Top 5 National Parks for Tiger safari in India 2021

Visit Top 5 National Park for Tiger Safari in India 2021

Tiger Safari in India

As per the Tiger census conducted in India in 2018-2019, India has 2997 wild tigers residing in 20 states in 50 Tiger reserves. this can be approx. 75% of the planet wild tiger population. India has successfully doubled its wild tiger population within the last 12 years. Out of those 50 tiger reserves, 15 are very fashionable because of good Tiger sightings. This doesn’t mean that there are not any Tiger sightings within the other parks. The frequency of tiger sightings on tiger safaris could be a bit different and highly dynamic. occasionally things can change so fast that within a month a region that had good tiger sightings won’t have any sightings for ages. this will happen if a Tigress gives a litter, she practically withdraws for a few time from the traditional areas she is found in as she goes in deeper parts to safeguard her litter. this might mean that the Tiger sightings therein area or the zone can go dry for a few time thus disappointing plenty of tourists.

Top 5 National Parks for Tiger Safari in India 2021

Here we have a list of 5 best national parks for tiger safaris.

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S.No. National Parks and Reserves State Tiger Population (2018-19) Tiger Sightings
1 Bandhavgarh National Park Madhya Pradesh 104 Very High
2 Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh 88 High
3 Jim Corbett National Park Uttrakhand 231 Very Good
4 Ranthambore National Park Rajasthan 53 Very High
5 Tadoba National Park Maharashtra 83 High


1.Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh parkland, one among the 5 best national parks for Tiger Safari in India 2021, is found within the heart of India within the state of Madhya Pradesh. The state of Madhya Pradesh has maximum tigers (526) within the wilderness compared to the other state. Bandhavgarh contains a high density of tigers, and it acts as a source of dispersing tigers to neighboring protected areas, like, Sanjay Dubri, Achanakmar, Kanha and as far as Palamu Tiger reserve. it’s also the erstwhile home of the White Tigers, which might now be seen in Mukundpur White Tiger Safari near Rewa state.

A former hunting ground of the Maharaja of Rewa, Bandhavgarh takes the credit for starting tiger safaris tourism in India. Interestingly, it’s been two years since some 45 wild elephants including breeding females and calves have made Bandhavgarh their home.

They have come from the neighboring state of Chattisgarh. Tiger sightings on tiger safaris aren’t so good currently as they’re not accustomed tourism yet. But “presence of untamed Elephants in an exceedingly Forest is large respect for the forest, we must bow right down to the elephants for they create and protect the forest”…The Jungle Book.

Tiger Cub at Bandhavgarh National Park
Tiger cub at Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh park, one amongst the foremost popular park for tiger safari in India was also home to India Gaur which disappeared in 1997, but thanks to the efforts of the forest department they were reintroduced in 2011 and today they’re about 200 of them roaming free in Bandhavgarh parkland. Lately, sightings of Leopards and Sloth Bears have also improved in Bandhavgarh.

There are three core tourism zones in Bandhavgarh park and three buffer. Tiger sightings while on tiger safari India within the core zones of Tala, Magdhi, and Khitauli are good. they are saying that if you are doing not see a tiger in Bandhavgarh it means you were sleeping during the safari.

2. Kanha National Park

Second within the list for five best national parks for Tiger Safari in India 2021, Located within the state of Madhya Pradesh which has the very best tiger count in India as per the census and figures released in 2020. Over 526 tigers roam the state of Madhya Pradesh out of which about 108 tigers roam and use the world of Kanha park. Kanha has achieved tremendous success in providing a sound ecological haven to the rich floral and faunal diversity.

Kanha Tiger Reserve, another top park tiger safari India has been the centre of the many successful conservation stories, from Hard ground Barasingha in Kanha itself, to the translocation of Indian Gaur from Kanha to Bandhavgarh (2011), Hard ground Barasingha translocation from Kanha to Satpura, several tigers moved from Kanha to other parks, and reintroducing blackbuck in Kanha. Saunf village in Kanha was the primary village relocated out of any park in India.

Biggest tiger of Kanha National Park
Tiger of Kanha National Park

Kanha park has been home to several researchers, and conservationists. George Schaller spent considerable time in Kanha. Apparently writer was also inspired by Kanha and Pench when he wrote The Jungle Book. Dr M K Ranjitsinh the author of Wildlife Protection Act of India, and Life with Wildlife could be a Kanha lover and he was instrumental in adding Mukki zone to Kanha park. Explore the most effective tours for tiger safari in India in Kanha below.

Kanha park is understood permanently sightings of male tigers, which are exceptionally large compared to tigers of the other park. Besides the landscape, and wildlife it’s the easy indigenous Baiga tribes of Kanha which make this place really special. Kanha park is one amongst the simplest tourism managed parks in India. A tiger safari experience in Kanha will surely be a memorable one.

3. Jim Corbett National Park

Third within the list for the 5 best national parks for Tiger Safari in India 2021. Named after the legendary hunter James Edward Corbett who shot only man-eating tigers of Kumaon and other regions, this was declared the primary parkland of India in 1936. it had been initially named as Hailey parkland, then Ramganga parkland, and at last named as Gentleman Jim park in memory of the famous hunter, turned conservationist, who is also a renowned author with the bestselling books on Indian Wildlife.

