Tips for Choosing the Best TV LED Strip Lights

usb led light strip for tv

TV LED strip lights have become a norm in most homes and offices. The strip lights are used to provide lighting, but apart from that, they also add beauty and elegance to a space. You can place them underneath, behind, or around objects adding a multi-layered look and uniqueness. Many people install LED strip lights around shelves, bed headboards, bathroom mirrors, and many other places they want to create a cozy or lively atmosphere. TV LED strip lights are so standard nowadays, and everyone is trying a new way to add lighting to their spaces. It can be quite difficult to choose the best LED strip light for your TV from the numerous options available in the market. Below are tips that will help you choose a good LED strip for your TV;

1. Level of Brightness

It’s important to consider how bright you want your LED strip lights to be. The lumens, color, and temperature all determine what is seen when the light is on. If you don’t know much about LED strip lights, deciding on the proper brightness levels can be tricky. In this case, involving a professional is the best option so that you don’t buy and end up regretting not getting what you plan or wish for. If your main purpose for getting TV LED strip lights is for lighting your space, then it’s good to consider a brighter version as compared to wanting a relaxed feeling for your room. LED strip lights with adjustable brightness are the best option as you can regulate the brightness to your desired level.

2. Installation Process

It’s quite easy to install LED strip lights around your TV. It just requires attaching the strip lights and ensuring they are securely placed. Before choosing or purchasing your preferred LED strip light, make sure you have a plan on how you are going to install it on your TV. You may require to link several strips together depending on the length. Although it’s straightforward, it’s good to be careful or look for an expert if not sure about it to avoid messing around.

3. Consider the Overall Cost

You may want too much to have LED strip lights for your TV, but it will require some money to buy the strips and install them. When choosing the lights, there are several things that you should have in mind. First, think about the specific products that you’ll require, including mounting equipment, lights, and remotes. Also, you may need the services of a professional if you don’t know how to install the strip lights. Even though LED lights are super energy efficient, your monthly energy bill will increase. Consider all the related costs that come with having the LED strip lights for your TV and decide if it’s all worth it and if you are financially ready for it. Normal strips are cheap compared to smart models, and you can buy either depending on what you need plus the budget available.

4. Available Options for Customization

One of the main benefits of using LED strip lights is that they are really customizable. You can easily change the color and brightness they produce. LED lights have various color receptors, primarily blue, green, and red. A combination of colors and varying brightness levels can form a rainbow of colors which is very beautiful. The receptors are in the bulb, and you only have to use the remote to change things to your desired color combination and brightness. All the LED strip lights available for various TV types and sizes differ in capabilities, and you need to check out what you really want before purchasing.

5. Proper Strip Length

TV LED Strip Lights

It’s important to make sure that you have your TV measurements in advance before getting your LED strip lights so that you get the right length. Some USB LED light strips for TV are sold as a number or individual strip lights with the same length. The proper length will help you to position the strips to fit your TV size. Other LED strip lights to come as one long strip, and you just buy the length that will fit perfectly for your TV set. The LED strip lights should have the correct measurements, not too long or too short, to avoid wastage.

6. WIFI Connection

With smart LED strip lights, you can connect them to your WIFI networks. With such a connection, you can change the lighting through a mobile app, voice control, or a remote. Depending on your preference, you can decide to choose a smart model. If you are okay with using a remote control to regulate the brightness or combine different colors, then the normal strip would do, which is way cheaper than the smart LED strip lights.

7. USB Connection

LED strip lights that have a USB plug are the best for TV sets. With the USB, you are able to connect it directly to the TV port at the back of the TV without requiring a power socket. You can also power your LED strip lights safely and conveniently using a computer, a power bank, or even chargers mounted on the wall. Not all TV LED strip lights come with a USB plug; when choosing one, consider the feature an added advantage.

8. Warranty

Make sure the LED strip lights you are choosing have a warrant. With a warrant, you have the guarantee that if they fail to function or are damaged, your vendor can repair them or exchange them with new lights. It can be very disappointing to buy a strip light, and then upon getting home, it’s not functioning, and there is no way you can ask your vendor to repair it or give you a new one as long as you are not the one who caused the damages. To avoid such a loss, check the warranty terms and agreements.

9. Safety

Before settling on any specific type of LED strip lights for your TV, make sure that the products are certified. LED products that have safety certification are safe to use, and they do not contain hazardous materials such as lead or mercury. If you are checking from online platforms, it’s not easy to verify the safety claims as outlined by the seller, but you can check on REACH or UL listing.

10. Quality and Test Reports

The performance of LED strip lights is not only determined by the quality of LEDs but also by the thickness of material used in wires, resistors, and lead-free soldering. Before deciding on the strip lights to get first. Check the quality. Also, it’s important to verify longevity and brightness claims by requesting test reports. Some manufacturers tend to give wrong information on product performance to lure more people into choosing their products. Avoid disappointment by confirming the descriptions match the product performance.

Considering the above tips when choosing your TV LED strip lights will give you an easy task in finding the most appropriate for your TV set. Look for strip lights that will match your TV length, that is affordable and easy to install, or comes with a manual directing you on how to do the installation. Choose LED strip lights that are customizable, and you can enjoy the various color and brightness combinations. Stick to your budget and compare different offers from various vendors.

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