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Top Car Mobile Phone Holder Mount That will Trend in 2021

Are you searching for a car mobile holder that will take over in 2021? This article is all about car mobile holders that might trend in 2021. 

Overview Car Accessories

From the invention of the wheel to microchips in various gadgets, technology has come a long way. Technology is how we put scientific discoveries into practice and combine it with our own needs.

For instance, while driving, you may face many factors like traffic, road overhauling, help in navigation, and dull hours on the journey. Car accessories such as a car phone mount or a car DVR that can help make the trip a lot better, safer and more fun will be worth the cost. People are attached to their phones a lot, which means a cell phone stand or holder can be used everywhere – in your car, at work, or even in your bedroom.

People are always thinking about their phones; this causes a greater chance of mobile accessories attracting their attention. The latest figures show that there are around 3.5 billion people on this planet who are smartphone users. Each year as the number of users increases, there is an assured demand for purchasing car mobile holders. Hence it is worth making them a part of the marketing strategy. 

A car mobile holder keeps your device in view, while at the same time, you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. It holds your device and enables you to be hands-free. 

Let’s dive into the details!

Top Five Car Phone Mounts That Will Trend In 2021

Want a safe and clever way to use your phone in the car? These car phone mounts are ideal for hands-free calls and navigation. 

1. Universal Dashboard Attachable Magnetic Car Mount Holder

It is a versatile product that is capable of a 360-degree rotation. It can hold most metallic body smartphones and has a rotational head to view in different angles flexibly to keep your smartphone at eye level, ready for GPS navigation, streaming music, and hands-free calls. This portable and easy-to-use Dashboard Smartphone Mount makes the perfect travel companion for every day. Moreover, this device is also compatible with phones of bigger sizes, such as the iPhone 11pro and Samsung Galaxy s7 edge.

2. The Universal Car Backseat Auto Hook Hanging Mount Phone Holder

A 360- degree rotational gadget that is particularly suitable for devices between 4-6.5 inches, only supporting cell phones. It does not support tablets or iPads since they are relatively big. This product has a multi-functional use providing a hook that you can use as a support to hang bags, umbrellas, coats, or other items. Furthermore, this product is durable, made of high-quality ABS and aluminum alloy. It is best for entertainment purposes on long trips where you enjoy mounting in the car watching movies.

3. Universal 360 Degree Magnetic Car Mobile Phone Holder Stand Mini Air Vent Clip Mount Holder (H-CT318)

A small magnetic mobile phone holder is suitable for all phone sizes. The electronic compass can influence the sensors to see where the north is directing, but the magnetic phone mount won’t damage your phone. It holds it firmly in a fixed place. Likewise, it has a high-strength magnetic force preventing the phone from slipping off and withstanding the strength of sudden brakes. The car vent mounts clamps onto a car air vent to hold your phone at a convenient viewing height.

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4. Universal Adjustable Portable Cup Holder Car Mount Stand Holder for Mobile Phones

It is a cell phone holder that fits easily in the cup holder of any vehicle. Nearly all known cell phones fix in it, including those with standard-sized phone cases. Thanks to the open-access bottom, you can charge your mobile device while it’s in place. Similarly, it allows you to keep your phone plugged in while it is in the holder, and you can remove it from the holder effortlessly with one hand. 

The base allows the phone to rotate at 360 degrees freely for viewing from any seat position. It consists of a knob that tightens with ease and firmly locks the position. This type of phone holder is best to use for rental cars.

5. Universal Ergonomic Car Phone Holder Mobile Wall Desk Adhesive Multi-function Nano Rubber Pad Car Mount Bracket

It is only a rubber pad holder made up of silicon. These rubber pads are flexible and adhesive enough to hold cell phones and other things in one place, acting as a mat. This could be a great choice too! 

Another Example of Car Accessory 


The term ‘DVR’ stands for Digital Video Recorder. It is a camera that constantly records any event being onboard. It is another type of device that you can use as a car accessory. A Car DVR is ideal for trucks, cars, or any other kind of vehicle, preventing them from thefts and road accidents. When you have full video proof of the incident, nobody can question your actions if you were not at fault. Moreover, dashcams often record confidential audio, which in some states presents a problem making them illegal.

How to find a suitable supplier?

Car mobile holders and DVR are useful accessories and finding a suitable supplier for them is a difficult task. However, you can do Google searches to find an online supplier nearby. For example, if you’re residing in Canada, you can search the term “best car mobile holders near you.” This way you can get a lot of options. 

A car phone holder is an essential accessory, allowing you to use your cell phone as a hands-free communication, watch movies, and for navigation purpose. They allow you to use phone while driving and prevent you from breaking the traffic rules––particularly considered an incredibly useful accessory to safe driving. Besides, these stands/holders are universal so you can fit all size phones from brands like Apple, Samsung, and other giants of the tech industry.

At Esource Parts, you’ll get high-quality; yet affordable car phone stands that allow you to secure your phone to the car’s windshield or dashboard, keeping it safe whilst you travel.

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We’ve gathered our best cell phone holder for car here, along with some useful tips that you should keep in mind when shopping.

We hope those mentioned above ‘Top 10 best Car Phone Holders’ will serve the purpose of using a phone with comfort while you’re driving.

At Esource Parts, you will get the best price in the market for your best cell phone holder for car. Moreover, we ensure that your order reaches you on time and within the required time frame.

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Some people never put their phones down. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and Candy Crush, your best friend is obsessed with their smartphone and all of its useful apps. If this is the case, gift them high-quality cell phone accessories to make their device more fun and secure.

For both iPhone and Android smartphones, Esource Parts has some excellent screen protectors, cases, adapters, charging cables, multi-mount holster, and add-ons you can’t find anywhere else. This online store in Canada got accessories for every budget. }

Final Thoughts

We hope the above car mobile holders and car DVR would help you make the best use of your expensive gadget. You can also gift them to loved ones on their birthdays, Christmas, or any other festival to make them feel special this year. However, giving a gift despite a birthday or any occasion can also be a way to show that you appreciate them.

Thank you for reading!

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