Tips How to Write Effective Meta Description for SEO?

Do you know what is meta description? It is important for every blogger to understand how to use meta tags. Meta tags are very important for search engine optimization. Without these, it is a very difficult task to find a place on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). And even if you somehow took the place, you cannot stay for long.

You must have understood the importance of meta description. Now you have to know how to write it. While writing this, follow the tips given below and you can drive more traffic by getting your post ranked in search engines.

1. Write Meta Description for each of your posts/articles

The meta description is as important for every post as the blog title is important for the blog. When you write any content, you work hard and publish it with 1000 words of good length. Along with this, you can also add it as a meta tag related to the content.

If you publish your post and article without meta description then it becomes difficult to rank on the Google search result page. So when you can write such good content, can’t you write a charming and eye-catching meta description of 155 – 160 letters that compel visitors to click on your post.

2. Length of meta decryption must be perfect

Beginners often do not understand how to write it then how to write it. What should be in it and what should not be there. How long should it be? Due to not having the right length, the search engine may show only some part of your meta description.

  • In such a situation, what you want to tell your visitors is that what you have written in your content will not be visible.
  • This is a negative sign in the SERP for your post. Due to this, the visitor will not be able to get the correct information about what you have described in your content.
  • Most of the time it happens that if the length of the post title and meta description is correct, it ranks higher.
  • And the posts which have more meta description and title tag length, get a low rank in SERP.

3. Use keywords in the post’s meta description

Before writing any post and article, we do keyword research. Search engines are used to find posts to reach people. For this, optimize the post by using targeted keywords in your content.

  • On-Page SEO means that with the right use of keywords while writing the article, you can get your post shown on the first page in Google search results at a good rank.
  • It is very important to select the best keywords by doing keyword research and use them in the post title, content, and meta description.
  • Many bloggers use keywords in the content and title but do not include keywords in the description.
  • Because of this mistake, Google does not give much importance to that post.
  • Moreover, it also changes it and Google chooses the sentence of its desire from inside the content and shows it.

4. Write a description that describes the content

Whenever you write an article or post, you do a lot of research work for it, after that you prepare 100% quality content. If you have written good quality content, then add meta descriptions related to it. Never divert the meta description tag from your main topic as it will harm you.

Movies are released every week in Bollywood. But to promote the movies, the trailer is released before it is released. Nowadays even the trailers of boring movies are made quite well. Later it turns out that the movie is useless. You don’t have to do this.

If you have given quality in the content, then your meta description should make that content better presentable. Never do that looking London and talking Tokyo. It means that you have written some content and some other description.

Doing so will spoil the image of your blog. And the visitor who will open that kind of post and he will feel cheated, he will not even come to your blog again. If you write posts and articles for your readers, then according to their needs, make the content of good quality and also keep the meta description tag related to the content.

5. Write the description on the lines of “Gagar Me Sagar Bharana”.

I have already told you that your meta description should follow the rule of “Gagar Me Sagar Bharana”.

  • Now here you have to understand that what is the common thing in Gagar and Sagar? That is water, meaning that it is also important to have a content-related description.
  • Represents the entire content of your post. In your meta description, this meta description in the form of a meta tag is such that it summarizes the content.
  • It works like a trailer for a movie. When do people go to watch movies when the trailer is great? If the trailer itself is slow and boring, then people can guess that the movie will also be boring. These are so important things taught in the digital marketing course in Delhi

6. Use words that attract visitors

You should use such words in the meta description that work exactly like a magnet and attract visitors to you. The attractive words that you use in your post title, but the same word in the meta description as well. This will confirm to Google which topic your content is.

Along with the search engine, you should also take care of your visitors. Because people need attractive and eye-catching content, so also write the meta description as eye-catching. You should use magnetic words related to the content itself, which can describe the content and also attract the readers.

7. Do not write a description with a line from the content

Often bloggers make the mistake that they copy some lines from the content itself for meta decryption and paste it in its box. Either they do not know what to do to write it or they deliberately do not want to give time for it separately.

The way you give so much time to write content, then you can give some time in the meta description. If you did not know its importance, then today you must have understood how important is the meta decryption tag.

From now on you should keep in mind that give some time to write it too. And by following the tips mentioned here, write the best meta tag.

8. Write a separate description for social media sites

You must have created a page for your blog on social media sites. And along with publishing your posts in it, you must also share them on social media. But when you share, then definitely add a separate description with it.

If you have created a page in Facebook, Twitter, then it must be indexed in Google. You can also index each of your posts. For this, along with sharing your every post, prepare its description and write it a little attractive. If you have taken SEO training in Delhi that you must know about these …

In the future, whenever you publish your post, before sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, write the best and attractive description for it. With this, it will not take much time for your post to be indexed.

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