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Top 4 Benefits of AI Live Chat Solutions for Start-ups and MSMEs!

The instant a customer places an order in your portal, you have to provide him with tracking details. Indeed, in this digital world, a speedy response wins the customer’s trust. So, naturally, the right live chat solutions can pair with your business for the best customer experience!

In this read, you will explore the top 4 benefits of choosing advanced AI live chat solutions. Whether you are a start-up or expanding your Medium-sized business, an appropriate live chat solution will win your customers. Interestingly, research shows that the average time for you to respond to customer service requests is 10 hours- on social media!
Worst still, email response takes longer than 12 hours. Indeed, it is not acceptable in the fast-moving world. So, one way to ensure good customer service is to use- live chat solutions!
So, stating the first things first,

How are the live chat solutions helpful for your business?

There are millions of start-ups competing for the top position now! With that, there is competition among all the start-ups and MSMEs to win their prospects and customers. So, yes, you have to be ahead in customer service quality.
So, a simple yet highly effective solution is to incorporate live chat solutions into your website.


Live Chat Solutions are essential because,

42% of customers say that chat is effective than other communication channels!

So, is live chat solutions beneficial for your business?

Of course, YES! If you want to have effective real-time conversations with your customers, go for it. Plus, you can also initiate feedback for the prospects who return from your website. So it will enhance the marketing requirements also. The live chat solutions are quick, efficient, and convenient for all. Yes, because it’s 100x faster than any other digital service channel.

The second question, in your mind now, is dealing with its importance in the online world.

Do all online companies use Live Chat Solutions?

Companies from small e-commerce stores, shipping shops, and significant banks use live chat solutions. To provide better service to the customers, start-ups and other MSMEs also follow the trend now!

Since the chat solutions significantly improve the response time and are quick, all companies are using them. Additionally, the numbers are embracing – 33% of customers expect to see the live chat on the websites they visit!

With that, you are now ready to explore the benefits of using Live Chat Solutions. But, of course, there is a lot more than only providing a quick response to the customers. So, here is a quick read about all the advantages you get with live chat solutions!

Live Chat Solutions for Your Business – Benefits for Your Business!

The first benefit, indeed, is a BIG benefit,

  • Increase in conversions and sales

Undoubtedly, the live chat solutions for your website will enhance the level of sales for your business. Not only that, here are the numbers that speak aloud for this result.
The American Marketing Solutions says that B2B businesses with live chat solutions make, on average, saw a 20% increase in conversions. That’s an embracing result!

So, we explain to you how!

When a customer or a prospect gets on your website, he searches for products and services by your business. Meanwhile, if they require solutions for their questions regarding your products, the live chat on your website can answer them in real-time.

Indeed it enhances customer’s trust, and you can make a mark on their minds. Yes, quickly responding your prospects means, converting them into a customer! So, live chat solutions are robust, simple, and practical- all at the same time!
All in all, it helps you hold the customers in your hand. Also, it assists them in their buying decisions. Plus, they overcome objections immediately you provide an answer to their queries. Furthermore, you will be happy to note that,
Around 35% more people made an online purchase after using live chat!

  • Secondly, it significantly reduces the support costs.

Indeed, go out in the market, and you will explore that customer support is expensive. In addition, the call centers generally have agents to handle both- email requests and phone. But, they can take only one at a time.

Indeed, it is not the case with live chat solutions. But, it has transformed the way we see customer support now! With the live chat, you will be able to handle an extensive customer service request. So, since now a smaller team can assist you, that calls for a lower support cost!

It is enticing to state that live chat solutions are 50% cheaper than handling phone calls! Plus, open results say that within months of incorporating live chat solutions to your website, you can resolve 90% and more questions immediately.

The third benefit for your business,

Immediate response builds trust with buyers as well!

Here is where an online running store may take a backseat against the physical stores. How? We will explain you.

When you walk in as a customer to a physical shop, the retailer builds rapport with you. With one-to-one conversation, it is easier to establish trust among the customers. But, in online eCommerce, it is not possible.

Here is where the live chat solutions are a savior for your business!

Naturally, customers will be skeptical of buying things over the internet- since there are many options. And it’s human nature to buy from a place which can be trustworthy. So, with the help of live chat on your website, you can directly converse with your customers and prospects. Yes, that helps you build trust significantly!

Indeed, after all, if the customers don’t trust you, they will not provide their contact details at the end of the day. Neither will they share any personal information with your business. Moreover, a study from AGT for Global Customers Trends says a lot about how trust is essential to retain prospects.

It says,

90% of customers believe “live chat” gives them the confidence to buy from a specific website. It assures them that there is a solution when they’re in need.

So, now it’s clear that you will have difficulty building trust among customers without a good Live Chat Solution for your website!

  • Finally, the live chat solutions help you score better on competitiveness!

Yes, responding first means converting the user to a customer-first, as he will not go and search similar brand like yours! So, it gives you a significant competitive advantage over your online rivals.

But, you will find that not all businesses benefit from using the live chat on their website. Yes, it’s true because,
Only 9% of online businesses use live chat solutions to provide real-time support to their customers!

So, next time a customer asks you how different you are, remember to respond to them with a live chat. Indeed, to stand out better, you can also use live video chat for your customers. Yes, now you can bring in-store experience online!


From satisfying your customers to increasing your business value, live chat solutions can enhance your business! You can also contact your visitors to turn back to them at the right time. Moreover, it greatly enhances the website user experience.

So, add a live chat solution now to your website to understand your customer better, increase average order value, and reduce support costs. Now, it’s not a question of whether or not to incorporate a live chat solution; it’s a question of- WHEN?

Switch to AI-powered live chat solutions for your business website now!

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