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Three Considerations in Choosing RTA Kitchen Cabinets


If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen but do not have much money to spare, why not consider RTA kitchen cabinets? The RTA stands for ready to assemble and what this abbreviation really refers to is kitchen cabinets that come completely assembled, allowing you to install them yourself. The RTA method of construction means that the materials used in their construction are usually of much lower cost than those used in traditional construction, though the quality of the end result is often lacking in comparison. The RTA market is gaining in popularity every year as more people are now looking for ways to renovate their kitchens without spending a great deal of money.

RTA kitchen cabinets are made from plywood or particle board and have the appearance and feel of a regular wood-burning stove. They are usually constructed with a “sticky” closing which has a pull mechanism to close the drawer, a thumb turn to open the drawer, and a lip to seal the mouth of the drawer. The RTA construction method also means that the drawers may be of varying sizes, just as would happen with a regular wood stove. Some drawers are so small that they can be fitted into a regular hole in the wall. Some drawers are large enough to fit even the largest pots and pans. Custom cabinets, also called “deck-top” or “swing-out” cabinets, can have drawers up to sixteen inches deep.

One of the main reasons RTA kitchen cabinets are a popular choice is that they are typically much less expensive than their custom counterparts. In most cases the RTA unit cost about half what a custom cabinet will cost to buy and install. This is generally a good starting point for any kitchen renovation, especially if you are trying to make the process as affordable as possible. It is important to remember, however, that you can usually only get these at a standard price point since the majority of retailers only offer them at that price point.

RTA cabinets are made from either solid wood or particle board. While both are fairly inexpensive, solid wood RTA cabinets are actually more economical to make. The RTA material allows manufacturers to produce the cabinets at a lower cost than it would be possible to produce the same products using traditional methods. The result is an overall saving in cost for the consumer.

Another advantage to purchasing RTA kitchen cabinets rather than their custom counterparts is the customer has more options when it comes to styles. In a custom cabinet installation, the consumer is required to choose from a limited selection of cabinets. However, when you purchase RTA products you are given the option of selecting from a wide selection of cabinets. In addition, RTA cabinets are more often than not made from solid wood, meaning that the quality cabinets you receive will be of far higher quality than those you would receive if you selected your cabinets based on the manufacturer’s appearance.

There are some disadvantages to purchasing RTA kitchen cabinets over custom cabinets. First, the RTA version of the cabinet will typically be lacking in the finer aspects of a cabinet such as a high gloss finish or stains. This is not a big problem for most consumers, however, and RTA cabinets can still look good enough to be used as part of the decorating plan. If you do decide to use RTA cabinets in your kitchen design, it is important to note that you should always ask the store where you purchased your cabinet about its durability. RTA cabinetry should last for several years, but like anything else, they do wear out over time.

One of the most popular choices among RTA kitchen cabinets is the “snap and lock” system. The “snap and lock” system consists of a metal clip attached to the interior side of the cabinet that allows the owner to simply snap the cabinet open by hand. This hands-free method makes it very convenient for those who are simply replacing kitchen cabinets as a touch-up. It is also very nice for those who are building a new home and do not yet have a set schedule for replacing their old kitchen cabinets.

One final consideration when choosing RTA kitchen cabinets is the price point. While RTA can cost less than other cabinet styles, they often cost more than other ready to assemble options such as framing or unfinished wood. The reason for this is simple; when RTA is compared to other ready to assemble options, the quality is not equal. As we mentioned earlier, RTA is made from unfinished, factory particle board which is much lower quality than the wood covered cabinets found in traditional stores. Therefore, the price point will generally be lower when purchasing RTA versus buying similar ready to assemble products. By shopping around and knowing your individual preferences, however, you can find RTA cabinets that fit into your price range and still provide you with the quality you desire.

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