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Top 10 Logo Generators for Your Website

Top 10 Logo Generators for Your Website

Ecommerce is in a very different place than it was five years ago: the days of finding a boring, underserved niche and stuffing your URL with your niche keywords (i.e. are mostly over. Customers are smarter and more discerning, and search engine algorithms ignore the obvious attempts to rank your name. 

We’re reaching a new age of e-commerce now and it’s strongly powered by the company. So, why is this logo so important? As mentioned in our Ecommerce Branding Guide, a logo is just a tiny aspect of a brand, but it is still one of the most important and consumer-facing features. You can also go ahead by printing custom logos in your merchandise. And ImprintNext is all about facilitating custom printing merchandise

Your brand is the amount of every guest and any consumer contact with your market. While not every user who lands on your website will purchase from you and experience any aspect of your brand (your merchandise, unboxing experience, customer support, etc.) they can all see your logo. 

There has been a small range of logo design choices in the past: either you built it yourself with clip art, or you wanted to collaborate with a skilled logo designer and spend a lot of money. There was no middle ground for e-commerce traders who needed a perfect logo without needing to design it themselves or fork out a large portion of their budget.

1. Looka:

Looka is one of the strongest online logo generators on the market as its advanced AI-powered generator easily produces stunning and usable logos that perform perfectly with e-commerce brands and are designed for any place a logo wants to be used: on blogs, marketing materials, product templates, social media pages and more.

Their logo generation platform is super easy to use — just engage with their preference-defining mechanism so that their AI code will recognize what you like and don’t like in a logo, and then the generator can automatically generate an infinite number of logo designs for you to choose from. You can customize each style to match your specific tastes, whether you want to change the script, color palette, or theme, and you can only order the logo once you’re completely happy with it.

2. Placeit:

Placeit has a robust online logo generator that can bring the digital assets of your brand to life in seconds! They offer over 4000 free templates to choose from and you can fully customize them to suit your needs. What we appreciate most about Placeit is their willingness to send you a logo, no matter what field the company is in. They offer different logo designs for any kind of business you might think of whether it’s the food industry, the beauty industry, the sports industry, the medical industry, the apparel industry, and more.

Using the Placeit logo generator is super easy, all you need to do is enter your brand name, select your industry, and the generator will work its magic! You will then see a set of logos that the generator produces, which you can modify with your own brand colors, adjust the font, and choose a graphic from the symbol list, or even upload your own illustration. With these design opportunities, the logo can be completely special and accurately reflect the company.

3. Creative Market:

Creative Market is one of the largest web branding marketplaces and offers a variety of fantastic logo models. They are more of a DIY choice when it comes to logo design because their logo models need to be updated using tools like Adobe Photoshop, however for businessmen searching for a more personalized solution, Innovative Market may be the perfect alternative.

To find the logo models to deal with on the Artistic Business, just check the “Logo Prototype” in their search bar. If you’re interested in hearing more about all the other product tools the Creative Business has to bring, check out our Creative Market Analysis. We provide all sorts of other digital tools that can be helpful for the creation of the DIY logo, such as fonts, icons, pictures, and graphics.

4. Tailor Brands:

Tailor Labels is one of the strongest logo developers in the sector. Your logo generator will ask you a variety of questions regarding your brand tastes and design, and then create logos for you to pick and change. You can also press the back button to change one or more of your previous favorites, and it will create new logos for you to check It’s a simple tool to use, so much like the Looka logo creator, it’s free to build your logo and you’ll just pay for the template until you’re absolutely satisfied with it.

5. Withoomph:

Without is a simple online logo creator to use. Just enter your business name and keyword or two to describe your business, and Withoomph will show you dozens of automatically generated logos. Once you find the logo you like, edit the font and color to match the branding of your company!

Their logo creator generates thousands of high-quality logos for you to check, and there’s a decent possibility that you’ll find a logo template that’s just what you’re searching for. They have affordable price points for merchants who need their logo to do well, either digitally or in print, and there is also a social networking add-on for marketers who want their logo to be beautifully tailored for their social pages.

6. Hipster Logo Generator:

The Hipster Logo Creator is an immersive logo creator that you can actually use to build your logo digitally, from scratch, step-by-step. It’s different from other logo generators because although it creates a digital logo, it sets out all the aspects of the logo section by section, so you can build your own logo from scratch on the elements it offers. 

It’s not the perfect logo builder for all, but it will help you create your own logo from the ground up so that you can make it look as you like with basic design features that are the basis of traditional logo designs. If you’re trying to create your own logo without having to DIY it or using design tools like Photoshop, that’s it.

7. Squarespace Logo Maker:

Squarespace is well respected in the eCommerce industry for its stunning graphic branding work and the Squarespace Logo Developer is no different. A great logo generator for entrepreneurs with a limited amount of design experience, it is very easy to use and an accessible way to create a unique logo design using standard design elements.

Although it doesn’t totally produce logo designs for your company, you can use it to bring your dream to life if you have a logo design in mind but don’t have the resources to build it digitally by yourself. Play about with the various branding elements they offer and apply a logo to the company name and tagline to create a logo that is tailored to your company. They also encourage you to display the logo on the website’s homepage, a business card, and a t-shirt so you can get a taste of how it’s going to appear in real life.

8. GraphicSprings Logo Maker:

The GraphicSprings logo generator is a perfect resource for e-commerce marketers to use as it is entirely designed for products, enterprises, and corporations. Instead of beginning the design phase by adding the brand name like other logo developers, you start the logo design process by choosing a prototype from their database of logo design models that are compiled by the industry so that you can find a logo prototype that is ideally suited to fit the style of market. From there, the GraphicSprings logo builder helps you to make changes to the logo such that it truly reflects the look and feel of the company.

Not only do they provide logo creation services, but they also provide branding services! First, build your logo and then make personalized flyers, business cards, and social media posts for your company. This way, you will be confident that the identity is clear in all channels and suits the company as a whole.

9. Fiverr:

Fiverr has a spot in the online logo design community, and while you won’t get an initial, well-designed logo for only $5. You can get a better-looking logo at an equally great price point. While there are some high-quality logo designers on Fiverr, be mindful that there might be some low-quality logo designs that may render the logo design less original and creative than if you were using a randomized logo generator like some of the ones we described above. 

When you enter the Fiverr logo design site, it’s important to know what type of logo design you’re searching for so that you can find the best individual to create the logo you like.

10. Canva:

Canva is for both newcomers and practitioners alike. It’s a multi-purpose app that lets’s create photographs for everything from Facebook advertisements and infographics to blog posts and logos. 

Choose the sort of website and choose the right logo style. Then adjust the fonts to make them more appealing. The logo is available for free in PNG, JPG, and PDF format. Moreover, if you want to make a meme for social media engagement you can use the Itmemes meme generator.


With the number of low-cost logo creation options, there’s absolutely no excuse not to have a beautiful and functional logo for your online store and brand. Spend some time browsing at different company logos and testing the logo generation possibilities from this article, and you’re more than sure to find one that suits the company and budget.

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