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Top 5 Most Popular Brand Of AC

Top 5 Most Popular Brand Of AC

Who doesn’t like to relax in a cold and soothing environment in this hot summer? I think everyone wants this satisfying peace. And yes everyone deserves this deep satisfaction which eliminates all their severe stress and anxiety. And what is better than an AC which by its name is enough to cool your mind. But the problem is which is the best air conditioner( ac) for us which satisfies our needs and comes under our budget. Because the market is full of different brands and models of the air conditioners. So it becomes very tough for the consumers to choose one best out of many brands and models. 


But you don’t need to worry anymore because we minimise your work. Here you will find the complete details about the top brand of Air conditioner which is hitting the market. I can understand that now you become more desperate to read about the brand’s name and features provided with them. Without bothering you more let’s see what brand name is yet unknown to you. 


Types of AC

An air conditioner is considered one of the crucial parts of every household and office. And during this summer fans and coolers refuse to serve the pleasant working environment. Everyone’s needs are different, their demands are different so on that basis there are mainly three types of Air conditioner.

  • Window Ac

If the size of the room is small then window AC is very helpful and worthwhile to purchase. Because of its portable features, it has become more popular among people. These types of Air conditioners are not at all suitable for large spaces however ideal for small places. Window AC offers you to quickly cool the room and make you more comfortable without holding much patience. 

  • Split AC

Split types of AC are also known as ductless AC. This particular types of AC are perfect if you want to cool individual rooms in your home then you must opt for this one. Ductless mini-split air conditioners are quite similar to central types of Air conditioners but have little difference. It is ideal to purchase and also economical because this type of AC cools only one part of the room which is used. 

  • Central AC 

This type of Air conditioner is suitable for you if you want to cool large sized rooms or multiple rooms at once. It helps to cool the multiple rooms within a short period. It is costly and installing of central air conditioner requires more planning. 

Top 5 Most Popular Brand Of AC
Woman turning on air conditioner with remote

Top brands of 2022

  • Voltas

The voltas air conditioner is very famous for its cost efficiency and less noise. Voltas provide both windows AC with 5-star and split AC with a 3-star rating. This is the first choice of every consumer because of its significant facilities. Voltas brand is the most trusted and reliable Indian brand which provides great features in every model. 

  • Blue Star

This is another most popular and most reliable Indian brand of air conditioner, air purifiers. The blue star Air conditioners are available in window, inverter, and slit types. This brand provides great services in every aspect. It is not at all complicated to install a blue star window as it is very easy. This is a great choice whether you want to purchase a new one or replace the existing air conditioner.  

  • Whirlpool

Whirlpool air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and other products have captured over the half market. Everyone from children to old age person is familiar with this trustworthy brand. It is the most reputed American brand which provides various appliances for its customers. Also, it offers the most affordable which is budget-friendly for everyone.  Whirlpool Window AC and split AC are available at 5-star and 3-star ratings simultaneously. 

  • Panasonic

Another most popular brand comes with advanced technology components and high functionality appliances. This is a Japanese brand that offers electronic appliances durability to the users. Various types of AC windows, and split AC are available at 4 and 5-star ratings. 

  • Daikin 

If you are in search of an AC which cools the small and medium-size areas quickly then Daikin is a good choice for you. The best features and benefits provided by Daikin made it one of the leading air conditioning companies. Daikin is globally famous and it is a Japanese multinational company that offers electronic devices to users from all over the world. 


Things to keep in mind while selecting the best AC

Well, there is no option left except to buy a new air conditioner as the scorching heat starts a toll on our bodies. But it becomes a very tedious task for consumers to buy any new product when they don’t have any prior experience. That’s why we are here to assist you properly as to what key points you need to focus on before purchasing. 

  • Tonnage 

Tonnage can be understood by the amount of heat that is needed to melt 1 ton of ice within 24 hours. This factor of air conditioner largely depends on the size of the room.  If the size of the room is 130 sq. feet then a 1-ton ac is most suitable to cool the room temperature. On the other hand, if the size is larger than 130 sq feet suppose 185 sq. feet then 1.5-ton ac is suitable. 

  • Installation and maintenance 

Installation and maintenance factors of any ac largely influence the overall performance of these appliances. Properly installed ac will lead to higher efficiency on the other hand improper installation harm the efficiency. Regular maintenance will enhance the lifespan of the air conditioner so keep this factor in mind. 

  • Energy consumption 

Before deciding on purchasing you must look at the energy efficiency rating. Because it will help you to lower the energy bills when the rating is high. Make sure that the ac you choose must come with higher energy efficiency. Because this energy efficiency factor will help you in cost saving. 

Type of AC

There is plenty of air conditioner available on the market so it is very important to get quality information about various types. The major difference between window ac and split ac is the noise and cost factor. Window ac are comparatively cheaper and create some noise on the other hand split ac are costly and noiseless. For installing an ac for smaller rooms window ac is an ideal choice whereas for larger spaces split ac would give the best result. 

  • Air quality

No matter which type you choose but the most important factor is to check the quality of air. You must ensure this factor because if it is not focused then you have to face much health trouble. For a healthy, trouble-free, and peaceful work environment air quality of ac plays an important role. 



Selecting the best appliance when the market is flooded with many brands and models is quite a tedious task. But with proper knowledge and information, it becomes easier for you to make the final decision. You have to be more careful when purchasing a new ac because it is a very expensive and heavy appliance. And any carelessness in choosing the right item would lead high impact on both your health and money. I know that the price factor undoubtedly bothers you, but the best ACs under 40000 are available so you can make the best choice.  With the help of the given information, you can acknowledge yourself with sufficient information.

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