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Top 5 Things to Do in Tokyo

A trip to Tokyo is what you desire in this holiday. Tokyo officially known as Tokyo Metropolis is a fantastic tourist destination. When making Delta Airlines reservations to enjoy an affordable flight to Tokyo, you can take into consideration some of the major attractions of the place. It’s not worth visiting Tokyo if the places mentioned below are not explored by you. Although there are ‘n’ number of places and endless things to do in Tokyo, let’s focus on five major attractions that can make your trip to Tokyo complete and worthwhile.

Go-Kart on the Streets of Tokyo

The coolest thing that you can do in Tokyo is dressing up as your most favorite character and driving a go-kart on the real streets of the city amongst buses, trucks and cars. Visiting Tokyo and not enjoying this fun activity is a big ‘No’ for enthusiastic travelers. 

This usual and fun experience is loved by all visitors of Tokyo. They can drive past skyscrapers, tiny shrines, busy crossings and residential neighborhoods dressed up like your favorite character. Moreover, you will be clicked by the people on the street and people will wave you while you drive your car to your destination.

Explore Tokyo DisneySea 

Exploring DisneySea is a must for every visitor of Tokyo. Unlike other Disney parks in the word, this nautical theme park in Tokyo features seven ports. When you will explore the parks, you can easily find out that the ports were inspired by ocean legends including Arabian Coast, American Waterfront, the Mysterious Island and Mediterranean Harbor. Make Hawaiian Airlines Reservations to explore Tokyo DisneySea  at discount rates.

Tokyo Disneyland is a classic theme park with ‘n’ number of rides like Splash Mountains and Space and the famous fairytale castle. All theme park lovers are also suggested to make some time to visit Universal Studios Japan which is located in Osaka. It is the home to thrilling rides and Harry Potter World.

Visit the Robot Restaurant 

Don’t make a perception of a restaurant with many robots as the name suggests. Basically, it is famous show and one of the most surreal things to do in Tokyo. The performances held at this place features robots, ninjas, creepy clowns, dragons, robots along with weird looking blue-haired dancers. Loud music and a whole lot of neon lights makes the Robot Restaurant an exciting and interesting place to visit in this capital city of Japan.

Direct booking to this show can costs you a bit. Henceforth, once you are sure about your trip to Tokyo, make sure that you book the tickets online to avoid last minute hassles and most importantly to avail tickets at discounted price with up to 38% off. Also, remember that you can get tickets at economical rates if you prefer to watch show in the afternoon.

Visit the TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum

Visiting the TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum in Tokyo is worth if you want the perfect photo. The lights and projection are displayed very creatively in this digital art museum. This famous museum in Tokyo is divided into 5 sections like Future Park, Borderless World, the En Tea house, Athletic Forest and Forest of Lamps. 

The Athletic Forest will be loved by kids as it features numerous play areas. In the En Tea house, you can find that flowers blooming inside your cup. Borderless World is the largest of all and others are single installation rooms.

Explore the Ghibli Museum 

When flying to Tokyo by making Delta Airlines reservations, you can’t afford to miss the whimsical Ghibli Museum. Most of the exhibits in this museum are in Japanese. Book tickets in advance for not exploring the museum in a rush and also to get discount on advance booking. 

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