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Top 15 mobile app development companies in Virginia

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Today everyone has improved mobile educated plus it is now important to be a part of the race by simply using special apps for employees and their customers & smart tools. Mobile Apps supply a very affordable & addressable means of giving your target improving your business profits & clients. Virginia is actually a home of numerous mobile app development businesses.

Therefore, if you’re currently finding top cell app growth companies in Virginia? The conventional way app service seekers search in VA for the best mobile app development firm is on Google. However, how can you realize which one out of the listed organizations is just a strong app development business? Do not worry, we have solved your difficulty. Here we have made a summary of portable app development organizations in Virginia that gives exemplary services in mobile app development.

The List of Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies in Virginia


Shockoe is just a agency that focuses on delivering the most up-to-date in audio technology, and mobile reality also creates mobile apps for both customers and customers. Founded in 2010, Shockoe has more than 40 employees at its Richmond, Va. headquarters. From product plan through execution and design partners using its customers build solutions driving behaviors that help meet customers’ overall digital and company objectives.

  1. Artoon solutions

Artoon solutions is ranked on top by its clients as they have been proving best in class mobile app solutions to their clients. They are a creative agency which has helped all their customers in turning their ideas into reality by enhancing the visibility and profitability of their clients business through mobile apps. So, till now, Artoon has been ranked as the top Mobile App Development Company in Virginia.

  1. NOTABLE Pro-Ject

A grocery store knew programmers, and wanted to develop a purchaser rewards system that was mobile, but did not recognize any that dissipates in mobile app development. They were really impressed and found Shockoe.

  1. NS804

NS804 is a software development firm situated in 2012. Their team consists of 11 employees, and they will have offices in Richmond, Va.. The business focuses on custom software development, UX/UI layout, and app growth for a number of businesses.

  1. NOTABLE Pro-Ject

A technology consulting firm desired to develop a mobile app but needed resources to support the development. NS804 helped your customer disturb its concept before completing development, the program’s design, and programming. Through the duration of the job , they leveraged expertise and their experience to proved vital advice.

Established in 2000, Marker Seven is a full fledged digital bureau. They employ a group of 20 individuals across multiple offices in San Francisco, Richmond, Va. and Victoria, Canada. Their variety of services includes mobile app development, web designing, web development ecommerce development.

  1. NOTABLE Pro-Ject

Whilst clarifying their business to prospective 20, an worldwide development NGO wished to produce their job more visible on the web. Marker Seven created and designed a website that facilitated cooperation and messaging across the organization. Strong visuals were featured by the site and conveyed the client’s mission in a manner that was accessible.


A picture theater companion app startup needed tools to develop its platform. Loginworks Softwares designed and developed a more mobile app for iOS and Android using TMDB, Angular2, Ionic, and Firebase. The app was tested by the team prior to printing it.

  1. Corgibytes

Corgibytes, LLC is a software remodeling firm based in Ashland, Va. and has been founded in ’09, their team of 11 employees focuses on enterprise app modernization, custom app development, and web development for clients of all sizes in the financial services, health, and IT businesses.

Founded this year, the provider’s team of 9 calculates of their offices in Richmond, Va.. They focus on sales wisdom app development, CRM consulting, and custom applications development for clients in property finance, and health.


Founded in 1997 in Richmond, VA, CapTech has since enlarged to almost 1000 employees across offices in Charlotte, NC, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC. With over 20 years experience in the industry, CapTech delivers site content management, UI/UX design, statistics and IT mining, IT plan, cloud services, and app development.


V4 Development is a Full Service internet and mobile development company established in 2010. The business is located at Richmond, Va. where their group of 7 provides a range of services, including mobile program, web, and custom app development.


Ameronix is a web design firm based in Richmond, Va.. It was founded in 2003 and today has a group of 10 who focuses primarily on mobile app development, ecommerce growth, web design, and webdevelopment.


A tiny beauty company hired Ameronix to produce a fully operational web site to follow with its brand. Ameronix and interpersonal media marketing used Magento to generate integrate, also uses pay pal for payment purposes.


Forebear Productions is a full-scale growth firm which has locations in Indore, India, and Glen Allen, Va.. The company was established at 2011 and contains 5 employees who concentrate on mobile app development , web development, web designing, e-commerce development, and more.


An education startup desired to produce an app for both children to learn Mandarin. Forebear Productions produced a i-OS app using SQLite Xcode, SOAP API, and JSON Parsing technologies.

  1. NOTABLE Pro-Ject

A construction company hired Straightforward Thread with its first developer and used a package of computer software products to control its enterprise. Simple Thread conducted an audit of this software app your client used and find problems with it. Straightforward metering improved upon it in many ways making the programs cleaner, intuitive , and simpler.

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