how this all plays out. Because you know it’s just a small part of Diablo 4, it’s not a completely accurate picture, and the player doesn’t just stay in the same area. They will continue to progress through the game.

So we’ll see if certain areas of Diablo 4 have level caps. But see and remember, if you want to get higher clearing speed, you can make the game easier, but I don’t think that means you’ll get better loot easier. Although it may be easier to farm in World Tier 1 rather than World Tier 2, the chances of loot will be much lower.

Unable To Defeat World Bosses Ashava

Also in this Diablo 4 Server Slam, we didn’t even get close to Ashava.

I think it comes down to a few factors. First of all, we have a level cap of 20 instead of 25, which definitely has an impact. Since Legendary Loot drops less, people aren’t nearly as equipped as they used to be. Even nearly half of the members didn’t reach level 20 because they just didn’t want to burn out before playing the game in a few weeks.

So if you want to play a stabilizing role in the grand scheme of these World Bosses. I think you have to build a very well-coordinated team for these World Bosses. Players can really understand what they need to do to defeat these World Bosses.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed my time playing Diablo 4. But I’ll say I’m concerned because players won’t stick with it and let it end the game. If it’s going to be a great endgame, hopefully players get some great endgame returns out of it.

I don’t think Diablo 4 is as hardcore an action RPG as some other games are. And I don’t think many people who play Diablo are going to be in it at the end of the game because they’re in it for the experience.

I’d love to hear what you think of Diablo 4 so far. Do you care about level scaling? Do you feel like you haven’t gotten stronger either? What do you guys think about Nerf and Legendary Loot drops? If you have other ideas, you might as well discuss them in the community. Come and try it out!

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