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Tips To Choose The Best Headset For Online Teaching

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The best online teacher’s capabilities lie in clear communication, trouble-free interaction with students, and crystal clear audio while teaching something. If you are an online teacher and want to give your students an amazing learning experience. And all you can begin by giving them live classes where they can interact with you without any trouble.

Troubles such as improper voice, noise in the background, distorted waves while listening to something can impact a student’s study and ruin your reputation as a good online teacher. Therefore, to overcome such unwanted issues, we recommend you to use AVAYA or PLANTRONICS headsets. If you are clear enough to speak and deliver your lecture to the students, they will happily attend your online class and ask your doubts.

If you don’t know what features you have to look for in PLANTRONICS headsets for online teaching, then don’t worry! We will give you some handy tips that you should follow while making a purchase. So, don’t waste more time searching for the best headsets for online teaching, PLANTRONICS is the one you should go for!

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5 Handy Tips To Choose The Best Headset For Online Teaching

  • Comfortable
  • Sound Quality
  • Microphone Attachment
  • Microphone Mute Feature
  • USB/Wired

Are You Ready To Make A Headset Purchase?

5 Handy Tips To Choose The Best Headset For Online Teaching


The first and foremost thing you need to check out while buying the best online teaching headsets is comfortability. If the headsets you are using are not comfortable enough to wear a long day, you will never deliver the long-hour online lectures hassle-free. And it will not just impact your reputation but also ruin your teaching career. Your students may get irritated too that one day you give the lecture interestingly and another day you are absent for don’t being comfortable wearing headsets. Therefore, wear the headsets, check whether it is comfortable to wear or not, then make a purchase.

Sound Quality

Need not to tell the sound is something that delivers your every word to your students. If it is not clear to them, then they cannot show their interest in your online classes and switch to another teacher. After all, there are a lot of online teachers from where they can study!

So, if you want to give your students trouble-free and best classes online ever, then be sure to buy headsets that neither produce distortion nor show unwanted noise in the background. In short, try to purchase the headset that is having noise-cancellation technology. And PLANTRONICS & AVAYA both contain this technology and eliminate unwanted noise and distortion to improve the hearing experience.

Microphone Attachment

Microphone attachment is something that helps you speak for hours without getting tired or irritated during the online lecture. If the headsets you choose have a microphone close to the moth and help you put less strain while speaking, then it’s good to make a purchase. Otherwise, you should say NO to it. Because without microphone attachment, you cannot deliver long-hour lectures online and take your students’ doubts simultaneously.

It will become hectic for you to handle the headset while delivering lectures and taking doubts. Take it as essential when you shop headsets for online teaching.

Microphone Mute Feature

The microphone mute button will help you stop unwanted noise & interference that can distract your student’s mind. Therefore, we recommend you to buy the headset that helps you turn OFF the sound when you don’t want to get it heard by your students.

Although you will find this feature in all headsets, you still have to check thoroughly. After all, it’s a matter of your online teaching as well as your student’s career.


It is another important tip you must follow while buying the best headsets that are checking out the USB port or wired connectivity. USB and Wired Headsets use a cord to establish a connection with your computer or tablet. Many headsets have USB port connection or many will have both of them.

As per your teaching requirements, you are advised to choose the one that meets your needs well. It will give you benefits that only not impact your teaching experience anymore. So, give equal preference to this tip as well when choosing the best headsets.

Apart from these 5 things, there are many more things that you must check such as “play & pause button”, “technology”, “material used in earbuds” etc. When you start considering these things as handy tips, then you will surely be able to purchase the best headsets for your online classes.

Are You Ready To Make A Headset Purchase?

No matter which company’s headset you have dreamt to purchase. Believe us, if you buy AVAYA headsets, you will enjoy everlasting teaching experience. And your students will also be amazed at the good quality sound & excellent features that you use while teaching them and giving them the best online lectures they always wanted!

So, before making your mind to buy other companies’ headsets. On our recommendation check out the specification, features, and capability of AVAYA. Maybe it is the one you have been looking for. Rest, implementing the above tips, you will surely be able to make the right purchase and choose the best type.

If you want to know anything more about PLANTRONICS or AVAYA headsets or its procedure to make a purchase, then let us know in the comment section below.

We are here to help you always! Enjoy reading & hit like!

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