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Top 5 Online Courses to Learn Java Programming in 2021

You might be discouraged by the sheer number of tutorials, Java courses and resources available to you if you decide to embark on a career in software development. Java has many learning resources, but students struggle to choose the right ones and burn out when they take on too much.

Why Java is Important

Developers suggest different starting points for students of programming, ranging from C++ to Python and Golang.

Personally, I’ve always been a part of Java-as-the-first-language-gang, and here is why:

  • Java is very popular. This language is second in the TIOBE Index, with over 28,000 job opportunities for developers (according to Indeed). It’s the language that you’ll end up using after you learn it. Java developers are highly-paid — the median salary for a software engineer is over $80,000$79,000 annually.
  • It’s is universal Java is the right language for you. Java is the best language to learn for your business. Java can handle a variety of tasks on its own: web and mobile apps as well as big data projects, servers and GUI. Understanding the basics of Java syntax can help you get far.
  • Java is fundamental. Java is a classic example of object-oriented programming and was one of the first to be released. This inspired many other technologies. C# has taken Java’s syntax and repurposed it. This is important for Java developers. You will find it easier to learn Java and other OOP languages such as C++, C#, JavaScript and C++++.
  • It’s is rich in tools. The language offers a lot of functionality, including APIs, libraries and IDEs. The language allows you to manage interfaces with great freedom. My experience with Java’s toolset has been that it makes the language very easy and efficient.

Top 5 Java Courses Every Learner Should Check Out

After I have explained the main benefits of Java learning and you feel confident about your commitment to learning the language, let’s talk about learning resources. Java J2EE Certification course online are something I really enjoy. I have found many well-structured, interactive courses.

1. Codegym Java Courses


  • Based on real-world coding tasks
  • Virtual mentor
  • Java Learners are an active group
  • A well-structured curriculum


  • No iOS app
  • Supports only Java
  • Only a few lessons are free

Codegym, a Java learning platform, offers an in-depth view of the programming language. Although programming may seem tedious, it is possible to learn the language by actually doing.

If you’re anything like me, juggling a full time job and other commitments makes it difficult to find the time to code. It’s why it is so useful to be able code on your smartphone with an integrated IDE.

All classes are organized in levels. You can keep going through the highs, and lows, of Java learning by motivating yourself to get higher.

Main features:

  • Instantly get task grades
  • You should spend as much time as possible studying small-sized lectures
  • One can choose content based on your Java skills. 
  • Take a free course in Java syntax.

2. Java Courses Training on Udemy

Udemy created Java In Depth as a new course with the goal of allowing you to learn Java language from scratch. Attendees get a personal teaching experience and real-life cases that help them to acquire the best knowledge and skills to use Java language to become Java developers.

Highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors make it easy for students to grasp and use Java language. Each course will be covered in detail and depth. This course covers all aspects of Java language, including data structure and threads, networks, collections, and methods.


  • Available for smartphones
  • All programs are described


  • There is no systematic way to learn languages
  • All courses may not be of the same quality.
  • There is a limited teacher-student relationship

Udemy is one of the most popular online education platforms. It offers a wide range of Java courses. Here are some of my favorites certification programs hosted by Udemy:

  • OCA Exam simulation. This is the best program to use if you’re interested in taking the Oracle Certified Associate exam. You will find many practice tests and quizzes that cover Java syntax concepts, API handling, and other topics that might be asked on the exam. Each practice quiz has 70 questions. These will help you increase your awareness of your skills.
  • Java Programming Step by Step. This program is more general and doesn’t provide a deep understanding of Java.  Each module has an average of 6-8 lectures.
  • JUnit Test — Java Unit Tests for Beginners. This course introduces Java testing to programming students — the most commonly used tools, best practices and different types. This course covers advanced concepts such as parametrized, repeated tests or assumptions.

Main features:

  • A wide range of courses
  • Java experts publish structured programs
  • Learning materials cost between $10 and $100
  • Mobile platforms available

3. Java Fundamentals by Pluralsight

Pluralsight introduced one the best Java courses to beginners. This course is meant to provide the knowledge of Java language basics and core concepts. Jim Wilson, a software engineering professional with over 30 years’ experience, leads the class and shares valuable knowledge. This course covers Java, Class and Files, error handling data types, object, core Java concepts, and more. Additionally, this course covers the Java Programming language as well as servers. This will enable attendees to acquire the most relevant information in order to apply for jobs and the server-side or client-side developments.


  • Introduction to SOLID from a grounded perspective
  • Practice-driven tasks
  • It is easy to finish in a few days with a small number of lectures


  • This does not cover object-oriented designs
  • Advanced learners won’t find it informative

Many students find Java difficult to understand beyond syntax and APIs. Many students miss the most important concept of Java — understanding design patterns.

Mastering design patterns can make a big difference in a developer’s day-today efficiency. It will reduce the time required to complete projects and keep them running even after they are release. Pluralsight is the best resource for design patterns.

It will first debunk any OOP or design myths. These insights will help you to structure your work better. You might be able to find more, but it’s worth checking them out.

Main features:

  • Interactive videos and quizzes
  • Concise and short course
  • All concepts are illustrated with real-world examples

4. Java Programming Course (on Edureka).


  • A detailed approach to Java theory teaching
  • Certificate of completion


  • Offers no systemic curriculum
  • All examples of compilers feature BlueJ, and not Eclipse or IntelliJIDEA
  • Some questions are repetitive

This Edureka’s program will help you learn Java to improve your business operations and solve real-world problems. The Java course teaches you Java basics and encourages students to be developers. There are many quizzes in the course that will test your ability to problem solve and find the right tool for achieving a goal.

Here are the main topics cover by the program:

  • Java syntax and semantics
  • Handling strings
  • Editing CSV files
  • Complete a practical coding project starting from scratch

Main features:

  • The course is completely free
  • Subtitled in various languages
  • After completing the program, students receive a certificate
  • Each module is covered in video lectures and quizzes.

5. Helsinki Java MOOC Covers


  • Each concept is supported by real-life examples
  • Students can practice similar problems and improve their knowledge retention.


  • It takes a long time to complete 10+ modules
  • For beginners, it’s challenging
  • Lectures are theory-based and can be very heavy reading.

The Helsinki MOOC on Java has been praised by thousands worldwide. This MOOC is perfect for programming students, as it closely follows the academic curriculum.

Writing code and getting it graded is like playing a video game. It would be nice if the course encouraged students to use their problem-solving skills instead of just learning Java’s “muscle memory.” But, for the moment, MOOC is what it is.

Main features:

  • 1000+ practical Java quizzes
  • Explanation of the grounded syntax
  • Each part has 14 parts and takes approximately 20 hours to complete.


These are the top 5 Java courses that you can choose from. They will help you learn Java language from beginner to advanced levels. You can compare these courses online based on price, course material, time and other factors. You can choose the most cost-effective course that offers quality course material and content. This is a great opportunity to grow your career and learn more.

Where can I get a Java Course in Chennai?

If you are ready to start your career in Java technology, you should join Edureka’s Java Training in Chennai from today only.

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