Top 4 Highest Paying Jobs In India

Confucius once said  that choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. This statement still holds importance in present times. The famous Chinese philosopher knew that the desires of people should be in line with the career they want to pursue to lead a satisfying and rewarding professional life. And indeed working towards building a remarkable profession that drives you to your dream lifestyle is a goal that everyone wants to accomplish. To help you in making your career choices for finding your preferred job , we have prepared a list of some of the highest paying jobs in India.

Here are the top 4 highest paying jobs in India –

1. IT and Software Engineer


The rapid growth of the IT sector in India has made a way for many aspiring candidates to make a career in this field. It is true that IT jobs are ranked among some of the highest paying jobs in the world and multinational companies look up to this country for procuring some of the brilliant minds that are available in plenty.

With the expansion of the digital platforms and rapid mechanization, we can’t even imagine an ideal world without software engineers, programmers, coders, and ethical hackers to name a few. There are so many opportunities in this profession and depending upon a person’s skills and talent, and there is no limit to growth.


*Median Base Salary For

Fresher: 4.5Lakh per annum

Mid-Career: 8 Lakh per annum

Experienced: 1Million per annum

2. Business Analyst


Do you focus more on looking for solutions than asking questions?  Do you feel immensely satisfied while solving complex problems? If you have acquired these traits then you can build your career as a business analyst. The minimum requirements you need for analytical roles are immense love for numbers and analytical thinking.

A business analyst is responsible for conceiving technical solutions that can prove extremely important for any business. Gone are the times of old age techniques that were used to determine the growth of business. Thanks to the modern sophisticated tools, it has now become more easy to scan and prepare accurate data for predicting the future development trend of business. For performing such roles, you will get heavy paychecks.

*Median Base Salary For

Fresher: 6 Lakh per annum

Mid-Career: 8.6 Lakh per annum

Experienced: 11.6 Lakh per annum

3. Investment Banker


Investment banking is one of those promising career options where you can make a prosperous and rewarding future. If your concepts of living a  life revolve around  having a lavish lifestyle and shopping binges, then you have what it needs to become an investment banker. The primary key responsibility areas of this job are:

  1. Dealing with capital resources for governments, companies and other different entities
  2. Managing money in large quantities, and participating in mergers and acquisitions among other responsibilities.

In brief, you will bear all the money management related responsibilities and will play an important part in organizational growth.

*Median Base Salary For

Fresher: 12 Lakh per annum

Mid-Career: 30 Lakh per annum

Experienced: 50 Lakh per annum

4. Management Profession


Following up is the management profession. It includes role that touches upon several business themes like marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Operations and Logistics. Nowadays, there are various  MBA Institutes that helps to mold the deserving candidates into a potential marketing professional. Most of the business graduates make waves in the market due to the heavy package they receive during campus placements. However, the scope is not just restricted to IIM or ISB and reputed Indian universities make for great packages to BBA, B.A. (H) Economics, and B.Com. graduates.

*Median Base Salary For

MBA Graduates: 23.5 Lakh per annum

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