Top 6 Honda bikes worth buying in 2020

Honda CBR 500 Bikes
Honda CBR 500

Honda initiated manufacturing motorbikes from 1955 and ever since then,
the company has been gaining support and recognition for its dependable
quality. In 1982, Honda became a famous company to produce the
biggest number of bikes with an annual production of 55 lakh. Honda bikes
are always a great option because they are economical and simple. Below
are some of the Honda bikes which are to be launched in 2020.

1- Honda CG 125 Dream

This is an upgrade of Honda CG 125. It has a sportier appearance. Its
graphics and outlook are stylish. The dashboard designing is enhanced by
a handle lock in the ignition switch. A newly designed speedometer, a
comfortable seat bar, a modern exhaust, fuel tank with added graphics and
a firm rear wheel are some of the features of Honda 125.
The seats are comfortable which adds to the convenience of the rider. Two
people can easily be seated on this bike.
All in all, it is a great value for money motorbike which gives excellent


2- Honda CD 70

With a dependable 70cc OHC Econo Power engine, a comfortable seat bar
and a stylish fuel tank, Honda CD 70 deliver a perfect combination of
high-tech Japanese engine technology and attractive design. It is also
an eco-friendly bike because it does not include a four-stroke engine. This
also guarantees an economical ride. The construction of this vehicle
deserves some attention too. It has a modern seat structure and a
streamlined shape from nose to tail. The fuel tank has a capacity of 9 liters
and 72cc displacement. The latest switch assembly which controls the bike
with the left hand is found in the Honda CD 70.
This bike undeniably tops in the categories of efficiency and toughness.


3- Honda CB 150F

The CB 150F is uniquely designed which sets it apart from other bikes. The
new design also brings forth a different riding experience for the riders.
Honda CB 150F has the actual taste of energetic bikes. The speedometer
of this bike has an RPM and fuel indicator. The 150cc, 4-stroke SOHC
Inherent turbo cooled engine delivers excellent power. CB 150F has a
5-speed transmission and an electric kick start. Comfort is given through
the Backbone support structure of the bike. Self-start system, Z section
cast alloy rim wheels, a viscous air filter, headlights with LED fog lights,
magnet key with shutter lock system, LED supported tail light, powerful
front disk brake, a petroleum tank of 13 liters and an athletic body shape
with dynamic graphics are some of the features of the bike.


4- Honda CD Deluxe

This is one of the best 100cc bikes in the market. It is powered by a 97.2cc
the air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine which generates 8.2 hp and
8Nm torque. The features of this bike include a multi-focal reflector
headlamp, telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, a power start, and a swing
arm. CD deluxe offers a stylish appearance due to the 3D graphics. It is a
perfect blend of style and power owing to the elegant outlook and a
powerful engine. The superior quality of the bike is recognizable on the
Honda CD Deluxe is a true powerhouse motorbike.


5- Honda Pridor

This is another superior quality bike. It has a 97cc four-stroke, OHC,
air-cooled single-cylinder engine with amazing suspension. This motorbike
delivers both stability and power. It’s rear pipe grip and a strong rear fender
offers splendid handling. The overall exterior of this bike is quite attractive
as well because it displays shiny headlights, modern side design,
sophisticated speedometer, and dashboard design, a sporty style visor, a
stylish utility box design, a covered silencer with silver and bright indicators.
Honda Prior is undoubtedly a tough and durable long term ride with
consistent performance.

Honda Pridor
Honda Pridor

6- Honda CBR 500

CBR500 is a well constructed, well balanced and refined motorbike. It is
very easy to ride. It has the capability to compose itself especially while
turning around corners on high speed by the assistance of progressive
springs, rear shock absorbers, and form internals. Some of the features
include LED headlights, MotoGP winglets, gear position indicator, carbon
effect infill panels, and blue anodized fork tops. A powerful engine of 471cc
provides the power of 47 bhp. The capacity of the fuel tank is 17 liters. The
bike is supported by valve timing, a big airbox and straight inlet tracts
which allows it to ride on high speed efficiently.

CBR500 is a strongly built bike that rarely gets any mechanical problems.

Honda CBR 500
Honda CBR 500

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