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The all-time marketing survivor is none other than Email. Emails are the most comfortable and professional mediums for displaying information in detail about any topic, a business’s products and services, and the list goes on and on. According to the stats, the number of emails that were received daily in 2020 had risen to around 306.4 billion as compared to 2019. What’s more? Well, the usage of emails is expected to receive a raise of 319,6 billion in 2021. 

Hence, Email Marketing will continue to remain the most prevailing method to communicate with clients and customers. The Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Company send out emails not just for the sake of statistics but for the results it reaps, and thus they focus on laying their attention to consider the strategies and the rising email marketing trends which are trending and are updated. 

Let us understand what 2021 has got in for Email Marketing:


The Covid Crisis-hit people bad and also the Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies. Several challenges had to be faced by all of us including jobs, health problems, isolation, fear, and the disrupted traveling plans among the most common. Seeing several transformations in the current situation, several Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies had to adjust to the situation. 

Instead of opting for a pure emotional-based series, the digital marketing agencies rather chose a tactic that consisted of more text-based emails and less direct ads. The content they used in these emails posed a gravitational shift towards the educational resources along with tips and how-to guides with great content. 

The most major features of these text emails were focused upon:

  • Less Product Display
  • Fewer Cta’s 
  • The meaningful text which delivered useful insight to customers 

The Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies focused on maintaining their conversion rates during the lockdown period and were able to retain more customers. Therefore, Text emails which were an integral part of the strategy became a new email marketing imperative which is truly said to rule 2021 as well. 


2020 was all about sad and devastating posts, contents, news, and much more which distracted us from happy, content, and positive vibes. But 2021 is a new beginning for new hopes and positivity. The Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies who prioritize positive content in 2021 have more chances for better user engagement. 

What positive can you do in your emails? Well, there are various options:

  • User-Generated Content: Reviews, Questions, Challenges, Contest Reports belong to UGC which was able to maintain itself as a big trend for several years. Users will get more engaged with your brand if they feel they are a part of your community and emails featuring UGC’s are a good option to build such a connection.
  • Helpful Tips: Content that helps your audience to learn something new and succeed in doing something different, and find resourceful and inspirational information is by default a piece of positive information. 
  • Fun: Something which makes people laugh should be included in the email content. This can be in the form of challenges, fun photos, cartoon illustrations, personal fun life stories. 
  • Positive Stats: Show content in your emails about achievements of people by frontline workers, charity, positive and inspirational news. 



With the current advancements in the technological sector which are beyond just email design, the email messages are transforming into a fully-fledged functional website page, comprising all its elements such as contacts, social media, store locator, linking to personal accounts. 

The Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Company have managed emails through which one feels like browsing an entire website, through which you can get information on a particular product and also access different information. 

Modern emails are mobile responsive, meaning that one can open them without hurting the quality of their content and design. Digital Marketers are now learning to adapt emails into the Dark Mode, overcoming the technical challenges.

The APM, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, has also experienced a rise as there are more options to create dynamic emails. With the help of the APM form, feedback can be left straight into the email without going on to extra pages. Hence users do not have to wait for a new page to be uploaded, hence they are more likely to leave a review. 

Thus, all these improvements are responsible for bringing the customer experience into the sphere of email marketing. Emails will serve the role of an assistant who offers useful information on the product


Personalization isn’t a new concept in the world of digital marketing. It has been there for a while and is expected to be one of the major email marketing trends in 2021. Brands use email tracking, surveys, analytics, user’s shopping patterns and respond to the clients accordingly. 

To send a personalized email to your clients and customers, there is a need to use an all in one data collection and customer communication. With customer data platforms, maximum functionality will remain one of the most priority tasks for all the brands that are serious about email marketing personalization. 

For example, a user makes an order on the website and then further contacts the support to find out the delivery details. The follow-up email which should be sent next to the user should reflect interactions and cover the possible questions.

The email should comprise necessary tips and recommendations, a block of the FAQ, generating information about delivery and international shipping. 


Email Marketing thus plays an integral role in the overall success of the marketing campaigns. 2021 is the lucky year where the rise of emails will grow with its importance. Digital Marketers will use the emails to reconnect with their existing customers and engage new customers. Positive content, entertainment, and user-generated content will dominate the inboxes, thereby building a new relationship between the brand and its audience. 

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