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Top 5 Telemedicine Software in the USA

telemedicine software

Are you looking for telemedicine software to use in your office? We at SoftwareFinder will provide you with information from a variety of vendors for free.

The finest telemedicine software allows for distant clinical treatment and online interactions between doctors and patients.


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Doxy. me

AMC Health



Doctors can connect with patients through online video utilizing telemedicine software, which has proven beneficial for practices with scattered rural populations, such as getting access to experts beyond what is accessible locally. However, in such circumstances, traveling to the clinic might be challenging, if not dangerous, for individuals with previous medical issues.

The COVID pandemic has become a more popular alternative for patients afraid to visit the ER for more regular complaints. As a result, some offices are operating with shortened hours or even closing. Furthermore, telemedicine alternatives are usually available right away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making them an appealing choice for individuals seeking care.

Telemedicine software platforms have grown more accessible and capable thanks to advancements in IT and mobile technologies. This has been notably useful in remotely monitoring patients with pre-existing diseases.

Telemedicine software is sometimes sale separately, but it’s not uncommon to see it integrated into current medical practice management (PM) software these days.

On the other hand, even independent telemedicine systems will frequently interface with other medical software, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) or patient histories, making it simpler to identify and treat medical issues.

Integration doesn’t end there; excellent telemedicine software will generally integrate seamlessly with medical billing software systems, ensuring that patients and insurance are correctly billed, and payments are paid.

Consequently, no matter whatever sort of telemedicine platform you choose, it should be able to integrate with existing medical and healthcare software.

As a result, we’ll highlight the best telemedicine software available, as well as make recommendations.



+Easy to use

+Simplify processes

+Reduce missed appointments


-There is no free trial

-Pricing is unclear

Mend is a full-featured telemedicine package designed to boost productivity and profitability by lowering the number of missed appointments.

Of course, it includes voice and video calling. Still, it also contains various automated processes to improve workflows and efficiency, including decreasing the number of tools and displays necessary for use. It also makes filling out online forms as simple as dragging and dropping, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Another benefit is that it offers various survey choices, allowing you to identify any potential flaws in how your clinic interacts with patients. By acting on any findings, it reduces the risk of negative reviews that may be detrimental.

Mend seeks to decrease the number of tools and screens needed, and it can connect to most EHR and PM software systems.

Doxy. me


+Free tier and trial period

+Self-hosted option

+Runs in the browser


-Lack of mobile applications

-Expensive multi-provider plans

Doxy. It is a telemedicine software tool that operates in any browser and is easy, safe, and secure. It requires no download or configuration, is simple to use, and can generally be integrate with EHR (Electronic Health Records) or PM (Practice Management) software.

While this is an advantage in certain respects, it also has a disadvantage. There are no mobile applications, which are often easier to configure and use on iOS and Android. However, it’s free to use for limitless message, audio, and video conversations are the main selling feature, making it an essential tool for many practices.

There are additional premium tiers that expand on the basic functionality. For example, even though the Basic version complies with HIPAA, the Professional and Clinic levels provide extra protection and encryption. The video quality is also a drawback of the Basic tier.

The Professional Tier allows editing waiting rooms, sending text and email notifications, and scheduling phone or video appointments. According to the connection speed, the video quality is also updated to SD or HD.

The Clinic tier, which is meant for a multi-physician practice, offers more administrative, security, and promotion capabilities. It supports group calling, photo capturing, screen sharing, and file sharing, for example. You may also use the app to accept payments and have a dedicated account representative. Monthly use data, marketing materials, and the opportunity to self-host and run the app through your domain are all included.



+Comprehensive suite of services

+Bluetooth device choices

+Clinical trial and research opportunities


-It’s unclear which devices are supports

-Pricing is unclear

AMC Health provides cutting-edge telemedicine software for health monitoring and care coordination using FDA-approved medical devices. This includes tracking and Bluetooth connection, allowing remote devices to communicate biometric data given by either the patient or a caregiver.

With a dashboard summary that runs in real-time, the software allows for patient customization, making it simpler to make early evaluations and advise modifications such as medication dosage. Workflows may be created using the data as well. In addition, Bluetooth permits various equipment, such as wireless scales, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, Glucometer adapters, thermometers, and more, to be utilized remotely.

AMC Health is also focus on lowering costs for biopharmaceutical producers and clinical research companies conducting clinical trials in healthcare research.

Due to the various possibilities for purchasing monitoring devices, there is no standard price plan. Therefore, you will need to speak with a sales representative for an estimate.



+Can manage low bandwidth

+Can interface with hospital equipment

+On-the-go emergency care


-Unclear support hours

-Unclear pricing

swyMed develops telemedicine software for community paramedicine, emergency response, and hospital and home health monitoring. They accomplish it by providing a mobile solution that can deliver high-quality connections across low-bandwidth connections of as little as 60kbps.

The community paramedicine initiative is designed to provide real-time video communications and assist home health monitoring, particularly in areas where readmission is a concern.

The Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) system is meant to deliver information to first responders in the field or on the way to the hospital. swyMed can supply cameras and customized glasses with a microphone and video connection that may be used anywhere care is required. SwyMed may also be used for Remote Patient Evaluation (RPE), Mobile Telestroke, and Pediatric and High-Risk Transport Monitoring.

It can interface with EHRs, PMs, and even medical devices for hospital treatment. SwyMed can now connect doctors with patients, laboratories, and clinics all at the same time.

The flexibility of swyMed necessitates a bespoke quote rather than a price based on predefined payment tiers, as one might assume.



24-hour phone support

National network

Only a phone signal is need


Physicians do not order any testing.

The pricing strategy that isn’t clear

Teladoc isn’t a full-featured telemedicine service, and it’s not designed to help in an emergency. Instead, it’s a simple method for people to connect with a nationwide network of doctors. Patients can connect with providers on a PC, but they need a phone app to use Teladoc. This gives individuals the opportunity to speak with a medical practitioner about common diseases and health concerns.

Individual physicians can use this to expand their practice or switch to a more flexible schedule by making themselves available to any patient who dials into the network.

This indicates that patient relationships aren’t meant to be long-term but rather to ensure that someone listens to and advises them on their issues. In addition, doctors may utilize the service via a laptop or mobile app, and all they need is a cell phone signal to use it.

Only average prescriptions for antibiotics, antihistamines, and mild behavioral medications are available through this system, strictly limited to non-emergency treatment. This system does not allow for the remedy of controlled drugs, and emergency calls must be sent to a designated clinic or hospital.

Overall, Teladoc is design to assist those who want fast access to routine medical advice or care, such as an urgent care facility, rather than building a doctor-patient relationship.

Patients must contact Teladoc directly to learn more about pricing, depending on the insurance company’s service offered.

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