Corbett Tiger Reserve has the biggest tiger population in any single protected area within the world. This park has near 231 tigers as per the newest census drained 2018. It can most certainly be called because the mecca of Indian wildlife when it involves fauna and flora diversity. except for tigers, gladiator park is extremely good with sightings of untamed Asian Elephants. there’s a Ramganga river flowing through the forest with an enormous reservoir right within the heart of the park.

Tiger in Corbett National Park
Tigers in Jim Corbett National Park

Two big unique points for visiting this park are, first, together with tiger safaris in India this place may be a birder haven. For serious birders, there are near 550 species of birds here. Then there are areas around Corbett like Nainital and Pangot which may be combined to feature to the checklist of birders. Second unique thing about being here is that this can be one park where you’ll stay in over 100 year old Forest Rest Houses inside the parkland, absolutely right within the heart of the reserve. Overlooking the lower ranges of Himalayas, and on the banks of Ramganga River it’s quite an pleasing experience to experience Indian wilderness. The booking inventory is very limited and one must plan well prior to to book here.

For tiger safari in India, aside from tigers, the park supports a population of leopards, Felis bengalensis, fishing cat, rusty spotted cat, jungle cat, and yellow-throated martins. within the ungulates except for the spotted and Sambar deer one may see the hog deer, goral and serow. In reptiles crocodiles, gharials, and hamadryad make Corbett park their home. Himalayan Black Bear have rare sightings here. Corbett Tiger reserve has one amongst the very best tiger densities in India. It thus acts as a source of dispersing tigers to neighboring protected areas of Lansdowne, Terai West, Amangarh, an Ramnagar.

Fourth within the list for five best national parks for Tiger Safari in India 2021. Located within the state of Rajasthan in north-west India, Ranthambore park is additionally called the Land of the Tigers. This park is found beautifully between the foremost popular tourism circuit called the Golden Triangle, which comprises of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. This park is probably the sole park that faced serious assault by poachers within the previous century and each time it came out stronger thanks to good wildlife management.

One of the most effective parkland for tiger safari in India. The terrain of this park is undulating, and vegetation is sparse thus making tiger sightings easy here. Ranthambore parkland is an island in an ocean of human dominated landscape. The park is away just 10kms from Sawai Madhopur town which is additionally a giant train depot. it’s rather surprising that just 10kms off from such a bustling town you have got tigers roaming free, and living harmonical with humans within the nearby villages.

Tiger of Ranthambore National Park
Tiger of Ranthambore National Park

This proximity to dense human population reduces the probabilities of tiger disbursal to other nearby areas. What it also means is that the population of huge carnivores during this reserve are more prone to changes within the immediate environment. it’s important to own corridors to keep up a healthy gene pool of the animals especially the large cats. Ranthambore park land is often a preference for wild lifers while on tiger safari in India.

Ranthambore Fort stands tall at the entry gate of zone 3, and one can hike up to the fort to work out a preferred Lord Ganesh temple inside the fort. Lot of locals visit the fort and also the temple on foot, and do encounter tigers while doing so. it’s perhaps a blessing of the almighty that never there has been a person and animal conflict with tigers on foot.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is additionally an honest place to work out Leopards, and Sloth Bears. The three big lakes in zone 3 are home to many migratory birds are always a plus point while on tiger safari in India, and that they add huge romanticism to the complete setting within the park. These lakes provide home to few hundred crocodiles. it absolutely was here that the legendary Machli tigress who went on to measure 19 years within the wild fought and killed an enormous crocodile in of the fight.

5. Tadoba National Park

Last within the list for five best national parks for Tiger Safari in India 2021. Tadoba Andhari park may be adjudged because the youngest park to shoot into the tiger tourism circuit with a bang. Located just two hours from a world Airport, Nagpur this is often one amongst the foremost easily accessible national parks in India with some fantastic tiger sightings. it’s a mixed forest with a large water reservoir on the sting thus making it a decent habitat for birds and crocodiles.

Tadoba is additionally good with sightings of Sloth Bears, Leopards, and packs of Indian Wild Dogs (Dholes). it’s here that several an encounter has been seen of tigers with sloth bears and also tigers demolition Indian Gaur.

Tiger of Tadoba
Tiger of Tadoba National Park

Why Tadoba has been good with tiger sightings is additionally because of the very fact that there are some small sanctuaries within the vicinity that are accorded protection by the state and that they have also opened several core and buffer areas for tourism. Hence Tadoba together with Ranthambore has become a job model of a way to promote tourism and increase the amount of tigers.

Several experts won’t conform to the actual fact that tourism plays a job in conservation, but deny they may, but ignore they can’t that the revenue generated by tourism brings in instant income within the area thus showing advantage of conservation to the local people which otherwise would rely upon the forest for his or her bio-mass requirements. Explore tiger safari tours in Tadoba park below.

The source population in Tadoba is vital to keep up the meta-population of the adjoining protected areas like Brahmapuri, Chandrapur, Central Chanda, Tipeshwar and Bori. One must include Tadoba parkland for his or her tiger safari in India.

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