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Top 5 Tools Every Lead Generation Expert Should Use

To match the pace of this dynamic and rapid world, every business needs solutions to drive traffic and attention to their websites and social media. These solutions enable businesses to connect and communicate with their customers and create traction to their latest updates and product launches. However, driving traffic can be challenging, and that’s why businesses require special lead generation tools and boost sales. In this article, the top 5 tools for lead generations that every expert should use will be discussed.

There are various ways in which these tools function- and some of these ways are Lead data collection, email lookup, email follow-up, form & email collection, email marketing, landing page creation & capture, complete marketing automation, process automation, live chat, social media & forum, contests, customer research/survey, calendar scheduling, etc. Different tools focus on these different ways of lead generation.


OptinMonseter generates leads through email-marketing by converting website-viewers into subscribers and paying customers. It helps companies create attractive pop-ups on their websites and encourages these customers to subscribe to their websites, newsletters or monthly updates.

 Companies can also use OptinMonster to boost their mailing lists and to reach a wider audience without any complicated design or coding skills. OptinMonster can also create targeted campaigns to show lead capture forms at specific times on specific pages, which can help draw a specific kind of audience.

 They also generate these campaigns that work on any website without any email service provider. OptinMonster pricing starts at $9/month for the Basic plan, $19/month for the Plus plan, $29/month for Pro ( most popular plan), and $49/month for the premium growth plan.


TrustPulse is another lead-generation tool, which focuses on notification plugins. It shows a notification every time a website visitor takes any action. So, the website displays anytime anyone makes a purchase, and this encourages other potential customers to make purchases too. It targets getting more customers by instantly lifting viewership, real-time tracking of customer activity, and smartly targeting people at the right place at the right time.

This technique has been shown to increase conversions (from website viewers to paying customers) by 15%.

TrustPulse’s pricing starts at $49.50 for their Basic plan, $99.50 for their Plus plan, $199.50 for their Pro plan, and $299.50 for their premium Growth package.


SeedProd is a landing page builder. It allows businesses to create eye-catching landing pages using a drag and drop editor. SeedProd enables users to edit their content in real-time and preview their landing pages exactly how the viewers would see it. It also creates professionally designed pre-built sections like headers, calls to action, and customers don’t need to be a designer to create beautiful layouts. 

It has convenient ways to easily put your website is coming soon, error 404 or maintenance mode without any coding.

Additionally, it also works well with WordPress even with add-ons like the sticky menu and gives productivity and compatibility. It keeps with the themes and ensures that the design and colour of WordPress match with the landing pages on the website. It also tracks every subscriber with or without a 3rd party email-provider and helps get clear visual data on page subscriber counts and new subscribers over time.

SeedProd’s pricing starts at $29.60 for their Basic package,

$69.60 for their Plus package and $99.20 for their Pro package.


Leadfeeder is a lead data collection tool or lead generation tool , which tells the users which

Companies or individuals visit your website, even if they do not fill any form or contact the company.

Furthermore, they also have tools on their websites to find the contact information of the relevant employees at the company. This allows the users to follow up with all the potential-customers who viewed their website, and hence, multiplies the potential leads and future sales of the company.

This company also allows you to take a 14-day trial. After the trial is over, customers can avail their services with plans starting at $55/month.

 IF This, Then That

IFTTT is a process automation tool that helps companies save time by automatically completing routine actions like follow up on specific queries, provide customer support and other mundane tasks. IFTTT can also increase customer engagement by extending the capabilities of the users by embedding the functionality of multiple apps directly into customer-facing applications.

It helps in communicating with multiple customers and gaining insights from customer behaviour. Overall, these rich, query-based experiences connect your offerings to the other apps and devices in the customer’s digital life, driving engagement, retention, and product stickiness.

The IFTTT Pro package is priced at $3.99/month and hence offers a cost-effective way to generate more leads and increase sales.

Overall, these lead-generation tools can help businesses reach out to more customers in a fast and easy way. You can check it out and scale new heights in sales and revenues. 

We hope this list of tools helps you with the output that you desire!

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