Top 5 Reasons to Choose Zimbra Email Hosting on Cloud

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In this article, you will learn about how can a user implement Zimbra Email Hosting. It is a perfect Zimbra Collaboration Suite for Businesses Hosted on Personal / Private Cloud. Quick to Deploy Zimbra Email Server with reduced cost & increased efficiency.

Reasons to Choose Zimbra Email Hosting:

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Zimbra comes up with so many cool features like chat inside. Now talk with your clients with messaging for better collaboration. There are some integrated feature experiences also. For example, you can create a calendar and there are many other things that we will see here. So, you can see that it’s come with the e-mail, second will be the calendar, and third will be the collaboration.

It comes up with the internal search also so you can search inside whatever email, contact, and also you can set up your address book or share the address book within the organization. It is a complete package that you can deploy within your company. The best thing is its open-source version is free of cost. So, you do not need to pay for that but only you have to just install it inside your organization and ready to use.

As from above, we can easily understand that choosing Zimbra as an Email service is the preferred choice among the users. Zimbra offers its users unlimited advantages like management of emails, creation & sharing of address book, or scheduling events & calendars.

Best-in-class Zimbra Email Hosting Service:

Zimbra Email Hosting will offer the users unlimited advantages as some of them are listed below:

  • Advanced Anti-Spam Filter: Zimbra Email Hosting Service comes up with advanced Anti-spam filters that will block all the unauthorized users to gain access within your mailboxes. The build-in Anti-spam will use advanced algorithms to filter each & every message & gives them a spam score to verify whether to put them in your Inbox.
  • Quick Mail Deployment: You can quickly deploy resources on the cloud to access Zimbra Server. It will offer users easy steps to setup & configure Zimbra mailboxes. You can access the Zimbra Email account through a Web Login portal by providing Login Credentials i.e. Username & Password. All your mailboxes will be quickly accessible to you on your browser window.
  • Ajax-based Zimbra UI: The best thing about Zimbra Email Hosting service by NetForChoice is that it is a completely Ajax-based Zimbra User Interface. It is a very simple & common UI the same as provided by Zimbra. Users can easily organize the mailboxes with proper folder hierarchy i.e. Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, etc.
  • Bulk Mailing Support: Zimbra Dedicated Server hosting will allow you to send multiple emails & messages in bulk. It offers no limit to the users while sending emails in bulk mode. One can send unlimited emails to any or multiple users along with Mail Merge functionality. It also comes up with auto-responding functionality that will help to reply to some specific emails automatically.
  • Tier-IV Servers: Your Zimbra Data will be hosted on a tier-IV Dedicated Server. The managed Zimbra Web Hosting Service is a highly reliable, secured & incredible solution. Now do not worry about your Zimbra data as it is protected with level 8 security. It is safe from any unauthorized access due to the data flow encryption mechanism.

Expert’s Comment on Zimbra Web Hosting Service:

There is no doubt it is the best in class Zimbra Web Hosting service that allows me to successfully manage all my Zimbra mailboxes without any hassle. NetForChoice gives me a very realistic & Zimbra UI experience which makes it a very simplest solution to use. It is the cheapest Zimbra Email Hosting Service which I have found on the Internet.

  • Rafiq Muhammad, Islamabad


I have a large number of clients & wants to collaborate with them in an organized manner. I have looked for many Email Services but Zimbra was best out of them. It helps me to communicate with the clients through the Inner Chat feature. NetForChoice helped me by renting up space on a dedicated, managed Private cloud so that I can access data through a web login portal.”

  • Rajiv Tandon, Hyderabad

Final Words:

You can implement Zimbra Mail Hosting on a powerful tier-IV Server. One can choose NetForChoice Zimbra Dedicated Hosting Service that will facilitate to quick deploy Zimbra. You can get a business email address best for marketing & brand value creation. The hosting service includes Zimbra Collaboration Suite Installation, Server Maintenance, Server Troubleshooting, Up-gradation & Server Migration.

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