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Tips To Reduce The Chances Of C-section Delivery

Giving a normal birth to a baby is not possible for some women especially, if it is a high-risk pregnancy case. In such complicated matters, gynaecologist would suggest C-section as it may reduce the risk for a woman and child. However, the chances of cesarean childbirth can be reduced by taking the proper precautions at the early stage of pregnancy.

The first important thing a woman must do to know about their health is visit a gynecologist or obstetrician. Doctors will get the proper prenatal check-ups to maintain a healthy pregnancy. If you are living in Australia, visit the gynaecologist in Melbourne, providing the best cure to reduce the chances of C-section deliveries.

If women want a natural delivery of a baby, they should know what could be done to reduce the chances of needing a C-section. So, here, in this article, we are giving some tips that every woman should consider to have a safe normal deliver

5 Tips To Reduce The Chances Of C-section Delivery 

Have A Well Balanced Diet 

It takes plenty of energy to undergo labor and deliver a child. Therefore, it is important for a woman to eat nutritious and balanced food at a frequent gap. It is totally a myth that pregnant ladies should have a meal two times as much as they can. Actually, they should get the right amount of calories. 

As we take in calories more than it is used up, our body converts it into fat which is used as energy when required. If the fat accumulates more and more for a long time it causes obesity which is one of the risk factors for a cesarean birth. Therefore, women should ensure a balanced diet containing vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy products, and grains. Have food or drink that contains less added sugar, salt, and saturated fats. 

In addition, you can take the advice of a gynaecologist who will provide you with a diet chart. If a pregnant woman is suffering from gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, or any health issues, they should contact a nutritionist who will guide them with a special diet. With a healthy diet, you can have a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.

Practice The Exercises

Women must do gentle exercises to keep themselves fit and healthy. The best activity you can do is walking. A brisk walk three times a day can reduce the chances of having a heavy baby as it is one of the causes of c-section. 

The prenatal classes are of significant help to a woman. You can learn different yoga poses that benefit you and your child’s health. It promotes stretching, focused breathing, and mental centering. Doing breathing practice helps to ease the labor pain during the delivery. It reduces or controls shortness of breath during pregnancy and works through uterine contractions during labor.

In addition, the prenatal classes provide you with in-depth knowledge about the stages of labor which helps to prepare for childbirth. Such as, during the first stage, the cervix becomes short and begins to open, and during the second stage, the fetus starts moving downwards and is delivered. At the last stage, an infant comes out of the placenta. 

Moreover, when a woman is pregnant, the body releases hormones called relaxins. It helps to loosen and relax the pelvic part and prepare the lady for the labor. However, this action puts pressure on the lower back causing discomfort. So, every woman must do strengthening exercises especially with the help of a trainer. Such activities enhance the pelvic muscle’s movement which decreases the pain, keeps the muscles functioning, and reduces the chances of a C-section birth.

Go For A Proper Check-up

You can handle all the health problems with proper prenatal care. In the check-up, a gynaecologist examines the pelvic region and can recommend some necessary tests according to your health condition. These examinations are needed to confirm that a mother and child are safe and healthy. An ultrasound will also be done for analyzing the posture or growth of a baby and the size of the uterus.

A woman should also get a check-up for gestational diabetes which is due to high blood sugar levels during the pregnancy. It is necessary to control it as it causes metabolic changes and can affect the health of a baby. Negligence can lead to certain defects in a child such as a large size fetus which causes difficulty in childbirth through vaginal delivery. In such cases, c-section birth is the only option for the safety of a baby and a mother.

Avoid The Unnecessary Stress 

Being stressed is common during pregnancy as your body goes through many changes. Ladies may worry about what will happen during labor and childbirth and how they will take care of their newborns. Other worries can be related to financial or family problems. 

But it is advisable that pregnant women should be calm and tension-free during the time of pregnancy. Serious or long-running stress can have a negative impact on the immune system, which protects the body from any infection. It raises the possibility of getting a uterus infection which causes premature birth. Moreover, if a lady feels stressed out and anxious, it causes distress to a baby in the womb which also leads to preterm labor. Such conditions lead to the delivery of an infant through a c-section.

Further, stress may also lead to preeclampsia, which can also cause premature birth and a chance of c-section delivery. Therefore, every woman should take care of themselves and their child. After the seventh month, everyone should go for the perineal massages that can make the uterus muscles relax. Listening to some soothing music, practicing breathing movements and yoga, going for a walk, meditating, and spending time with your loved ones can be beneficial.

Get Enough Rest In the Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy can be physically and emotionally a difficult challenge for a woman. At this stage, a baby starts growing, developing, and changing the positions in a mother’s womb to get prepared for birth. A lot of energy is required at the labor and delivery time that could be possible only if proper rest is taken. 

A pregnant woman should rest at least seven to eight hours a day. Poor sleep can cause gestational diabetes while better sleep can reduce the risk of depression. A diabetic lady can suffer severe child defects like a large size baby. In such conditions, a c-section is the only option as it is difficult to deliver an infant through vaginal delivery.

Additionally, by week 36 of the last trimester of the pregnancy, a baby should be in a head-down posture. If an infant is not in this position, a gynaecologist might try to move the baby or go for the last option which is a cesarean birth. Therefore, a pregnant lady who takes proper rest can have a safe delivery without any medical action. 


A pregnant woman should always consult a gynaecologist especially, during the early stage of pregnancy. They will get the proper check-ups to ensure the good health of themselves and their baby. 

In addition, women should also take care of themselves by eating healthy food and practicing exercise. This is how they can reduce the chance of c-section childbirth.


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