Tips and Advice for Visiting Croatia


Traveling to a new country, even on vacation, can be an anxious experience. You probably do not know the language, are not familiar with the niceties and have no clue where to go and what to do. Not to worry, though, if this will be your first time to Croatia because we have got your back! Here are some tips for visiting the Adriatic coast:

1) Stay somewhere central

Croatia might seem small on the map, but it is a country with so many places to visit that you can easily get overwhelmed. If you are not settled on a particular town or location, it is best to opt for accommodations somewhere central, so you can easily plan out day trips. The same applies to pick out Croatia property for sale and putting down your roots. In Istria, Poreč is a great place to set up camp thanks to its pivotal location with
regards to Istria’s attractions. When it comes to Dalmatia, Split is perfect. The town puts at your fingertips Dubrovnik, Krka waterfalls, Omis, Trogir, Vis, Korcula, Hvar, and Brac, among other islands.

2) Croatia is perfect for a road trip and a voyage

The roads around the country are in excellent condition and offer exceptional scenery for road trips. You can rent a car at one of the many agencies and embark on picturesque routes such as the coastal road connecting Dubrovnik and Split. Istria and the Peljesac peninsula are also great for an adventure on and off the tarmac. With more than 1000 islands and islets, Croatia is also the place for a sea voyage encompassing lovely islands like the Pakleni.

3) Learn the language

Not all of it, just basic phrases to win you favors with the locals. Croatians take pride in their native tongue, and rightly so, it is a beautiful language, and you can feel the delight when you talk to them in the local dialect. To get you started, keep in mind words such as dobar dan (good day), molim (please), hvala (thank you), and živjeli, which means cheers.

4) Watch the clothes

Nude beaches are plenty in Croatia, and there are specified locations, particularly around the central and northern parts of the country, where topless sunbathing is the norm. However, towards the south, doing so may be frowned upon thanks to the more conservative cultures. On Krk Island, a highly religious community, it would be best to keep on your clothes.

5) Spend time at a local market

For a real feel of authentic and fresh, Croatian culture, make some time for the local green markets around the  towns in the country. The open-air fish and green offer rare cultural delights, and some of the most popular in this regard entail the green markets of Split, Pazar, Zagreb, and Dolac. When dining out at a restaurant, be sure to ask about meals like the peka, black risotto, and fritule. Brush up on the local menu because the Dalmatian nation is also a culinary paradise.

Visit in the off-season if you are on a tight budget

You may not be able to go swimming in winter, but there is a lot to do in a country famous as a winter haven. If you have a constricting wallet, visiting in the offseason will save you a considerable amount of money, not to mention you will not have swelling crowds to deal with.

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