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Enjoying a luxurious life isn’t all about driving Luxurious Cars & Riding Heavy Bikes. Rich people also need to dress up like rock style. And Leather Jacket is playing the leading role in Luxurious Wardrobe.

Luxurious Leather Jacket is famously based on Expensiveness & Popularity in the world. I think Leather Jacket is a vast topic, so it is not covered in one blog.


For the Luxurious Wardrobe, HS Jackets presents top 10 jackets that are included in the Luxurious Wardrobe. The List of 10 expensive Jacket includes All Collection Of Leathers. You can Buy all these Jackets Only on HS Jackets Online Store. So let’s get started.

1)Michael Jackson Red Thriller Jacket

Michael Jackson’s Red Thriller Jacket was the most Luxurious & Expensive Jacket in 2011. The original cost of this Thriller Jacket is $1.8 million. Michael Jackson wears this Red Thriller Jacket on his first thriller & it was famous after it in 1983. It was designed and tailored by Deborah Nadoolman Landis, wife of the music video’s director, John Landis. Micheal Jackson was a famous American singer, dancer & songwriter.

Its replica is still in demand Because of Micheal Jackson & it is available on the online store at a reasonable price. 

2) Chief Keef Red Leather Jacket

This Jacket is the most favourite and famous Jacket of Chief Keef in 2020. It is designed by Moncler &It is available in 3 colours. Nowadays, Its replica is available at Online Store to provide you with celeb vibes at a reasonable price. Chief Keef is a famous singer, and its wardrobe is also famous for Leather Jackets. Chief Keef Jacket has lots of feature including a front zip fastening, two outside pockets, down quilted, Moncler logo, Elastic Draw hood, Long sleeves & Much more. 

3)Xelement B7366 ‘Executioner’ Leather Racer Jacket

This Xelement B7366 ‘Executioner’ Leather Racer Jacket is made of Premium Cowhide Leather & design by Revzilla most famous brand. This Xelement B7366 Leather Moto Jacket make your ride safe. It is the best Jacket to save your life while riding. 

The Xelement Jacket has unlimited Features that inspire you to buy this Jacket which includes a front zipper closure, collarless snap button design; removable CE approved x-armour On Shoulders and Elbows, 2 Front Chest Zipper Air Vents & much more that I can’t tell you. 

4)Givenchy Studded Biker Jacket

The Givenchy Studded Biker Jacket is comprised of lambskin and shearling leather, so it means that you won’t fail in the cold season. The Givenchy looks and features dozens of silver studs provide a passionate look, and it inspires us to buy it for our Winter Wardrobe. Its market cost is nearly 6000$ to 7000$, but HS Jackets customized this Leather jacket in 3000$. So get this latest luxurious Jacket to get a pure feeling of rich.

5)Enfants Riches Déprimés Studded Biker Jacket


The Enfants Riches Déprimés Studded Biker Jacket is entirely comprised of calfskin; a Calfskin leather offers you both durability and softness. The collar and shoulders are tailored with metal buttons. The collar is in 2 forms the first one’s collar comes in cones, while the other ones on the shoulders come in pyramids. The back of the Enfants Riches jacket is painted with the name of the maker and some black & white gfx. Its cost is nearly 7000$, which is truly expensive.

6)Golden Goose Leather Bomber Jacket

The Golden Goose Bomber Jacket is comprised of animal skin. It is popular since 2017. It is 100% created for the windbreak that saves your life with the coldest weather & provides you with Gaudiest feelings. The price of the Golden Goose jacket is $2,100 hundred.

7) Burberry Shearling Pea Coat

The Burberry Sherling Pea coat is an expensive and eye-catching coat. It is designed by the Burberry brand which was established in 1856. This pea coat has a price of nearly 5000$ to 6000$. The features of Burberry shearling pea coat is amazing which include a fur collar, Two side pockets, it Contains non-textile parts of animal origin six buttons on a Front button closure & Made in Italy

8) Brad Pitt Fight Club Red Leather Jacket

Brad Pitt Fight Club Red Jacket is the most popular Jacket in 1999 from the film & it is also now famous because of brad Pitt. Brad Pitt Look so awesome & fighter in hi 1999 movie. The replica of Brad Pitt fight club jacket also famous nowadays & it is available at reasonable rates. This Jacket provides you with the late 70 vibes. It is Fitted Hip Length Jacket & have two inside & 2 outside pockets with cotton maroon lining.

Discover More Expensive & Luxurious Jackets on ONLINE BOUTIQUE AND RECOMMENDs ME MORE SO I CAN ADD MORE JACKETS IN IT Kindly please suggest us We welcome your suggestions happily. 




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